Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited
September 2014 


My two year term as Chapter President will end at this month's meeting.  I've been honored to serve you.  At Saturday's Georgia Council meeting, Chairman Mack Martin reported that National has re-chartered us for another 4 years; so we are a Chapter in good standing.    One of my first acts as President was to revise the format of our annual fundraiser, "Autumn on the River".  This year we hold the second one which will again combine auctions with the best films from the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Please plan on attending October 28 here at Ippolito's.  Next, I'm pleased that we completed the transition to multi-user  e-mail and website platforms.  The universal access to these systems,  for Chapter leaders, facilitates communications and makes volunteer service much easier.  Finally, I will leave with a great and complete leadership team in place to carry the Chapter's mission forward.  I won't name specific names because space is limited.  But each of our officer/committee chairs is doing a great job with their respective programs giving us the greatest breadth I have seen.  Please support them with your dues and volunteer hours.  I will continue to serve UCCTU and the other Georgia TU Chapters having accepted the 2nd Vice Chairman position on the Georgia Council. 

Brad Cruickshank
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

2014 Autumn on the River



Join us at Ippolitos in Roswell on October 28, for an evening of films from the Fly Fishing Film Tour, pizza, salad and auctions.

Our special guest Auctioneer will be renowned guide and fishing expert Henry Cowen.

A stay at Oyster's Cast and Blast Inn, fishing at Fern Valley on the Soque, rods, reels, gear and more will be available for your bidding.

 More Information Here
Faces In The Stream/Meeting Speaker-
Andrew Brown

Andrew is conveniently September's Speaker at our meeting Tuesday. He competed with the Youth Team USA this summer where they repeated last years performance and won gold. He will be speaking about top flies, technique, and answering any questions you might have. Read his Faces In the Stream article here and learn more about Andrew and his accomplishments.

 Guide's Corner- Chase Pritchett

Nymph-Rig Delivery Methods 

More often than not, many fishermen find themselves unable to reach fish because flies are not presented to fish deep enough in the water. There are two common rules of thumb in regards to nymphing fishing. First, the rig should be at least one to two feet longer than the depth of your target. Secondly, cast upstream of the target zone in order to al-low your rig adequate time to sink. Without these techniques, the rig will fall or sink too late. Thus, the fish is not allowed an opportunity to eat. Often times, these errors in presentation will cause the angler to misjudge the effectiveness of their rig and either change flies or move on to another area. 

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Call For Volunteers-

Unicoi Outdoor Adventure Day 9/27/14

River Race 2013


It's that time of the year again!  Interested volunteers should reply to Olivia McClure (Contact Olivia).  She drafts the roster and edits as appropriate.   

Her phone:770-535-5498, and fax 5953.

More Information Here

Take Action Now- Save Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of the last great salmon fisheries on the planet. The salmon, wildlife, people and fishing jobs of this beautiful and productive region are threatened by the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine. If built, Pebble could become the largest mine in North America.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to stop this mine and protect Bristol Bay's fish and jobs through the Clean Water Act.

Take action now by sending a comment to the EPA on their Proposed Determination for 404(c) action that would stop the Pebble Mine here.


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Do your part and tie some flies to donate to the Chapter. 

September is our chapters Annual Meeting. Check out the Chapter By-Laws here

Contact Fulton County's Georgia DNR Officer Mark Puig if you see any poaching or violations while your fishing next time.
Ranger Hotline: 800-241-4113
Cell: 404-997-3214
Email: Mark.Puig@DNR.STATE.GA.US

Check out the new Chapter Website at ucctu.tu.org and leave comments in the Shout Out box. 
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September 23- Monthly Meeting/Annual Meeting
Speaker: Andrew Brown
September 27- Unicoi Outdoor Adventure Day
October 28- Autumn on the River
Monthly Fly Tying
Dutch Earle will be hosting March Fly Tying. Email Chris Smith for information about the event if you are interested. 
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TU Volunteers at Cabela's demonstrating Fly Tying

Andrew Brown and a few other Georgia Boys at the America Cup Fly Fishing Tournament
Fundraising Chair Jack Killorn with a Raffle Win

A beautiful Chattahoochee Brown from River Through Atlanta
A Kinetic Loop
A Kinetic Loop
2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour Trailer

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