Joe Maloy, 2014 USA Triathlon Elite National Champion
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Fall Championships

T he leaves are starting to change color, you're obsessing over fantasy football projections, and everything at Dunkin' Donuts has a "pumpkin spice" know what that means!

We're both thinking, "championship triathlon season," right?  It never hurts to make sure everyone's on the same page -- good communication is important!    

My focus for this season has been qualifying for the US Olympic Team, and that process began this past month with two competitions: the first in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on  August 2  and the other in Stockholm, Sweden, on August 23.  These were the first two in a series of races which USA Triathlon will use to select the Olympic Team (more on that process below).  

This weekend I'll be competing in Edmonton, Canada, and then two weeks later I'm in Chicago for the ITU Grand Final World Championship.   

As always--thanks for being on my team,
"In order to get what you really want, you must first be who you truly are."

-Tim Grover

2015 Race Schedule & Results







Coronado Valentine's Day 10K




Tritonman Triathon, San Diego




New Plymouth World Cup




Auckland WTS




Cape Town WTS




Chengdu WTS




Yokohama WTS




Rio Test Event




Stockholm WTS




Edmonton WTS



Chicago WTS



Cozumel World Cup


race schedule is subject to change

ITU Rankings
  • 27th: ITU Olympic Points (1st American)
  • 54th: ITU World Series Points
  • 34th: ITU Points (general)
(from 9.1.15)



USA Triathlon Olympic Qualification Process

I've received many questions on the Olympic qualification process, so here is my best best attempt to explain a complicated process:
  1. Automatic Qualification-  A guaranteed spot earned through finishing in the top-8 at the Rio Olympic Test Event (I was 16th), the Chicago Grand Final (on September 19th), or at another race (location and criteria TBD).
  2. If no athlete meets the automatic qualification criteria, then USA Triathlon will choose the team based on the athlete's individual performance at the following designated races:
    1. Rio Test Event (16th)
    2. Stockholm World Triathlon (22nd)
    3. Edmonton World Triathlon (this weekend!)
    4. Chicago Grand Final
    5. TBD early 2016
The US Team will be comprised of 2-3 athletes, depending on the USA's global ranking.  As long as the USA remains ranked one of the top-8 countries in the world for men's triathlon, our country will have a 3-person team.  
Welcome New Sponsors
The Pioneer power meter is my new favorite training tool.  Reliable, accurate, and (most importantly for me!) nearly fool-proof to operate, Pioneer returns data that other companies offer in units that retail for twice the price.  Feedback is essential to improvement in anything, and no other power meter on the market returns comparable data in such a user-friendly package.  I literally bike into my garage after a ride, and the bike computer automatically connects to our home wifi and uploads the file.  Incredible. 

Dan, Nadder, and the team at Major Hyundai have been massive supporters since 2012, and I'm excited to continue representing their brand.  Dan is a living example of the things I love about triathlon--hard work, determination, and a relentless desire to get the best from yourself.  He's applied that attitude to raising a family, running a business, and, just last year, beating the shit out of cancer.  I'm proud to continue representing  Major Hyundai and the entire Major automotive global network.

I started working with Mitch Greene this past June.  I couldn't be happier with the work we've done or more excited about the work we have ahead of us.  The mental aspects of competition are, I'd argue, the most important yet least understood.  Physiologists can tell you how the muscles, ligaments, and tendons work with a great degree of accuracy, but the brain is another story.  Everybody I race has strong muscles and world class technique--you don't reach this level without those prerequisites.  What separates the champions?  I'd argue it's the mind, and I'm working with Mitch to explore that frontier.  Oh yeah, he's a fellow Boston College grad!   


The US Rio Test Event Team

With my brother John in Rio

Training before the Stockholm ITU race with Greg Billington and Eric Lagerstorminside the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Stadium. this is the place where Jim Thorpe competed, although the track has clearly been renovated since!

Sometimes you just need to put mountains in your way. Brooks Running. #runhappy

Yokohama ITU

You can take the boy outta Wildwood, but you can't take the "wild" outta the boy! Love Repping the hometown in my Zippys Bikes jersey

With Hunter Kemper signing the flag that was auctioned by USAT to benefit the Nepalese Earthquake Fund.

Training run in Flagstaff
Word Study

Compete - Formed from the latin words "com-" and "petere."

Literally, "com-" means "together" and "petere" is "to aim at" or "to seek."    
News & Media

Interview with sponsor, age-grouper triathlete, and Kona qualifier, Andrew Duggan of Equal Earth:

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