Go Tell It on the Mountain

September 2015 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Ill or not, Angela helps sort Harvest Festival jewelry

Angela Needs  
Our Help

Angela Patterson is undergoing a difficult time and asks for our help. Last week she got some physical relief with the removal of a long-term central catheter; but the stress of nine recent hospitalizations, plus a family breakup, has left her and daughter Sophie alone.  
Angela primarily needs help with meals three days a week, plus the occasional ride to an appointment and frequent visits from friends for companionship. Specific needs and signup dates can be found at the website Lotsa Helping Hands. (You may have to sign up as a member to see Angela's page. The process is quick and easy. You can also email Angela at angelapatt@gmail.com or call 408-353-5364)

A bowl of watermelon  in one 
hand and box of honey pastries
in the other, Christina
Schwabecher brings refreshment
to crew of sorters in the PODs
Harvest Festival Sept. Schedule

Tues 9/1: Sorting
Sun 9/6: Harvest Festival meeting after church
Tues 9/8: Sorting
Last day items accepted

Sat 9/12: Set up booths
Sunday 9/13: Turn pews around after church
Week of  9/14: Wrap baskets
Thurs 9/17: Make pies & bring produce
Friday 9/18: Set up booths, wall, tables for lunch, signs

Sat 9/19:
Harvest Festival
Opens 10 a.m.

B efore: Bring pies, food, ice, etc.   Set Up food, produce, money, jumper (inflatable playhouse for kids), etc.
Gray Bears & Goodwill runs, Clothes we will keep need to be stored in nursery
Evening: Counting Dinner
Sunday 9/20: Kitchen cleanup & potluck (leftovers)
Sat 9/26:  Booth tear down
Mon 9/28: Pods gone
African Library Ships

School in village similar to Tungbebu, Sierra Leone, to which Skyland just shipped a new library
A Skyland contingent consisting of Anne Evans, Angela Patterson, John Heyes, Jinni Easterday, and Stephen has delivered 18 boxes of books, school supplies, and letters from Skyland members to the Redwood Estates Post Office for shipment to  Tungbebu Village, Baoma Chiefdom, Bo District, Sierra Leone.
The books left in late August, beating our Sept. 1 deadline, on a 7,000-mile journey to Sierra Leone, via New Orleans. I t's our ninth African Library shipment.
Drying ground nuts (peanuts) in Sierra Leone

Altar Flowers

Open dates for donating flowers are September 6, 13, 20, and 27. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.

in our chaste garden
pink, regal, eyelids fluttering
naked ladies preen.
-- haiku by John Heyes

Meditation Moment 

Albert Schweitzer

"He comes to us as one unknown, without a name, as of old, by the lakeside.  He came to those men 
who knew him not.  He speaks to us the same word, 'Follow thou me!' and sets us to the tasks he has to fulfill for our time. He commands. And  to those who obey him, whether they be wise or simple, he will reveal himself in the toils, the conflicts, the sufferings, which they shall pass
through in his fellowship, and, as an ineffable mystery, they shall learn in their own experience who he is."

-- from Albert Schweitzer, The Quest of the Historical Jesus 


Sign by Nancy Jo Lopp; erected by Larry Lopp 
at intersection of Summit and Soquel San Jose Road 

Minister's  Column

As September comes around again, the center of gravity at Skyland Church inevitably shifts toward Harvest Festival, this year on Saturday the 19th. Please check out the article below from our esteemed leader, Larry Cooke, to see the many ways you can help.
This is truly a "many hands make light work" event. Even if you have little energy and little time, we would love to have your help in any amount you would like to share. I am committing here to bring my used items this Sunday. If you bring yours soon it will make the sorting much easier.
Harvest Festival brings out our best working-together energy, and somehow an amazing amount of stuff gets moved through us from those who are letting go to those who are finding treasures. Jackie Seymour has lovingly kept alive some of Alice Schank's houseplants after Alice died late last year. I hope to get one of them and imagine you will want one, too.
While you are at the church, check out the beautifully repainted Whitaker Hall, the handiwork of master painters Jeremy Cole and Mike Schmitz. Thanks, guys!
As we do this work and play together, keep in mind that people who come for the first time are checking us out, and some of our most devoted members had their first experience of us at Harvest Festival. Some recent visitors told me that they had been to churches all over the area and that ours was by far the most friendly and welcoming. 
So just be the wonderful people you are and may God bless our Harvest Festival 2015!

