"Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is the runway"
Coco Chanel

Sarah has graduated from beauty school!!

Diane & I attended the graduation ceremony on Friday, August 6th.  We were quite moved by how touchingly personal the school administration conducted the graduation.  Each student was introduced separately, and either the Senior Lab Professor, Charlotte Rankin (at right) or the Department Chair, Sudabeh Phillips M.Ed. related personal comments and school highlights for each.  Then the student was given the opportunity to speak ... most did so. There were tears and much applause.

Her first day in the salon will be on September 20th.  We're both so excited to get going together!
Sarah's New Look . . .

In late July, I was invited by Sarah's Senior Lab Professor to give a special cutting demonstration to her class .  I was given 3 hours to fill ... which is no problem for me ... lol.  And to my surprise, Sarah volunteered to be my model!  Her instructions ... "Do whatever you want."

As is my approach with any client I try to be sure our communication is very clear.  To assist Sarah provided several pictures of well-known personalities who have styles she could see herself wearing.  Perhaps not surprising, several were styles very close to what I was considering if she were extremely open.  The results speak for themselves.
Salon Happenings . . .
Regan & Sheila . . . Regan and her wonderful mom, Sheila (Dr. Ford - Pediatrician) visited me recently, and it is always a special day when moms and daughters come in together.  Regan is so very precocious it will be thrilling to watch her grow up.

Highlights (variegated) for Regan and stunning deep red for Mom.

Thanks, Sheila for making this possible .
Tricia ... has long been a wonderful photo model for me, and several of those images have been displayed in professional magazines and on the cover of my website.

Her latest look is perhaps the best so far.  Click her image at right to see the other shots from the photo session.

Looking amazing, Tricia.
Sarah's Beauty School Adventure

Hello Everyone!

I would first like to thank you all for being with me through this wonderful year. It's been exciting to share my progress and achievements each month with you. Even though my adventure of beauty school is over, this is just the beginning of my training! I have much more to learn under my grandfathers guidance. I look forward to meeting you all in the salon very soon!

My Salon Schedule

Many of you have discovered how useful my hand-held app is for checking my upcoming schedule before booking appointments.  If you have not tried it yet ... merely use your smart phone to go to my website, and you will be automatically guided to the mobile version.  You'll see a button for My Schedule, where you can consult my entire 2016 salon schedule.

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