Conversions, New Faces, Boar Hunting, New Jersey, and Bugs by the River.  Wow, this is a jammed packed newsletter!

September 2016 - Monthly News & Updates
   It seems like it was only a few days ago that I finished the August Newsletter, and here I am writing the September edition.  We have wrapped a few projects up, and are making progress on several others.
Conversion Beam

     We are now confident that our "ball joint to link pin conversion beam" works.  It is now available for sale.  Our belief that a 4 degree king pin inclination when at rest proved to be correct.  When we put 2 people in the buggy the angle went to about 5 degrees while traveling.  When jumping or running rock trails the car was very stable.  Anytime the suspension compresses the caster increased keeping the car stable and solid.

     We will be offering the conversion beam as; 1.  The beam with forged 1X2 trailing arms, 2.  spindle to spindle, 3.  spindle to spindle  with King shock units.  This beam is for off road use, it will not fit into a Beetle or a Dune Buggy.

     There are companies who manufacture a conversion arm for street use.  They fix the caster issue by shimming the beam.  That works for the street but would not address the issues we were facing.
More From New Jersey

     Next, we have everything moved here to the shop from the estate we purchased from Donna, the majority of which was in Glassboro New Jersey.  The vehicles are unloaded and lined up.  They are available for inspection during business hours.  We have not begun to unload the parts.  First we need to prepare room in the basement, along with some fixing up of the areas.   Then we will begin to move parts to the basement area and organize them.  We currently have a; 45' freight trailer, a 30' enclosed trailer, a 26' box truck, and a 28' freight trailer filled with Volkswagen parts.  

     We really are not sure what all we have because on most trips to New Jersey it was unbearably hot, and we just loaded stuff into the trailers, hoping to get back into the air conditioned trucks and head for home.  The TV weathermen have been telling us that this was the hottest August on record, and may be the hottest summer (June/July/August), on record.  The last time it  was this hot was 1966.

    I have to thank th e crew here at Acme for putting the extra time, and working in the terrible heat to get the job done. John Lenz (aka little john), Jim Duke, And Kevin Slaseman, went along on every trip and did a great job.  Rick Slaseman and Richard McCartney were also a great help when they made the trip.  While that was going on, Tyler, Tank,& Double John kept things working here in New Cumberland.
A New Face!
     There is a new face in the parts department.  Brenda Himes began as our new parts person on August 22.  Brenda has been a customer of ours for quite some time.  She was a friend of our late VW guru, Pete.  While Brenda is not an experienced parts person, she is a VW enthusiast and has a good basic working knowledge of Beetles.  Her daily driver (in good weather) is a really nice 1974 Beetle.  It will take awhile for her to get up to speed, but I have no doubts that she will do a great job.  Next time you call in, say Hi! to Brenda.
Things That Go Bump In The Night...
In the August news letter I mentioned a phone call from Hal about a "gun Buggy".  Well we came to terms, and settled on the design.  We received a deposit, and away we went on the latest project.  Tank has named it the "Berrien Boar Blaster".

     The frame is our Stalker 2+2 +6" wider.  It is equipped with our link pin mid travel front end and our mid travel IRS rear conversion.  The attached pictures show the general layout.  At the time of the picture taking we were about 70% complete with our work.  We hope to be done in 2 to 3 weeks.  Then it goes to Hal in Georgia to complete the electric power train and final gun mounts.  If all goes well Hal hopes to have the car on display in his booth in Harrisburg Pa. in early 2017, at the Sports and Outdoor show at the Pa. Farm Show Complex.  I should have some more pictures next month showing the completed, rolling car.

Bugs By The River 2016

As the farmer said when he ran over his cats' tail with the mower "Well, it won't be long now!"

     September 24th is just a few short weeks away (it won't be long!), and our Bugs by The River car show and open house.  I hope everyone has it on their calendar, because we sure would like to see you here.  We are starting to clean up, organize the parts room, (thank heaven for Brenda), and generally get ready.  We are placing orders with our major suppliers so that we can have what our customers want, on hand.

     I am working on a list of motels close by.  We are fortunate that within a mile of our shop we have an intersection of 2 major interstate highways.  I-83 which is a North/South route and I-76 the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which runs East/West.  At that intersection there are at least 8 major chain motels, plus a variety of eating establishments.  If you are looking for a place to stay, check our web site for a list.

     Bugs by The River is for the whole family and is completely free for entrants, flea marketers, and the general public.  Within walking distance, at the same time the New Cumberland Business Associations "Apple Festival" will also be in progress.  You and your family will be able to have a full day of fun and entertainment.  At the end of the day you will be only 2 short blocks from Nicks' 114 CafĂ©, which I mentioned in last months newsletter.  It would be a good time to stop in, have an adult beverage, and grab supper.  It is a family friendly place and kids are welcome (lollipops for desert!).  
Something New...Maybe?

     There has been some talk around the offices about another event in addition to the Bugs by the River.  We are considering a "cruise" type of event on a Saturday, in late April or early May.  Our initial thoughts are to meet here in New Cumberland, then cruise to Hanover to the Acme Composites plant, where we would have a plant tour, show some fiberglass stuff and then have a picnic style lunch (hot dogs, burgers, etc.), then cruise back to New Cumberland.  The cruise would be on all secondary roads, and would go through the following towns; Lewisberry, Rossville, Wellsville, Kralltown, East Berlin, Abbottstown, New Oxford, and Irish Town, ending at the plant in Hanover (actually McSherrystown).  We make this trip several times a week and it takes roughly 50 minutes.  We would appreciate some input from customers and friends to judge interest in this type of event, at this time of the year.

In Closing...

     Well it is officially the end of summer this coming Labor Day weekend.  Big plans are in the works for the Mickle family.  It is grandson JD (John David) Mickles' third birthday on the 4th., and his mom booked the family rides on Thomas the Train and Percy (his favorite) on Sunday, at the Strasburg Railroad.  This Sunday we all will be traveling to Strasburg, Pa. Lancaster County to ride the trains through the Pennsylvania Amish country.  If I have time I will walk across the street to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  Both these places are great to visit.  Check them out at and
Before I finish , A final reminder of September area events;
September 17th-Vintage German Swap Meet at Ski Roundtop, Lewisberry Pa

September 18th.-Geno's 2nd Annual VW Drag Race, Car Show & Swap Meet. At South
                           Mountain Raceway, Boiling Springs, Pa.
                           Event info;

                                PA.  or call 717-774-9450

SEPTEMBER 29th. thru OCTOBER 2nd.-NHRA Keystone Nationals-Maple Grove
                                                                   Raceway, Mohnton, Pa.
     Well, that's it for September.  I hope to see everyone at our show.

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