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September 2017

Commodore James Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Greetings 12 Metre Friends!

Congratulations to all 12MYC Members for a fantastic summer of racing. We have had more boats off of the hard and on the Bay racing this year including three 12s that hadn't raced in years- Freedom (US-30), thanks to Charles Robertson, Defender (US-33), thanks to Dennis Williams, and Challenge XII (KA-10), thanks to Jack LeFort. After the market crash of 2008-10, we only saw five 12s regularly on the starting line, this season we've seen an average of 10 yachts per event. By next year, we expect that number to grow to 13! Now THAT is a GREAT STORY- may the force be with us to keep up the momentum!

I'd also like to congratulate Sail Newport Director (and 12MYC Advisory Board Member), Brad Read on the grand opening of the new sailing center at Fort Adams. Brad's vision for Sail Newport has been realized in this new building where tomorrow's amateur, professional and Olympic sailors will be formed. Hopefully, many future 12mR sailors will come from this program!

Below you will note updated Waypoints Series standings, boat for boat, in all three fleets- N. Europe, (4 of 4 regattas completed) S. Europe (2 of 4 regattas completed) and Americas (3 of 4 regattas completed). Currently, the top 12s in each class are: Vintage: 1- Vim (US-15), 2 - Trivia (K-10), 3- Anitra (US-5);  Traditional: 1- Weatherly (US-17), 2- American Eagle (US-21), 3- Columbia (US-16); Modern: 1- Courageous (US-26), 2- Intrepid (US-22), 3- Freedom (US-30); Grand Prix: 1- Kiwi Magic (KZ-7), 2- New Zealand (KZ-3), 3- Laura (KZ-5).

Finally, it's time again for me to remind you to purchase your 12MYC Annual Dinner tickets asap. Our fleet is growing dramatically, but the Clarke Cooke House is not-- make your reservation today before we sell out!

James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport

p.s. We were really pleased to see a full page of sailing coverage in the New York Times, 9/1/17!
Thursday, September 21, 2017 
2017 12MYC Annual Dinner Invitation
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Clarke Cooke House
by Dennis Gunderson
Enterprise_ US-27
Recently under new ownership, Enterprise US-27 is being prepared for the next phase of her life.

What a terrific opportunity to bring back such a purebred as Enterprise into racing shape to compete for the 2019 12mR World Championship! The new team is very excited about the boat and the upcoming years of competitive racing in the 12mR modern fleet! Enterprise was built in 1977 as a continuation of the Courageous model. Designed by Olin Stephens at S&S, she was initially skippered by Lowell North of North Sails. She was beaten by Courageous in the '77 trials, but then continued on in 1980 and 1983 to serve as a competitive trial horse for the Freedom and Azzura campaigns. Enterprise has long been an admired design, and has served her crews well throughout many years of competition.

Enterprise's new team, consisting of great friends and partners from the Newport area, are very excited to see her being taken seriously as a contender for the 2019 12mR World Championships. The new owner is an experienced and passionate yachtsman who has put together an equally passionate and dedicated group of sailors, designers, and engineers each sharing a long history in the 12mR community. The afterguard of the team consists of three individuals who shared in the early campaigns with Enterprise in 1977 and 1980. Steve Casella of NEB in Portsmouth, was an original builder of the yacht in 1977 at Minneford Yacht Yard. Tom Rich, also of NEB, was an original crew member when the boat was campaigned in 1977 by Lowell North, and Mike Toppa of North Sails, who sailed on-board in 1979-1980 when she was a trial horse for Dennis Connor's Freedom campaign. Paul Buttrose, former ITMA President, has thrown his hat in the ring as Program Consultant, and David Pedrick of Pedrick Yacht Design has agreed to bring his valuable insight from years of 12mR experience into the fold for Enterprise. This tight nucleus of 12mR knowledge and experience is being joined by the current S&S design team based in Newport and led by chief designer Brendan Abbott.

The team is thoroughly enjoying the experience as we bring together the same design and construction offices that helped to create Enterprise in the first place. Just like the S&S team had done in '77, Brendan Abbott and his team of designers are working hard to optimize her hull characteristics and ensure that she is as fast as she can be. Utilizing her original plans from the S&S archives, we are able to look at each and every design change made to Enterprise from her beginning in 1977; as all major design changes have been documented by S&S. A 3-D hull scan was created and has been analyzed alongside the originals to see where changes were made and what might need to happen to bring her, in some cases, back to a previous shape. No rock will be left un-turned, and we are all very excited to bring Enterprise back from a modified... read more.
-- DG.
12mRs & Pearl Necklace by Cahill Taft
12mRs and Pearl Necklace by Cahill Taft
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  THE LAYING OF HANDS by Stephen Lirakis  
America_s Cup 1977 Fairytale Summer
The summer of 1977, perhaps the last "amateur" defense of the America's Cup. The Courageous / Independence syndicate docked at Bannister's Wharf was a tale of two Teds.

Ted Hood was a smart quiet man who might be best described as expecting you to read his thoughts; while Ted Turner would tell you everything that was on his mind.

The leadership was similarly a contrast in style. Ted Turner stated to his crew: "Either we will win together or we will lose together"

Aboard Independence, Lee Loomis, the syndicate head, was the last word. If he put his hands on your shoulders, we all knew it was that crew member's last day. It happened a lot that summer.-- SL

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Waypoints Standings

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Crew Finder 
After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We have started an online CREW LIST "bulletin board" for the convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and complete a quick racing experience profile.   
If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for your future reference.
American Eagle

American Eagle
(US-21), the iconic red 12 Metre helmed by Ted Turner, is on the market and looking to continue a long and storied racing and chartering career. This listing comes at the perfect time to begin organizing and executing a competitive campaign for the 2019 12 Metre Worlds; an event she won when it was last held in Newport in 2009. Her offering includes the opportunity to continue with a Syndicate Charter (with their own suit of racing sails) in place through to the 2019 World Championships. American Eagle rates in the 12mR Traditional division.
learn more

Gleam Gleam (US-11),was built by Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1937 and designed by Clinton Crane for his own personal use. She was involved in the America's Cup as a trial horse in 1958 for the English 12-metre, Septre and in 1962. The late Bob Tiedemann purchased her in 1974 and lovingly restored her while sailing her in the charter business along the East Coast of the United States. She has a very impressive racing history and has dozens of trophies to prove it. Gleam rates in the 12mR Vintage division. learn more

Northern Light
Northern Light (US-14) was designed by Sparkman Stephens and built by the Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1938 as a 24th birthday present for Alfred Lee Loomis from his father. She was a trial horse for
Columbia in 1958 for the America's Cup under the name of
Nereus while she was owned by the Greek shipping tycoon, Stavaros Niarcos. She was again involved in Cup service in 1962 and 1964.
Northern Light rates in the 12mR Vintage division. learn more 
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 *** Edgartown Yacht Club 12 Metre Regatta  - results
post-event press: A Beauty to Behold, Vineyard Gazette, 8/15/17
September 21-24
*** 12 Metre North American Championship

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event
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