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Sept 2015



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Sincerest gratitute to our Lean Startup Advisor, Paul Foster
We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Paul Foster, who for 4 years has played key roles as the Odette School of Business Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) and the EPICentre Lean Startup Advisor.    
EPICentre-supported company showing international result
An athletic recruiting company currently enrolled in EPICentre's ( www.epicentreuwindsor.ca) incubation program has helped up-and-coming professional soccer players secure US $110 million in international contracts for the new season - all without international tryouts.
Pursue Sports ( www.pursuesports.com), founded by UWindsor alumnus Mike Murad and headquartered at UWindsor's EPIC Innovation, uses a numeric ranking system to rate soccer players. The company offers comprehensive athlete profiles through the analysis of data gathered through a process of rigorous testing. READ MORE 
Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop 

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Workshop is back for its second year! This two-day workshop is geared toward University of Windsor/St. Clair College students and local professionals to learn about entrepreneurship and provide skills and training to help them transition to successful careers and grow their current practices.  READ MORE 
Volunteers Wanted!
EPICentre is looking for volunteers to help host the first annual Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Symposium on October 3rd. If you are interested in boosting your resume and helping during a great event, please contact Kathyani: parasra@uwindsor.ca  
BioTechnology Innovations Solutions Competition

UWindsor's first Bio Innovative Solutions (BIS) competition is inviting university and college students to submit problem solving proposals related to biotechnology - the field studying the use of living organisms in product development. The competition will take place October 3, 2015 during the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Symposium held at the University of Windsor, hosted by the Masters of Medical Biotechnology Program (MMB), Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the support of EPICentre. READ MORE

Activities in joint entrepreneurship/engineering course
Over 300 students have been involved in a joint course between the Odette School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering. This course, a mix of the Fundamentals to Entrepreneurship (business) and Globalization (engineering), is lead by Dr. Francine Schlosser, Dr. Zbigniew Pasek and Professor Ali Abdulhussein. READ MORE
Incubator Member Profile: Gardiloo  
"GARDYLOO!" is shouted overhead as a stack of textbooks fall from the sky, flung from an upper window of a house onto the street below. This may not be exactly how the start-up Gardiloo operates, but this was the inspiration behind the name. In old Scotland, it was customary for people to yell "gardyloo" to warn passersby to cover their heads as they threw out their unneeded possessions. Gardiloo is a start-up company co-founded by Fouad Nader and Hossam Sleiman that offers an online hub for student services. The company has recently undergone the launch of their service, enabling students to buy, sell and exchange their used textbooks. The website is now live, and students at the University of Windsor and St. Clair College looking to take advantage of this service can visit www.gardiloo.com. READ MORE 
STEM students encouraged to apply for exciting entrepreneurial fellowship
The Ontario Centres of Excellence and Venture for Canada are working together to raise awareness of Venture for Canada's entrepreneurial fellowship, specifically amongst students within STEM faculties across the province. With OCE support, Venture for Canada is creating an OCE - Venture for Canada Fellowship stream for STEM students interested in pursuing entrepreneurism as a career and working for top Ontario startups.   READ MORE  
Interminus presents: Stories of the City 2015: Call for Submissions  

The cities of Windsor and Detroit have been undergoing a significant transformation in the last few years. Yet shedding the familiar stories of the city-those of economic hardship and industrial decline-has been slower to come.
The Interminus research collective is organizing a month long exhibition in November 2015 that will focus on new narratives of post-industrial cities and alternative approaches to urban renewal. While the exhibition will begin with the local urban ecologies of Windsor and Detroit, we invite submissions from other cities undergoing similar transitions. READ MORE 
Queens' Entrepreneurs' Competition
The Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition (QEC) is one of the largest international undergraduate business plan competition in Canada. It is an event run by students at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. Past years' competitions have brought teams of aspiring and talented entrepreneurs from Singapore, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Australia, United States and Canada. The grand prize this year will be $50,000. READ MORE 
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