September  2016  Newsletter
Full Circle
Just as the summer season winds down, I find myself gearing up for a very busy fall. My mother and I will finally have our book from the printer in just a few weeks. My book tour starts right here in Peterborough at the Toadstool Bookshop on October 15. After that, I will travel to bookstores, libraries, and other venues throughout New England. 

Writing  From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue was for myself, something that I needed to do. There were so many people that made this book a reality, and for that I feel so loved and grateful.
There was much of my journey that I just didn't remember, so my mother filled in many of those blanks. Additionally, the book includes stories from family and friends, and some of my healthcare team. One of the most touching sidebars to me is by Bill Beynon, who was 
the first First Responder on scene. If Bill hadn't opened my airway when he did, I likely would not have survived until the ambulance and other responders arrived.
Sadly, Bill died a few months ago. I had looked forward to presenting one of the first copies of my book to the man who saved my life right after the crash. In large part, this book is a thank you gift to my mother and to all the people who have helped me in my recovery.
"My mother refused to give up hope. In her mind's eye, she still saw me as a beautiful and successful equestrian competitor--and more importantly, she saw me as her whole, normal daughter. I had no horse beneath me, but I was beginning one of the most difficult and important competitions of my life. My mother and I had absolutely no idea of the challenges that lay ahead. We still thought that I would become my old self within a year. Had we truly known how long my recovery would take, we might have become hopelessly discouraged, but our naivete saved us from giving up."

Reading what my mother and others wrote, has given me a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for all the progress I have made in the past 24 years. It has also made me realize that my recovery would not have been possible without the many people who gave themselves over to helping me regain my life.
I am excited to share our book of hope and inspiration with as many people as I can reach. Thank you in advance for sharing news of my author events with others. And if you enjoy the book, I understand it's really important to have good reviews on Amazon, so just a sentence or two from you would be so appreciated.
If your local bookshop doesn't have  From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue, you can ask them to order it. It's also a big deal to have my book in as many bookstores as possible; not just on Amazon. 
Thank you,
 Book Tour Events
Oct. 15, Peterborough, NH
Toadstool Bookshop, 2:00

Oct.18, Peterborough, NH 
Peterborough  Library, 7:00   

Oct. 27, Hancock, NH
Hancock Library, 7:00  

Nov. , Madison, CT
Details to be determined

Dec. 2, Peterborough, NH
Bauhan Publishing Event
Bass Hall, 6:00 

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