September 2015 Newsletter
Letters from the Board.....
Happy September! 
As we come upon the end of the 2014-15 fiscal year there are so many exciting things that have happened in the last year.  The ANDYZ Awards was successful for it's first year with over 75 entries and the Awards Ceremony at Summer Market was well received.  Carson Kressley and Christopher Kennedy did a fabulous job as our Master of Ceremonies their humor everyone laughing.  We hope to build upon that in the coming year and double the number of entries!   And behind every great event is a team of amazing hard working people, on behalf of our chapter I'd like to thank our Director at Large and ANDYZ committee chair Jane Cunningham and Amanda Cunningham for all there hard work!  Get ready for next year ladies!
Another accomplishment our chapter's social media took huge strides and you our faithful members are starting the catch up on the social media world, and with your tech savvy communications director!  We're now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and recently we launched our houzz site.  You might be wondering what we (ASID) can benefit from being on houzz?  If your business has a houzz page then you need to go like the ASID California Central Nevada Chapter page, by doing this you will have the ASID badge automatically added to your business profile alerting all home owners and potential clients that you're an ASID member.  Pretty cool huh?!  On our houzz page you'll also find photos of our events.  
ASID also celebrated our 40th Anniversary this year!  Such an honor to be apart of such a milestone and think how far we as a Design Community has come over the past 40 years!  Designer's in states are now recognized for by the state as being licensed or certified, we're being recognized as professionals and not decorators, the public is understating what a benefit a designer can be for them and so much more.  In celebration of the 40th milestone Cosentino locations across the US took part in celebrating our 40th by throwing a 40th Anniversary Party and raising money for the ASID Foundation.  This past week I received the results to see which chapter made the most money for the ASID Foundation.  I wasn't surprised we didn't raise much money only $168, even though the event was set up so if members couldn't attend you could still donate via eventbrite.  However it was disappointing to not see more of you our members out at the 40th Anniversary Party.  I understand it was summertime and people are busy but this was a chance to say thank you for 40 years and give back to ASID an organization that has helped design professionals and industry professionals become as successful as we are today! 

We're also in the CEU Race with the other 49 ASID Chapters to see which chapter can get all there members to report they're CEU's by October 31
The chapter with the highest membership percentage to reach CEU compliance by October 31 will win $1000! And to sweeten the deal, if the percentage compliance of the winning chapter reaches over 85%, then the grand prize increases to $1500The winning money goes towards the chapter to host something fun or educational for you our members. 
As of August 5 we're in 20th place with 27 members who have FULLY reported the 1.0CEUs/10 hours out of 156 members that are required to report!  That's only 17.31%!!!
I know you all have your CEU's it's now time to start scanning those certificates and login to IDCEC to report your CEU's.  Alabama is still currently in 1st place!

Next month October we're kicking the new 2015-16 Fiscal Year off with a bang and we hope you'll join us in celebrating a new year!  You'll notice some great changes this coming year regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  The First Wednesday of every month a California Event will be held.  Every Second Wednesday of every month a Las Vegas Event will be held.  At our October events the ENTIRE board will be in attendance!  We hope that you'll come join us in Falling Back into ASID and meet some Industry Partners, Emerging Professionals, Students, and Professional ASID members from the other sides of our chapter.  For California our October 7th event will be held in Stockton at KTJ Design Co.  For Las Vegas our October14th event will be held at Domsky's Glass.  Hope to see you all out at our October Events! 

Finally Industry Partners I hope you've all heard about Crew 49!  If you haven't it's our sponsorship program for the coming year.  If you're company or you yourself (IP) are interested in hosting an event, sponsoring an event, or have a CEU topic you'll like to present please see the set dates of our calendar to schedule your CEU topic or sponsor an event!  The chapter board has put together sponsorship levels for you to select from.  Once the spaces are filled that's all that's available so sign up now and reserve the dates you want before they're gone!!! Please see the Crew 49 section below or on our chapters website under Crew 49 tab for further information! For questions regarding Crew 49 feel free to contact any of the 2015-16 board members including myself. 

Thank you for reading through this the first member to email me back with the color of the new Crew 49 logo will receive a special discount code towards one regular event this coming year!  The first IP member to email me back with the color of the Crew 49 logo will receive a 25% discount on a table top at an event this year.  The first EP and Student to email me back with the location of GoPRO this October will get yourself and one guest in for FREE at the October event!
Sandra Van Slack, Allied ASID
Communications Director 
American Society of Interior Designers
E .

Welcome New Members!!!
We'd like to welcome our Newest ASID Members.....

Barbara Ziebron, Allied ASID 
Victoria Reventas, ASID  

We're on Social Media.....
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Design Community Coordinator Needed!
We are in need of DCC's (Design Community Coordinators) for the Fresno Area & Las Vegas Areas.  If your area isn't holding events and you want to change that, here's your chance to get involved!  The DCC's job is to help organize events for members by finding a location, sponsor, and a speaker for the event.  If you think you'd like to take on the position or would like to be the DCC for just one event, contact Cindy Collins at for more information. 

