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September 2015 Newsletter
We can consider the CONTRACTORS building these  projects , as well as the   OWNERS/CONTRACTORS/ PROTECTIVE 
(liability coverage for the owner of the project during construction), and the BUILDERS RISK (for property coverage on the project during construction), not to mention the ENTIRE facility (PROPERTY and  GL ) once completed/occupied!  
Call us TODAY to see what we can do for you on these opportunities  
Don't Get "All Shook Up"...

About where to place your monoline  Personal Lines Earthquake  risks!

We can write Homeowners, Tenant Occupied Dwellings, Seasonal, and Vacant with a minimum dwelling value of $150,000 on a FULL RC basis.

We can cover the Dwelling, Adjacent Structures and Personal Property with a 10% or 15% deductible in all EQ Zones.    

We can write dwellings located in MO, AR, or  IL. 

The minimum premium is $500.

So shake, rattle and roll those Personal Lines Earthquake submissions to Marsha Peck, Ext 236,  for a quote today!
A few fun things you may not have known about 
Russ Koeneman...

1.  I was born in St. Louis, MO but have lived in Springfield for  38 years.
2.  I graduated from Southwest Missouri State in 1980 - earning a B.S. in Political Science and a B.S. in Business Management.
3. I have started and owned 3 separate successful  businesses in my adult life. 
4.  Baseball is my life's passion! (If you are a Cardinal fan - share your stories or memories with me). 
5.  I am the father of two boys - William 26 and Alex 22.  All three of us are left handed.  (And yes, we all pitched competitive baseball).
6.  I have been with my wife (Marie) for 38 years.
7.  I enjoy hiking, biking and golf.
8.  I began working in the insurance industry in the year 2000.
 We have markets for fast food delivery of all types!  

Call today for details on MP's and what will be needed to obtain a quote!
Commercial Lines  
Medical Equipment Manufacturers Representative- $1mil/$2mil GL; $1mil Excess (over GL, AL and EL).  $1.5mil GR. $11,210
Restaurant w/ 1 Apt unit- $1mil/$2mil GL; $500k/$1mil Liquor Liab; $686k Property TIV. $430k GR (w/ 33% alcohol sales).         $9,195
Vacant Building- $2.7mil TIV. $10k aop/$25k vmm/2% w/h dedts. $10,460
Taxicab- $100k/300k/100k Auto Liab, $500 Liability Dedt, 4 units $13,950
Life, Accident & Health Insurance Agency- $1mil E&O; $2mil Excess E&O. $10,025
Food Delivery- $1mil H&NO Auto. 4 locations; $745k delivery receipts. $9,500
Marine Salvage & Repair- $1mil/$2mil GL. $90k GR. $3,600
Medi-Spa (w/ laser hair removal and botox injections)- $1mil/$3mil E&O; $1mil/2mil GL; $112k BPP. $4,745
Architect- $2mil/$2mil A&E. $1.7mil GR. $18,990
Ambulance Repair/Maintenance- $1mil/$1mil Liab; $100k Garagekeepers. $2,680
Student Housing- $1mil/$2mil GL; $3mil Excess; $706k Prop TIV.  20 units. 100% Sprinklered. $8,080
Personal Lines  
HO3- Owner Occupied High Value; $1,071,000 TIV $2,400
DP3- Vacant/Renovation. $800k TIV.  RC. $3,660
DP3- Owner Occupied Primary; floating home. $169k TIV. $1,370
DP3- Owner/Seasonal Dwelling; metal const. on 40 acres. $136k TIV $2,000
HO3- Owner Occupied, w/ u-haul business on premises. $504k TIV.  (No liability.) $2,785