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September 14 - Part 2
NISO Two-part Webinar

October 5
NISO Virtual Conference 
October 19
NISO Webinar
October 26
NISO/ICSTI Joint Webinar
November 9 - Part 1
NISO Two-part Webinar
November 16 - Part 2
NISO Two-part Webinar
December 7
Making Certain Digital Content is Preserved: Archiving Digital Resources
NISO Virtual Conference
December 14
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 

Welcome to Moving Standards Forward, the NISO Voting Member newsletter. This newsletter covers NISO news, events, standards, and activities for our members. It is emailed each January, May, and September.
I hope you were able to take a relaxing vacation over the summer. Here at NISO, we have been strategically planning and researching ways to increase engagement throughout the community. 
I'm DeVonne Parks, NISO Member Engagement Manager. NISO welcomes you as a member and thanks you for your support and participation in our activities. 

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at any time either by phone at 301.654.2512 or by e-mail at

Remember, NISO Voting members are invited to:
  • Join a NISO committee or working group--check out the latest Working Group Connection Newsletter
  • Comment on draft NISO standards and Recommended Practices
  • Participate in an ISO/TC 46 standard working group
  • Present your institution's work at a NISO educational event
  • Learn from NISO's educational events (see below)
For more information, please visit our member participation page.

Our next issue will be available in January, 2017.

DeVonne Parks 
Member Engagement Manager 
Educational Events
  • You can buy subscription packages for the webinars and the virtual conferences includes the NISO Training Thursdays webinar.
  • You will receive recordings of all the events that you are registered for if you can't attend the day of the event.
  • You can set up a generic e-mail account so that if you are out of the office on the day of a NISO webinar, a colleague can still access it
  • You can set up a NISO webinar in a boardroom so that all interested colleagues can be in one place for continued discussion and engagement
The 2017 Educational Programs will be available in October 2016 and will be e-mailed then.  
Should you have suggestions for topics and/or speakers for NISO events, please contact Jill O'Neill, Educational Programs Manager, at 
NISO Partnership Program
NISO serves the largest audience possible in an economical way by offering a full schedule of webinars, virtual conferences, and open teleconferences. We have tremendous success with these programs as they allow library and information professionals to interact with world-renowned experts without leaving their desks, and to learn about and discuss diverse topics such as preservation, e-books, licensing, and more. 

NISO is offering an opportunity for your organization to reach this large and diverse audience in the library, publishing, and information systems and services community through partnering of one or more events.

If interested, please complete the event partnership form here. If you have additional questions, please contact me at
ISO Ballots
The following ISO ballots are open. Log into your NISO page and you'll see additional ballots linked there as well. Should you have any questions, please contact DeVonne Parks.


ISO 3166/MA recommendation to ISO TC 46
SHORT TURN AROUND BALLOT (This means that voting is required in less than 30 days).  This is a TC46 ballot to approve of the recommendations of ISO 3166/MA  Recommendation to ISO/TC 46: Revision of ISO 3166 parts 1 to 3.  Referring to Resolution 2014-04: Revision of ISO 3166 of ISO/TC 46 and after consultation with its members, the ISO 3166/MA  recommends ISO/TC 46 to revise ISO 3166 parts 1 to 3 and requests ISO/TC 46 to:
  • Publish the rules for establishing the codes (normative text) separately from the codes themselves and information given in the tables since they are now available on the ISO Online Browsing Platform (OBP) further asks ISO/TC 46 to note that:* changes are released on OBP upon approval by the ISO 3166/MA voting members
  • On request, ISO member bodies can obtain a copy of the tables and codes (in Word, PDF and/or Excel formats) for ISO 3166 parts 1 to 3 from the ISO 3166/MA secretary
  • ISOCS no longer publishes multicolumn standards except for certain vocabularies
This ballot closes on Friday, September 16, 2016.

ISO TC46 Strategic Business Plan 2016
ISO/TC 46 RESOLUTION 2016-09: Strategic business plan for TC 46 ISO/TC 46 instructs its Secretariat to distribute ISO/TC 46 strategic business plan and send it for a 3-month CIB ballot for review and comment by September 2016 before the ISO/TC 46 2016 strategic business plan is sent to ISO/CS for information to ISO TMB.

This ballot closes on Friday, September 23, 2016.

ISO/DTR 19814 - ISO/TC 46/SC10 N166 - Information and documentation -- Holdings management for archive and library holdings
This ballot is a ISO/DTR (draft technical report) 19814 - ISO/TC 46/SC10 N166 - Information and documentation -- Holdings management for archive and library holdings.
The ISO/TR 19814 Holdings Management technical report provides guidance and recommendations to plan, implement, maintain, and improve preservation of archive and library holdings  through holdings management. TR 19814 provides recommendations and guidance for preservation planning and ongoing management of physical archive and library holdings.

This ballot closes on Friday, September 30, 2016.

NISO Signature Logos 
You're a NISO member. Let EVERYONE know!

NISO logos are provided for general use and to communicate with your audience that you are a member and/or that you are participating in NISO activities. Click here.

Membership by the Numbers
A statistical overview of NISO's membership.

NISO on the Road
NISO was in Denver, CO, for the International Data Week (IDW). There was one NISO meeting held on Sunday, September 11:
If you would like to receive the recording, please complete the related survey here .

      Sponsored by: NISO/RDA Joint Working Group
Membership Renewals
Thank you for being a member of NISO and a part of the standards community. With 2016 almost at an end and as we look toward 2017, we hope to embark on new strategies with our educational events, standards activities, and community engagement.
In October, renewal invoices will be sent to all primary and billing contacts. 
Should you have any questions, please contact DeVonne Parks, Member Engagement Manager, at
Update Profile
If you need to make any changes to your institutional profile, such as new primary and/or secondary contact, billing contact, or billing address, please e-mail DeVonne Parks with the new information, and use the subject line "Update Profile."
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