Emerging Professionals                   
Are you ready to GO PRO? Then join us Thursday, October 15th-Friday, October 16th at the 5th Annual ASID GO PRO event being held at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The five GO PRO program topics will be PROfessional Development, PROcess, PROduct, PRO Bono, and PROject. Each of these categories will feature a different aspect of the design, development, and construction of the Barclays Center, which will be presented by the construction and design teams that were involved in the project from inception through completion. Those that attend the event will be treated to a tour of the Barclays Center and will be able to experience the impact of the design process. The goal is that attendees will leave the event with a "holistic understanding of the complexity of completing the project."

ASID is looking to bring together the best of the emerging design professionals so if you are interested in attending the event please request an application. Attendees that are selected to attend will be notified by September 17, 2015. For more details about the event and how to apply follow the link: GO PRO 2015 and take advantage of a great educational and networking event to further your design career!

Emily Esposito, Allied ASID
Emerging Professional Chair 
American Society of Interior Designers
E .

GO PRO/ Barclays Center Brooklyn


October 15-16, 2015 


The American Society of Interior Designers is in search of the next generation of design leaders to attend GO PRO on October 15-16, 2015. Only 100 applicants will be accepted and offered a ticket to attend GO PRO. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with all accepted attendees notified by Thursday, September 10, 2015 to give attendees ample time to purchase tickets and arrange travel plans. All applicants will be evaluated for scholarships and special event opportunities.


Why Apply? 

GO PRO attendees will be exposed to inspirational content and exclusive access to our featured project and the design and construction teams that made the project a reality. 

The online application is simple and will allow access to the following: 

  • A limited number of scholarships are available to accepted applicants. Each scholarship will cover the ticket cost (member and nonmember rate) to attend GO PRO. Scholarships will be awarded based upon the application.
  • A select group of accepted applicants will be invited to an exclusive dinner with New York-based design influentials on Thursday, October 15. This experience will connect attendees directly with those leading the profession. Dinner guests will be selected based upon the application.
  • All GO PRO applicants will receive a code for a complimentary CEU course on the ASID Academy (up to $50 value).


Who Should Apply? 

ASID is seeking applicants who have a passion and drive to develop design solutions that transform lives. GO PRO is for designers early in their careers - emerging professionals with up to five years of professional experience, and students in their final year or two of education. Applicants with a background in the built environment professions will benefit most from the GO PRO experience.


Selection Process and Timeline

Applications to attend GO PRO will be accepted until Thursday, August 27, 2015 will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee of two ASID staff members and three distinguished interior designers. Accepted attendees will be notified by mid-August 2015 in order to purchase tickets and arrange travel plans.


Learn More about GO PRO 


 2015 Sponsors:



Advance to Allied Membership - Advance Your Career

There are two ways to attain allied membership- student advancement or applying new. ASID student members may advance to allied membership upon graduation.     


Advancing is easy and comes with significant savings as an incentive for continuing membership with ASID!

ASID hopes your student membership has helped you forge a personal network of professional contacts that will help you advance your career. By becoming an allied member, you will stay connected to the largest network of interior design professionals. Your affiliation with ASID distinguishes you to the public, your potential client base, with a mark of qualification that sets you apart from the competition.

The success of ASID is proven by its vast membership of interior designers, from the brightest newcomers to the wisest pioneers. Through their membership in ASID, students, practitioners, educators and industry representatives comprise a community of people committed to interior design. Don't miss out on the opportunity to extend those contacts - advance your membership today! 

Student Advancement to Allied Membership Qualifications

Student members have a window of twelve months from their graduation date to advance to allied membership. Both advancing students and new allied member applicants must submit their college transcripts verifying 40 semester hours or 60 quarter credit hours in interior design education from an accredited institution (university/college or technical school).

Dues and Fees - Cost Savings of Student Advancement!

Pay membership dues your way...via 12 monthly installments or one annual payment!

  Student Advancement New Allied Practitioner*
YEAR 1 $ 85 $ 570
($100 application fee + $470* dues)
YEAR 2 $ 155 $ 470*
YEAR 3 $ 245* $ 470*
YEAR 4 $ 330* $ 470*
YEAR 5 $ 380* $ 470*
YEAR 6 $ 470* $ 470*
$ 1,255 $ 0

*Dues listing includes annual $15 legislative assessment for new and existing members.


Industry Partners & Sponsorship
Industry Partners are you interested in Sponsoring ASID Events this coming 2015-16 Year or want to present a CEU topic, or host an event at your location will your in luck!  This coming year our chapter is changing up our events and we want you our Industry Partners to be apart of it!  We want you to gain from being an ASID IP Member!  If you Sponsor Events you becoming a part of our exclusive Crew 49!  We're only offering this until September 18, 2015 to become a sponsor.  Our calendar dates are already blocked out for the whole year, so jump on it while you can, we won't be adding dates so if you're interested read on and book your dates now!

ASIDCANV CREW 49 is your opportunity if you are serious about going beyond just selling a product or providing a service.

