The Large Landscape Conservation Bulletin
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for Large Landscape Conservation
September 2016
A Message from the Practitioners' Network

I had the good fortune to attend the IUCN World Conservation Congress earlier this month, and it was clear that conservation at the landscape scale is increasingly at the forefront of protection efforts across the globe.  Read more about the Congress below

This bulletin reflects those impressive advances--in academia, in policy, and on the ground.  

President Obama spoke for all large landscape conservation practitioners and about all landscapes at the 2016 Lake Tahoe Summit when he said:  "We embrace conservation because healthy and diverse lands and waters help us build resilience to climate change. We do it because . . . economies like this one live or die by the health of our natural resources. We do it because places like this nurture and restore the soul, and we want to make sure that's there for our kids, too."   See the link to this news story below.   

It is an exciting time in the field of conservation. I hope you will join us as a partner and be in touch about how we can work together to achieve conservation at the necessary landscape scale. 

Emily M. Bateson
Network Coordinator
In This Issue
Join the Practitioners' Network at the LTA  Rally

The Practitioners' Network is co-hosting a large landscape conservation breakfast at the upcoming Land Trust Alliance RallyScheduled for Saturday, October 29th from 7:00 am to 8:15 am, the breakfast will offer an update on the state of large landscape conservation and highlight new planning tools that help land trusts work effectively at the landscape scale. View the agenda here. Pre-registration is required and seating is limited; contact Emily Bateson to register. 

IUCNWCCConservation practitioners from around the world convene in Hawai'i for 25th IUCN World Conservation Congress  

Every four years the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress gathers conservation leaders to advance conservation thinking and strategies. This September the Congress, themed as "Planet at a Crossroads," was held for the first time in the United States, with more than 10,000 conservationists from at least 193 countries convening in Honolulu. Conservation at the landscape scale was implicit or explicit in virtually every presentation or workshop, and the Practitioners' Network co-hosted a large landscape conservation reception with the Center for Large Landscape Conservation, Nature Needs Half, Wildlands Network, and the Wild Foundation that connected practitioners across continents for information exchange and inspiration. While it is impossible to report on all that was showcased, the following may be of particular interest to large landscape conservation practitioners: 
Access more information - including video content and selected recordings of sessions and presentations - at the IUCN World Conservation Congress website
International workshop in Glacier National Park focused on advancing the practice of transboundary conservation across the globe

Earlier this month transboundary conservation practitioners from across the globe convened in Glacier National Park for Hands Across Borders: An International Workshop for Transboundary Conservation. The focused three-day conversation emphasized the exchange of information, the building of relationships and connections across geography, and the building of capacity within the field of practice to enable and sustain transboundary conservation initiatives. The workshop built upon the newly released IUCN report, Transboundary Conservation: A Systematic and Integrated Approach. Workshop presentations (and a forthcoming final report) can be viewed here.
Publications underscore importance of collaboration and strategic efforts at scale

Increasingly, cross-boundary collaboration and heightened strategic thinking at scale are being identified as necessary to conserve biodiversity and ecological processes over the long term. This is highlighted in two recent publications:
  • In an article in BioScience, a prominent group of agency scientists and conservation leaders call for a cohesive and coordinated national approach to habitat preservation in the United States: "The future of habitat and biodiversity conservation will rely on an unprecedented level of cooperation across private, local, state, tribal and federal agency boundaries." Read a news synopsis here and access the paper's abstract
Current issue of the  George Wright Forum explores landscape-scale conservation theme

The August 2016 issue of the  George Wright Forum , the journal of the George Wright Society (GWS), is titled,   Scaling Up: Landscape-scale Conservation in North America The Special Theme issue of the journal explores the past and current practice of landscape-scale conservation through a diverse set of nine articles. Though the full content of the Forum's current issue is normally reserved for GWS members, the Society has graciously partnered with the Practitioners' Network to make this content freely available to our network  here M ore information on the GWS, including how to become a member to take advantage of future content and resources, can be fo und at the Society's website.
Also note: The George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites is scheduled for April 2-7, 2017 in Norfolk, VA; proposals for sessions are being accepted through September 30th (see call for proposals).
Ecological connectivity and cross-boundary collaboration highlighted in  New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers'  resolution

The 40th Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers concluded in late August with the signing of a resolution on ecological connectivity, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation. The resolution, though non-binding, elevates awareness of the importance of ecological connectivity to ecosystems and biodiversity as well as human communities and their economies, and emphasizes cross-boundary, multifaceted collaboration efforts. Read the resolution here, and listen to an audio clip of news reporting here
Additional Landscape Conservation News

TahoeRegional collaboration around conservation highlighted by President Obama at 20th Lake Tahoe Summit
More information  here.

Globescapes, an interactive map, launched to showcase large landscape conservation efforts across globe
Explore the map here

Conservation in an urban context: Edmonton's legacy of conserving and connecting ecological landscapes recognized as it joins the Biophilic Cities Network
More information here.

New book - Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene - highlights effects of climate change on America's forest ecosystems and explores adaptation strategies from ecological, managerial, and policy perspectives
More information here.

Conservation adaptation strategy emerges in the Southeast United States
More information here.

S tudy draws on literature to document the potential of "landscape approaches" for improving land conservation and management
Read news synopsis here and access full article here.

U.S. Forest Service to use collaborative science to foster native plant conservation and restoration in the western United States
More information here.

Upcoming Events and Conferences

October 7, 2016 -- Scaling Up: New Strategies for Landscape-Scale Conservation
Salem, MA - more information

October 13-14, 2016 -- The 7th Annual Conference of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent
Fernie, BC - more information

October 28-30, 2016 -- The Land Trust Alliance Rally
Minneapolis, MN - more information
The Practitioners' Network is hosting two events at the Rally:
(1) A large landscape conservation breakfast  
7:00 - 8:15 am, October 29th; agenda available here.
Pre-registration is required and seats are limited. 
Contact Emily Bateson to sign up.
(2) "Hitch Your Wagon to a Bigger Star: Benefits of Vision and Collaboration at the Landscape Scale" workshop
10:30 am, October 29th; details available here.

November 15-18, 2016 -- PastForward: A Conference of the National Trust for Historical Preservation
Houston, TX - more information

November 16, 2016 -- The Regional Conservation Partnership Network Gathering: Using the Power of Teamwork to Advance Regional (Big, Innovative, Connected) Conservation
Nashua, NH - more information

April 2-7, 2017 -- 19th George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas and Cultural Sites
Norfolk, VA - more information 

May 14-18, 2017 -- International Conference on Ecology and Transportation: Beyond Boundaries: Building on Common Ground
Salt Lake City, UT - more information

Webinars & Additional Resources

Climate Change Trends, Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Carbon in U.S. National Parks 
Conservation Biology Institute webinar
October 7, 2016 -  more information

Exploring the New Landscape Climate Dashboard 
Conservation Biology Institute webinar
October 13, 2016 -  more information

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
National Park Service Scaling Up webinar
October 24, 2016 -  more information

Navigating the Data Basin Platform: A Guided Tour 
Conservation Biology Institute webinar
October 27, 2016 -  more information
National Natural Landmarks
National Park Service Scaling Up webinar
November 16, 2016 -  more information
The Practitioners' Network for Large Landscape Conservation is an alliance of professionals and citizens working to support and advance the field of conservation at the landscape scale.

Contact Emily Bateson, Network Coordinator, for more information.