EDItion September, 2017

A Message from the President

Hello to all of our clients, partners, and associates -

Well - summer is over and school has begun (and that means more traffic during our commutes to work). Hopefully you had a nice break sometime during the summer and are ready to get back into the routine of fall. Also, I hope you all got a chance to watch the eclipse a few weeks ago. EDI's Atlanta office had a party at Don Kinser's home in South Carolina, right in the path of the totality, and those of us who could attend had an awesome time.

With Hurricane Harvey still in the news and Irma starting to dump a ton of rain in Florida, we wanted to let those effected by the hurricanes know that our thoughts and prayers go out to them and offer a few organizations that you can donate to if you want to help out. 
Recently, I attended the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Annual Conference in Indianapolis. It was a great event and well attended by many healthcare personnel, as well as industry partners. There was a very interesting opening keynote presentation by Paul Keckley titled, "The Future of the US Health System: Key Trends and Tipping Points" where he mentioned one of the key trends relates to increased utilization and importance of Technology in healthcare systems. Obviously, we totally agree!

In this EDItion, you will find a timely article by Dan Fanning titled "The Calm Before the Storm" about preparing for a weather-induced 
data center outage.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate Jan Stuchlik who is celebrating his 25th anniversary with EDI this month. Thanks for all your hard work and being part of the EDI team!

Again, I hope you all had a great Summer and I hope you enjoy this EDItion.

Mark McComb, EIT, CTS
President of  EDI, Ltd.
The Calm Before the Storm
By: Dan Fanning

The sun is shining and the IT applications supporting your business are working seamlessly behind the scenes to deliver value and drive revenue. The idea of a weather-induced data center outage may be the furthest thing from your mind. While flooding, water and wind damage can be problematic, lightning storms can create electrical damage to critical infrastructure that can be devastating. Anticipation and preparation are the keys to maintaining operations during these kinds of catastrophic events. Preparing for storm season is a good way to mentally and physically sharpen the edge of your operational mindset. Over the last thirty years, we've compiled numerous strategies that enable a proactive approach to data center storm preparedness. With storm season approaching, it's time to run some drills, conduct inspections and review emergency procedures and our preventative maintenance (PM) programs. 

Do you have questions about how EDI can help you become more prepared for a future disaster? 

Project Updates & Client Awards

We are honored to be working with several repeat clients on their exciting new projects!

Lakeland Regional Medical Center:
EDI has recently been hired to provide IT Project Management for Lakeland Regional Medical Center's Women's & Children's Pavilion Project. The project consist of a new 8-story, 350,000 SF facility that is scheduled to open the Spring of 2018. EDI will manage the end-user device (PC's, zero clients, printers, scanners, etc.) deployment by providing IT Project Management Services for more than 1,200 devices. Our specific services on this project will include: development of project processes and protocols; development of procurement and equipment staging strategy; create floor plans for device locating; create physical installation process document for vendors; obtain and validate vendor quotes; coordinate staging of delivered equipment; and on-site installation management.

UNC Rex - Holly Springs:
EDI has been hired by Perkins + Will's Raleigh, NC office to provide Technology Consulting & Design Services for UNC REX Healthcare's new hospital in Holly Springs, NC. This new 50 bed hospital will be 128,000 SF and include the following departments: ED; Medical/Surgical Beds; Operating Rooms; Imaging Services; and Ancillary & Support Services. EDI will plan and design the network infrastructure; clinical communications systems; and security systems for the new hospital.

EDI was hired by MEAG Power to perform Data Center (DC) assessment services for two data centers. The assessment information is being used as a baseline for strategic planning initiatives lead by EDI. EDI also performed a circuit diversity validation audit ensuring all MEAG equipment was properly connected for maximum diversity and reliability at two locations. Additionally EDI conducted a feasibility study for a Disaster Recovery (DR) at a third location.
Our scope of work established facility suitability, provided upgrade recommendations, and budgets for recommendations and remediation required to support MEAG DR operations.  Next steps include strategic planning for all MEAG Power Data Centers and operational support services. Operational scope includes preventative maintenance planning and development of data center specific policies and procedures for operating, maintaining, and recovery of all facilities.

Brooklyn Methodist Hospital:
EDI's New York office has secured another client - Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, which is now part of New York Presbyterian Hospital. We were introduced to the client by CBRE's New York office. The project consist of relocating a security office to a new renovated space within the existing hospital. EDI's scope of work includes providing technology design drawings for the following systems: structured cabling system; data/voice/telephone communications; access control system; and video surveillance system. Once construction starts on the new security office, we will also be providing construction administration services as well.


