Joseph Paquet
I hope you are enjoying a lovely end of Summer.
- Joe Paquet

New Work

Splintered Hemlock
Splintered Hemlock   28" x 40"   $24,000
Splintered Hemlock
Madeline Island Relics   8" x 12"    $3,300
Seasons release their grip reluctantly here in Minnesota, but then, I'm not great with change either.

With age, the passing of summer has taken on greater significance for me; there is a wistfulness attached which I can only attribute to time of life and with that, an increasing amount of goodbyes and the accompanying changes that follow.

At the same time, I find a profound and delicate beauty in such transitions.
Splintered Hemlock and Madeline Island Relics are my nod to the poignance of change.

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Over the past couple of years there has been an explosion of national press written and awards given to many of my past and present students.

Having taken the long ride with many of you it is a thrill for me to see you all find your bliss and have your moments in the sun.

Congratulations: Ben Fenske, Neil Sherman, Joni Jurek, Mary Pettis, Bob Upton, Scott Anderson, Kami Mendlik, Carl Bretzke, Kristie Bretzke, Joshua Cunningham, Tom Dimok, Pat Duncan, Sherri Thomas and all those I have unintentionally omitted.
Bravo and continued success to all of you.

Museum Shows

I am thrilled to be a part of these two museums exhibitions:

Steamboat Art Museum
Steamboat Springs, CO
Plein Air Painters of America

30th Anniversary
& 100th National Parks Anniversary Exhibition
August 12 - October 15    
Blue Collar 24" x 40"   $24,000
This exhibition highlights a wonderful collection of works by the PAPA group. Stop by and check it out.

Catalina Island Museum
Catalina, CA
The Wild Will Blow Tomorrow...

30th Anniversary & 100th National Parks Anniversary 
June 18 - November 6th      
Fertig Homestead Catalina Island CA
Fertig Homestead, Catalina Island, CA
12" x 20" - SOLD
This exhibit focuses on everyday life on Catalina and I am represented by several paintings. I hope you can take the time to visit this wonderful new museum.

American Masters Show
Salmagundi Club , New York, NY

Sale and Gala October 14th, 2016
Healing Place 28" x 40"   $24,000
Thank you Tim Newton for the opportunity to join this wonderful show that highlights works by many contemporary masters from around the country. Don't miss it!

Workshops 2016

Chatham Creative Arts Center
4-Day Plein Air Workshop

September 27-30, 2016

Grey Morning Chatham 8 x 12 - $3,000
Grey Morning Chatham 8" x 12" - $3,300
This is my fourth time back teaching on the Cape. Late September is the ideal time to work: tourists are gone and it is easy to get around. It's not hard to see how Edward Hopper was attracted to The Cape's austere beauty.

Note to students: Teaching is tailored to your level so all levels are welcome. My only requirement is that you enter the class humble to nature and open to new information.


Workshops 2017

Catalina Island, California
5-Day Plein Air Workshop

Monday, January 16th - Friday, January 20th, 2017   
This is truly the ideal destination workshop in the month of January.
Catalina Island offers an amazing array of subjects with ease of access. During this five-day workshop we will delve into the prismatic palette and how to capture the unique qualities of each day on canvas.
All levels are welcome.

You will be given a great deal of individual attention tailored to your level.
See you on the sand.

Cost: $850

Mt Kisco, NY 7-Day Studio Workshop
The 'Big Idea'
Creating a Large Studio Painting

Monday, March 13 - Sunday, March 19th, 2017   
Joe Paquet_s Studio
This will be my third time teaching this unique class and my second in Mt. Kisco. You will have the opportunity to implement a workable strategy for approaching a large work successfully indoors. Daily lectures will take you from concept to finish while making sound, personal choices.

This course has proved to be enormously effective.

All individuality and personality in a work of art comes from Subjective Choice Making -- not merely copying what is before us.

You will have seven days to work out those choices while creating a large painting in the studio -- unhurried and thoughtful.
We will be utilizing reference material (Field sketches, Drawings and/or Photos) and will deal with Composition, Distillation & Integration of Forms and Clarifying your personal vision.

You can expect frequent lectures, demos when necessary and a great deal of personal attention.
This is your chance to dig deep and expand your possibilities.

Enrollment is limited so don't wait to secure a spot.
All levels Welcome.

Cost: $1,200

Madeline Island, WI
5-Day Plein Air Workshop
Madeline Island School of the Arts

Monday, July 10th - Friday, July 14th, 2017  
This will be my fourth year teaching on Madeline Island.

This is a great destination workshop. There is plenty of variety to paint and Charles, Jenna and staff do an incredible job keeping you comfortable at the School. The facility is top notch.

Don't wait to sign up!

My mentor John Osborne once said, "The most difficult landscape to paint is a green one."

I will be teaching the prismatic palette with a special focus on an in-depth study of greens.

All levels welcome.
Humility and patience required.
I look forward to seeing you on the island


Evening Light
Evening Light, Hemet   18" x 24"   
  -  SOLD
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