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September 2016 Newsletter

How "HIGH" can 
you go?
Do you need a market for High Value Dwellings?
CIU has 3 markets available to offer you a competitive quote!
Whether it is a Primary, Secondary, Vacant, Tenant Occupied, or Corporately Owned Dwelling; we can help!
There is no limit to how "high" we will go to help you write  HIGH VALUE dwellings!!

Send these risks to 
We want your Miscellaneous Professional Liability!!

Coverage Info:
*Admitted and non-admitted capability
*Definition of "Claim" includes written demands, civil
proceedings, civil and regulatory investigations and
disciplinary proceedings (sub-limited)
*Punitive & exemplary damage coverage
*Definition of "Wrongful Act" includes "Personal Injury
*Insured" includes independent contractors

*Up to $15 million in limits available

Target Classes:

*Business consultants
*Claims adjusters

*Third Party Administrators
*Real Estate Services


 Let us help you with your MPL risks today!!

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As we wind down summer, here are some of our "hottest" classes:

-Vacant Buildings (length of time vacant is not an issue as long as there is a good "reason" for it)
-Mercantile Risks (of all shapes and sizes)
-Office Buildings (owner occupied, or leased)
-Hotels/Motels (including Resorts and/or Bed and Breakfasts)
-Lessors Risk (including strip shopping centers)
-Habitational (including senior, student and/or subsidized housing risks)
-Manufacturing (of all shapes and sizes)
-Medical Clinics (including walk-in clinics and Medi-Spa's)
...and MUCH more! 

If you have any of the above, or questions on what we can help you with- please call us today!
We would love the opportunity to "shop" these accounts so that you don't have to!!

Phone: 800-241-9759
E-mail: newbusiness@ciusgf.com
Tattoo & Piercing Parlors

Make your mark and ink some business that's sure to last with this up and coming class!

We can offer GL, Property, Inland Marine, Professional, Assault & Battery, Abuse or Molestation, and more!

Work on minors may be eligible depending on local laws (typically 14 years and over with signed informed and parental consent forms).

New Ventures can also be considered (as long as they have adequate experience).

So get rolling and move that needle today... s end all your t attoo & piercing risks to newbusiness@ciusgf.com!

Beyond the Office...
This month CIU once again sponsored a rest stop at the annual MS 150 Bike Ride; and our owner, Dave Hinrichs, rode and fund-raised for this worthy cause.  If you want to track Dave's progress you can do so here:  My MS homepage .

And if your office has something "newsworthy," please let us know!  We'd love to feature you (and your good deeds) in our new feature "Beyond the Office!!"