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Fall is quickly approaching and we are all getting back to the flow of school and work. Transendance is here to maximize your flow helping you to achieve ease, energy, and presence as you meet deadlines, midterms, and holiday plans. As part of our Birthday Celebration we will be hosting a lunch hour Open House to welcome our community and new neighbors. There will be snacks, prizes and fun for everyone! Don't forget to take advantage of  our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer too!
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 
7:00 PM
The insights, experiences, and perspectives of others can aid our journey toward self awareness, self healing, and self empowerment. Connecting with each other creates a channel that can help to bridge gaps in our awareness.
Come join us to share your Network Care experience, to see what other Network Care participants are experiencing and to help each other better understand Levels of Care, Network Waves, Somato Respiratory Integration, Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing and the Triad of Change.  NSA Table Discussion is led by our Network Care Members and guided by Dr. Tatiana. Have any questions and topics in mind? Please bring them, we are here to work through them together.

Elixir Tea House
1926 Hillview Street 
Sarasota, FL 34239
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
11:00 AM -  2:00 PM

We are CELEBRATING 7 YEARS! Our  Transendance Community is invited of course!  Bring family and friends to join in on the fun and learn about the NSA approach to wellness.  If you are at the job, stop on by to relax and unwind from your work morning. Dr. Tatiana Agafonova will be providing NSA demonstrations and guiding group SRI exercises and  staff will be available to answer questions and provide more information. In the spirit of celebration there will be snacks, prizes and raffles: one lucky business will win a complimentary SRI Workshop with Dr. Tatiana and one lucky individual will win a complimentary monthly package of NSA/SRI sessions. Don't forget your business card for the raffle :)

235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL34236
(Orange Professional Center)
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Introduction to
SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 
7:00 PM
“Reorganizational Healing is a Paradigm for the Advancement of Wellness, Behavior Change, Holistic Practice, and Healing.”

"Reorganizational Healing (ROH) is an approach to transforming our experience of life circumstances and our bodies, including pain and disease, into opportunities to go beyond our baseline level of health, functionality and well-being. ROH recognizes that evolution moves only in one direction – forward. Instead of viewing the pain or symptom as an adversary or attempting to restore an individual to a prior minimal state, the Reorganizational model enrolls symptoms and crisis as a source of energy and wisdom, to not only sustain our bodies and lives, but to experience our health in new vital and abundant ways."
"Based on Donald Epstein’s 30 years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of patients, ROH uses three elements – the Energetic Intelligences (resources for innate organization of the body and life), the Seasons of Wellbeing (the timing that allows us to optimize change), and the Triad of Change (one's personal success strategy to heal and change). ROH is about empowering individuals to develop new strategies of function and behavior to flourish at new levels of chosen possibility. ROH focuses on building health – and having the energy, structures, behaviors and perceptions to make sustainable progress in all areas of life. "
Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, D.C. will further demonstrate the ROH Model in this interactive class geared to help participants discover their Triad of Change,  recognize the Seasons of Wellbeing and to further understand the Energetic Intelligences and the role they play in our healing stages.

235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL34236
(Orange Professional Center)
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by Alan Watts
Inspirational lecture about the true meaning of life.
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235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL 34236