What a productive year we've had.

September 2016


What a Year So Far!

By Doris Duncan

Executive Director

Leaves are swirling around in the wind, pumpkins are appearing, and it feels like fall. As we come closer to the end of the year, it's a good time for us to reflect on what your donations have made possible this year.

Our Facility

We've made numerous improvements to our facility to better care for the animals and bring people to our doors. 

This January we began the renovations of our garden to show predator proofing and pollinator attracting techniques.  As of September, all the beds are finished and we are busy planning the vegetables for each bed.

Our PEEP barn was just a frame at the beginning of the year, but now it has walls, windows, a floor and the final electrical and plumbing is in the process of being installed.The goats are thrilled to be living inside the barn, and the staff joke about when they are going to move in.

At the bottom of the hill we created landscaping around our sign to draw people's attention so they could better find us. We are currently working on new signage that is easier to see and explains our programs in easy to understand icons.

Our volunteers learn rescue techniques by practicing with stuffed animals.

Our Education Program 

The year is not yet over, and we've already had 2400 people come to our education programs, whether through our public tours, our field trips for schools and camps, or our presentations in classrooms. That's a lot of people learning about wildlife! It's your donations that make this outreach possible. 

Our Staff

One change this year has been to our staff. We have an army of volunteers, but we need our staff to train volunteers, do more skilled or undesirable tasks, and pitch in when volunteers can't make it. Your donations made it possible to hire one more animal care assistant this year. This means we have four people totally dedicated to the animals and their welfare. This year we have the largest staff so far, with eight people. 

A baby long-tailed weasel, one of this year's patients.
Our Animal Care Program

Now that we have additional staff, we've been able to concentrate our attention both on the hospital and our animals' care outside. Abby and Kaitlyn focus on maintaining cleanliness in the outdoor enclosures and consistency in feeding. Danielle and Katie focus on the medical care, therapy, and release plans for each animal. Together, they have treated 907 animals so far this year. 

Speaking of the animals, it's been a wild year of rescues! We've gotten skunks out of post holes and chicken coops, removed raccoons from fences and coyotes from blackberry bushes. We helped a little fox from a storm drain, another who fell off a balcony, and one with a pvc tube on its neck. We've had countless volunteers drive ducklings to International Bird Rescue, ducklings peeping all the way. We can always use more rescue team volunteers, so please join us.

Our Exclusion Service

It has been a busy year for the exclusion service as well. To deal with the volume of people who need help with humane wildlife evictions, we now have Linnaea assisting Micha el with exclusions one day a week. If you or someone you know is having trouble with wildlife, now we have two people to give them a hand. 

This is but the mere highlights of the work we've done this year. None of this work would be possible without your support. Please consider the impact you'd like to have in your community to support wildlife and donate. Our Fall Appeal will be arriving at your mailboxes soon. Keep an eye out for it, so you can contribute to make a more wildlife -friendly Sonoma County possible.

Sincerely yours,

Doris Duncan
Executive Director


Wear your costume and come on down.
Have you ever been on a wild walk at night full of animals and hidden treats? Do you know any kids ready to dress up and experience nocturnal wildlife? We have something spooky in mind for you...

It's Howl-o-Ween! Saturday, October 29th, from 7-8 PM. This is our first ever night tour of the educational wildlife community. Come see your favorite educational wildlife at night and find the treats they have hidden for you along the trail. Wear your favorite costume, or make your own here- we'll have mask, ears, and tail making materials available.

$15 for adults, $10 for kids. Kids cannot go on the tour solo, but an adult can take a group of kids. Please pre-register by calling 707-992-0274 or emailing Linnaea at education@ scwildliferescue.org.
Some tips for having a safe and fun night: Costumes are encouraged, but also bring layers for warmth. Please wear sturdy shoes- so princesses, leave the glass slippers at home!  If you have a flashlight or headlamp, bring it. We'll cover it in red cellophane to preserve your night eyes and those of our animals.

Can't wait to see you there! 

10/8/16 New Volunteer Orientation,  10am-12 noon
10/15/16 Policies and Regulations,  10am-12 noon
10/15/16 Nicole's Debut, 4-6 PM- SOLD OUT!
10/22/16 Facebook Friends Night with Nicole 4-6- Still space available!
10/29/19 Howl-o-Ween, 7-8 PM
Visit Us!
Tours are on SaturdaysOctober-April at  2PM onlyMay-September at 12PM and 2PM . Hope to see you here. 

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