ASID CREW 49 is for Industry professionals who are ready for all out massive action to grow design business and connect with designers on a whole new level

Everything you need is at your fingertips - all you need to do now is decide.
What you get...
  Events - As a Crew 49 member you get first dibs on location, dates and times to showcase your product or service. We've got the calendar all scheduled for the dates. We've got four regions for you to choice from - Central Valley, Fresno, Las Vegas, or Reno. Do you want to target all four or do you want to make in-roads in a certain region? This is your chance to strategically place yourself face-to-face with the designers you want to target.
  Marketing - Place your brand and marketing in our newsletters, website,  e-blasts, social media banners/posts and broadcast to ASID members precisely how you (and only you) can solve their problems. Get as much or as little exposure as you want, but be there in minds of the designers you want to impact.
  Feature Story - Got a big story to tell? Then tell it directly to the ASID members in our Chapter with a focus on them. Every day you hear from Designers about the problems they have when working on their projects. Identify that problem by speaking to them directly in a well written story published in our newsletter. This is your chance to tell them how you can help them move their business forward and make progress in a way your competitor can't.
Showcase Your Showroom or Store - What if you had dozens of designers in your location? Just think, - all those cherry-picked potential customers right at your fingertips. This is your chance to host at event, so don't miss out. Don't have a showroom? No problem, we can coordinate and help you find a spot to showcase your wares.

How to Get Started. . . .
Step 1 - Select the level of sponsorship that works for your goals and strategies.

Click here to purchase your package
After you purchase your package, one of our Board Members will call you to schedule the dates that work best for you. Please remember, the dates are first come, first serve. So, please be sure to get on the calendar early to make sure to get the exact dates you want.
Step 2 - Select your dates.
This is a list of the dates and area we have calendared for the Fiscal 2016 year. Just pick the dates you want, give us a call and we will get to work setting it up.
As a Crew Member, here is what you can expect - Immediately after you purchase your package, we wil l get an alert and we will contact you ASAP.
  1. Your dates will be reserved.
  2. We will sign a contract.
  3. You will send us all the branding and marketing information about the event you want to host. We will send all this information to the ASID National Marketing department and get made for you advertising prepared.
  4. We will blast the Chapter stratosphere with all the exciting news, details, and benefits of your event.
  5. Unparalleled and exclusive exposure to all the elite design professionals in our area.
All Crew 49 Sponsorship information is available on our website under
Crew 49 tab. 

Last Months Events Highlights 
Sac- Emser Tile Event
Emser rep Cody James King discussing Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone
Sac- Emser Tile Event
Everyone enjoying food and CEU Presentation
Sac- Emser Tile Event
Sacramento DCC- Deanna enjoying the CEU event on Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone
Sac- Emser Tile Event
Emser Rep Cody James King answering questions on natural stone

BEST STUDENT DESIGN- Sheryl Gordon, UNLV Student
NAR Bustamante
Jane Cunningham
BEST MULTIPLE HOSPITALITY SPACE DESIGN - Dalton Steelman Arias and Anderson                                    

Sheryl Gordon, UNLV Student
Stephen Leon
NAR Bustamante
Amy Strodl
Jane Cunningham
Bruce Benning
MBA Architecture & Interior Design
Dalton Steelman Arias and Anderson
Left-Right: First two Bruce Benning, Dalton Steelman Arias and Anderson, Stephen Leon, Jane Cunningham, MC Christopher Kennedy, MC Carson Kressley, Sheryl Gordon, Amy Strodl, NAR Bustamante, MBA Architecture and Interior Design.  
Left-Right: MC Christopher Kennedy, Juan Medrano 2014-15 SRB, Brenda Tena 2015-16 SRB, Angela Britt 2015-16 PD, Sandra Van Slack 2014-16 CD, Renee Gangness 2014-16 FD, Jane Cunningham 2014-16 Director at Large, Shadda Stefanos 2015-16 MD, Kathleen Jennison Pres 2015-16, MC Carson Kressley, and Sean Tanner 2014-15 Chapter President. 
Incoming 2015-16 Board Being Sworn in!
FitBit for ASID 2014-15 President Sean Tanner
Reno: Global Views & Studio A Lunch & Learn
September 9, 2015
Olive Garden Reno, Banquet Room
RSVP by Fri Sept 4, 2015
Las Vegas: Free Business Building Seminar
September 10, 2015
Las Vegas ProSource
RSVP to your account manager by Sept 3, 2015
Stockton: Fall Back Into ASID Kickoff Event
October 4, 2015
At KTJ Design CO
Las Vegas: Fall Back Into ASID Kickoff Event
October 14, 2015
At Domsky Glass
Las Vegas: ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings


Reno: Global Views & Studio A Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 
Olive Garden Reno
Banquet Room Upstairs
(sorry no elevator) 
4900 S. Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502

hosted by
Janice Campbell
Your Sales Team Professional

  • Exciting new Brand Catalog & Summer Intros!
  • Learn more about our New Product Designer!
  • Tips & Information to save time & money!
Important RSVP information: 
Space is limited, so RSVP & Janice will confirm back email your name and business name to
by end of the day Friday September 4th! 
(Let Janice know in RSVP email if you'd like a set of catalogs)

Janice Campbell 702-768-2518 cell

You invested in your education, now invest in your career!

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