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As summer transitions to autumn the world outside is shifting and changing, and so is PowerCorpsPHL.   We are excited to announce new staff members who are alumni of the program and a brand new office space to call home. Next week, PowerCorpsPHL will celebrate our biannual Graduation and AmeriCorps Induction Ceremony.  In addition to the Graduation, PowerCorpsPHL is celebrating the successful transition of Cohort 6 alumni and the expungements of sixteen alumni criminal records!

Alumni Expungments
100% Expungement Rate

Sixteen alumni, with support from PowerCorpsPHL and Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, filed petitions for expungement on 32 arrests with a total of 228 charges.
Of those 228 charges, Philadelphia Courts expunged every single charge!
After granting the final expungement, the judge commended the PowerCorpsPHL alumni in the room for their commitment to themselves and to Philadelphia. Then the court room erupted into applause.
Cohort 6 Assistant Crew Leaders Jaquille, Bruce, and Eloi
Cohort 6 Alumni Transition
96% successful transition in one month

Cohort 6 ended just over a month ago. Of the fifty AmeriCorps members who completed the cohort, forty-eight have successfully moved on to their next steps.
PowerCorpsPHL is proud to announce 36% of Cohort 6 alumni are employed, 36% are continuing national service, and 12% are participating in a training program or internship. In addition, 12% have moved onto a combination of post-secondary education, employment, and continuing national service.
Cohort 6 Graduation
and Cohort 7 AmeriCorps Induction

This Tuesday, October 4th PowerCorpsPHL will celebrate the Graduation of Cohort 6 alumni and the AmeriCorps Induction for Cohort 7 members.
The graduation will include the first cohort of PowerCorpsPHL Fellows, who served with organizations across the city to gain relevant work experience.
Cohort 6 AmeriCorps Induction, April 2016
Crew Leaders Bryan Johnson and Toriano Goldman
Alumni Crew Leaders
PowerCorpsPHL hires its alumni

PowerCorpsPHL hired three new Crew Leaders for Cohort 7.  All three are alumni of the program: Alexandra Lorenz was a Summer Intern in Cohort 4, Khalil Carter was a member of Cohort 4, and Bryan Johnson was a member and Assistant Crew Leader in Cohorts 5 and 6. With these new hires, that means five out of six PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leaders are alumni!
EducationWorks New Office Space
Along with PowerCorpsPHL

EducationWorks is now located at 990 Spring Garden St on the 6th Floor. PowerCorpsPHL is housed within EducationWorks at the new location. Along with the new office space, comes a new look! EducationWorks has rebranded, enjoy the new logo and company colors to the right. 
About PowerCorpsPHL
PowerCorpsPHL is a City of Philadelphia AmeriCorps initiative, administered in partnership with EducationWorks, that engages disconnected young adults in transforming their lives through service. Launched in September 2013, PowerCorpsPHL  plays a key role in addressing Philadelphia's environmental stewardship, youth violence prevention and workforce development priorities.  Read more.
Hire Our Alumni!
PowerCorpsPHL members complete 900 hours of AmeriCorps service with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department. If you are interested in hiring one of our alumni, contact Margy Wilcox, Assistant Director of Professional Development, at
to learn more about our employer services.
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