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Here's hoping you had a relaxing and rejuvenating summer and are looking forward to the coming club year as much as I am.
The Foundation is busy preparing to open the application process for our 2017 Development Grants and Education Awards. There will be 17 awards and grants available, including several new offerings. We are also very excited about the Symposium, STAND UP Against Human Trafficking, which we will be co-hosting with FAWCO on October 8-9 in The Hague. You can find more information on these and other Foundation activities in this issue of NYCU.
I would like to begin the year by reminding you that The Foundation is YOUR Foundation. Please encourage your members to apply for an Education Award for themselves, their children or grandchildren. And investigate the possibility of nominating your club's charity for a Development Grant. Don't hesitate to contact anyone on the Board if you have ideas, recommendations or questions; we love to hear from you!
Best wishes for an energized and productive autumn,

Patti Meek 
President, The FAWCO Foundation 



Th e 2017 Education Award and Development Grant applications will soon be available, however, preliminary information is already on the Foundation website. This includes eligibility requirements and terms of study for EAs and nomination requirements for DGs.

Do you have a child who might be interested in applying for an EA, a child or grandchild who is Dual Cultural, or are you interested in furthering your studies? Click here to go to The Foundation website Education Awards page to see how you or a family member might qualify for an EA.

Has your club been supporting a charity over the last year or years that needs your ongoing support?  Are you interested in applying for a DG for a specific organization or project? Click here to go to The Foundation website Development Grants page for further information regarding the DGs.

Applications, deadlines and instructions will be posted during the first week of October. With deadlines in early January, it's best to get applications in before the holiday insanity begins!
The FAWCO Foundation is pleased to welcome the two newest members of the TFF team - Sahar Elhallak, Target Fundraising Coordinator, and Jen Todd, Education Awards Administrator. 

Sahar was born in Lebanon and moved to California in the 80's where she raised her family and continued her education. She moved to Morocco in 2011 and two years later, joined the AIWA Marrakech. After serving as the FAWCO Rep for about two years, she became the Regional Coordinator for Region 7. She was offered a role with the Foundation as the new Target Fundraising Coordinator and gratefully accepted. The topic of education has always been very near and dear to her personally; it clearly became more important when she moved to Marrakech and was shaken at the rate of illiteracy and devastated to see many girls denied their right to education. She is excited to share that she is now a member of AIWA Rabat. Shout out to the ladies in the capital!  She is looking forward to the next two years and knows that with your help and support, we can all make a difference.

Jen currently lives in Germany and is a member of the AWC Düsseldorf. She has a bachelor's in English and a masters degree in Educational Leadership. Prior to moving abroad, she worked as a teacher trainer for a school district in southern California, helping teachers learn to educate English Language Learners and implement the Common Core curriculum. Her 24-year-old daughter lives in Oregon as a Finance Manager and her 20-year-old son lives in Indiana where he is attending Purdue University. She enjoys living in Düsseldorf with her husband and cat! 

A new feature to the NYCU, each edition will spotlight one of our recent award recipients.

Daughter of Tracy Moede, AWC Hamburg

Allison received the Dual Cultural Award in 2015 and in June of this year, she returned home after a year in the U.S. going to high school. Here's what she had to say about her experience:
I lived with my aunt, my uncle and my cousin who have two big, happy dogs and a cute cat. I also got to spend a lot of time with my grandmother. She moved to Ohio and rented a small house to spend the year with me and I was very happy about that. I have the feeling that I've really gotten to know her and the rest of my family better since I was staying longer than just a few weeks on vacation.

I ran on the track team and was part of the 800-meter relay team. We made it all the way to the regional championships, something I am very proud of.

The experience of being away from home and becoming more independent away from my family has built my confidence. I feel I made the most of my time in the USA - academics, family, weekend trips with my cousin, friends, sports, shopping, holidays, and the list goes on. It is something I will look back on as one of the most positive experiences of my life. 
     SO YOU KNOW...    

The NYCU will now be coming out quarterly - September, December, March and June. Special editions will be issued as needed.



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The Symposium, STAND UP Against Human Trafficking , will be held on October 8-9, 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.  
At the conclusion of our three-year global target campaign on Human Rights, we recognized that being "rescued" from human trafficking is not a guarantee of freedom. The majority of those rescued are literally broken in body, spirit and heart by their traffickers, at high risk of re-exploitation. The problem is that most people consider human trafficking to be so ubiquitous and overwhelming that they do not believe that there is anything that a "normal, everyday" person can really do to stop it. However, our research has shown that individuals, communities, the private and public sectors are already implementing an impressive slavery eradication toolkit. Through the presentations and dialogue during this Symposium, we will raise awareness of the current tools available. Not only can we have an impact on the success rate of sustainable rescue, we can STAND UP Against Human Trafficking by becoming an EVERYDAY HERO.

This Symposium is funded by The FAWCO Foundation.

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The deadline to submit your quilt square, October 10th, is fast approaching!  All quilt squares must be to Roberta Zöllner by that date - no exceptions. So either get started now or finish up! 

Click the link below for detailed instructions.
If you have further questions, please contact Roberta at 
2017 Quilt Instructions

Click here to see our past Friendship Quilts.


The FAWCO Foundation is celebrating 50 years of giving at the 2017 FAWCO Conference. Join us on Foundation Night and come dressed in gold or wearing hearts to commemorate your generosity to women and girls all over the world.
Stay tuned for more information about our anniversary program, raffles, and auctions that support your projects and passion.


Help The FAWCO Foundation support your projects, your passions, by donating to our live and silent auctions to be held on Foundation Night at the 2017 FAWCO Conference in Mumbai, India!

Do you have a destination property or service that you would be willing to share? Know a resort, spa or business you could ask for a weekend/week's stay or item to auction? Have a beautiful (gently used) item that just doesn't fit your lifestyle any more? Are you a creative person who makes jewelry or handcrafted items? Wouldn't you like to be represented by one of your articles during Foundation Night?

Find out how to participate by contacting -


Encourage your club members to register themselves on the FAWCO website and sign up for newsletters including the News You Can Use!

If your Club is submitting a Target proposal, please remember that the deadline for submission is September 30, 2016.

Talk to your club members about possible DG nominations and Education Awards for 2017. Applications will be available online in early October.
Remind your members to get those quilt squares in!