-- Cheers and thanks,

Carol Greene takes quick break from POD sorting

Still Work to Do
On Sept. 19 HarvFest
Everyone who comes to Harvest Festival marvels at how well we run the event, and I know it has the reputation of running itself, but please humor me; it really doesn't. I do need to try to tie up some of the loose ends, and to that end there will be an organizational meeting
John Heyes sorts menswear 
on Sunday Sept. 6 after church.

Some of these loose ends are:

a)  Volunteers needed for luncheon setup (ice & tables), watching and controlling access to the jumper (inflatable playhouse for kids), and cleanup.

b) Kitchenware, children's clothes, accessories & odds & ends need people to run the booths. See me or sign up on the bulletin board in Whitaker.

If there are no volunteers, I will merge some booths to eliminate positions.

c) We need to set prices for closing time bagfuls & lunch. Each booth will set its own price per bag, and these will be confirmed at the meeting, so that I can make the signs.
Painters Mike Schmitz and Jeremy Cole with high-tech extension cord

d) Always needed: produce, plants, baked goods, and jams/jellies/chutney (see Mary Ellen's plea below). 
There are a number of changes to the festival this year:
* The silent auction will be split between the wall & the pews.
* The wall will have a lot more new and big items.
* We will have at least two Square card readers to take credit & debit cards.
Special silent auction values reported by Nancy Jo Lopp: 

Here's a heads up on some of the items we have this year.  If you are not going to be here, give a check or money to someone to bid for you.  Be sure you tell them about your top bid.  -- NJ

* Emile Mooser and Jerold O'Brian wine tasting:  32 people @  $25 each, meeting at Silver Mountain winery outdoors in October. In the past, Emile's dinner did not allow everyone to come. Bid early to get a spot. 
* One week in Princeville, Kauai.  Lovely condos above Hanalei. $500 min bid.
* Summit Vet: Board for 10 days plus goodies. Great for dog  care. $450 value  $100 min.
* Museums: DeYoung and California Academy of Science.   Admission tickets  $179 value $50 min.
* Artisan Fine rug Care.
* Acupuncture  Doc Mitchell office in Los Gatos.
* Santa Cruz Symphony and a Santa Cruz restaurant.
* Riding lesson from Los Gatos Farms.
* 3 tickets to Roaring Camp.
* 2 tickets to Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.
* $150 tool shed rental.

Let's make it another great Harvest Festival!
-- Larry  Cooke
Anne Evans actually isn't alone sorting Harvest Festival  books - her helpers are just out of camera range

Mary Ellen McTamaney adds:

  Last Call!  Fill our shelves!

I'm hoping that many of you will surprise us with your wonderful contributions to our pantry. I'm making cherry chutney today; I hope it will be accompanied by other chutneys and jams donated by you!

Of course we'll love anything you bring us to sell. Please bring jars to Whitaker and put them on the fireplace by Friday the 18th. We can label them, and we will do the pricing. Just let us know what is in each box.

We're looking forward to a great profusion of delectables and making a big contribution to Harvest Festival coffers!   

-- Mary Ellen McTamaney and Julie Victorine  

NOTE from your treasurer:
August 2015 financial report.

Combination of pl ed ge and offering gifts are down 
about $ 7 00 from planned budget for first  three
months, but final Sunday in August is not included.
After making adjustment to Planned Income and Expenses for ups and downs of giving patterns based on last year, the right side June through August entries provide a better picture of our finances. The single month August Planned amounts include a distribution correction for previous months.
Here are the operating finances for August 2015 as of Aug 27.
           Summary of Operating Finances              
            Aug 2015     | Jun 1,2015 to Aug 27
      Actual    Planned  |  Actual      Planned
Income   $ 9,901 $ 7,378 | $ 38,095    $ 38,112
Expenses $ 8,293 $ 9,121 | $ 37,928    $ 38,844
Net      $ 1,608 $(1,743)| $    167    $   (732)
-- Gerald J. Alonzo, Treasurer