What does EDI do? Well...let us tell you. We would love to host a lunch-n-learn for your organization. EDI offers lunch-n-learns on the following topics: Audio-Visual Systems Future Trends, Healthcare Technology - Today & Tomorrow, Nursing and Patient-Friendly Technology Design, Technology in Education, Top 10 Technology Coordination Issues, and Design/Build vs Design/Bid/Build - What's Best for You? 

Here is a wrap-up of a lunch-n-learn sessions that we offered this summer:

EDI recently provided a Lunch & Learn to HKS's New York office. Our presentation focused on how Technology can be leveraged in both the Healthcare and Corporate markets. We discussed the major technology concerns and challenges we see our clients experiencing on new capital expansion projects. These challenges include: budget; system integration; telehealth (healthcare market); work flow; smart building design, etc. We also talked about the "top ten" technology coordination issues for Architects. The top 3 are technology room issues, equipment power/heat issues, and technology budget/procurement issues. Finally, we discussed the future of technology. Some of the highlights included hospitals moving towards no waiting room time; robotic surgery remotely, wireless as a utility; waiting rooms download wearable data; customizable patient room walls (VR); materials that are infection proof; and advanced wayfinding.

Learn more about these topics  here. Please contact  Carl Emery to schedule your lunch-n-learn today!

Internal Training:
Not only do we offer training, but we stay abreast of the latest technology to bring our clients and projects the best designs based on potential vendors, their products and services.

Here is a listing of the training or presentations that we have received this summer: voice technologies and hands-free communication (regardless of any kind of background noise or distance), new audio-visual solutions, access control/VSS software solutions, and smart offices, smart buildings and the converged workplace ....to name a few.
We want to thank the vendors that took their time to meet with us and tell us more about their services and products. 

Are you interested in presenting your latest and greatest technology systems and products to our team members? Please contact Shirley Wren to schedule a lunch-n-learn for our staff.

In addition to the vendors that presented their emerging technologies, we also had internal peer-to-peer sessions that included topics such as a wrap-up of the InfoComm 2017 Conference. Here's a little bit of what our team learned while at the conference: the show featured lots of new flat panel displays, conference room solutions, audio and video devices, projectors and microphones from the top vendors in North America and beyond. Classes included information on audio-visual standards, device selection, and design considerations. 

Some of the major takeaways our EDI associates got from attending the InfoComm conference include: the industry's push to launch OLED displays into commercial applications, the ever-increasing sizes of flat panel displays, network streaming disrupting the video-conferencing market, and the myriad of packaged conferencing solutions for small conference and huddle rooms.

Vanderbilt Healthcare Design & Construction Symposium
EDI attended the Vanderbilt Healthcare Design & Construction Symposium in Nashville on August 9th & 10th, which is an intimate conference of about 200 people. The conference always does an outstanding job of focusing on the major topics of concern for the healthcare industry, as well as bringing in outstanding speakers from prominent healthcare organizations across the country. The major theme of this year's conference was "Epidemic of Uncertainty". With the new healthcare legislation recently being turned down in Congress and Obamacare struggling, healthcare organizations are faced with a tremendous amount of uncertainty and pressures. Also, healthcare systems are a huge target of Cyber Threats.
Adriel Ginsburg, of Alvarez & Marsal, gave an "eye opening" presentation on Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry. He stated that 1.4 billion healthcare records were breached in 2016. 79% of healthcare breaches occur at the network server level. Hospitals are a major target for cyber-attacks since their perimeter is harder to protect due to mobile devices, use of cloud services, remote workers, and most medical devices are now connected to the network. The attacks are coming from 3 major groups: independent hackers, organized crime, and foreign countries. Mr. Ginsburg explained that hospital CEO's must communicate to their organizations that the cyber security governance responsibility is ALL employees, not just the responsibility of the CIO and their staff.
Dr. Neal Halpern, Chief - Critical Care Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering also gave an extremely interesting presentation on what the ICU could look like in 2050. One of the fascinating technology advancements he discussed with the group was the possibility of the "Medical Helmet". This helmet is in the process of being developed and would allow patients to communicate with their doctors and family whereas they normally couldn't due to being in a critical condition. The idea is that the helmet could read brain waves of the ICU patient and convert them into words on a computer, thus allowing them to express their condition, pain, and needs to the doctors. Wow! This is hard to believe that in the next 30 years that this invention could actually be a reality. Dr. Halpern went on to mention that the medical helmet is currently being researched and tested by our Military.

2017 Greater NY Construction User Council Chairman's Reception
The healthcare award winner for this year was the Josie Robertson Surgery Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and EDI was there as the technology program managers for the project to help architect, Perkins Eastman celebrate a job well done. 

Upcoming Events
Be sure to check out the details for one of the following industry conferences. Maybe we'll see you there!

EDI Office Happenings

One of the greatest things about working at EDI is the culture. Once hired, our employees are happy to work hard for a company that aids in their professional development, challenges them to do their best and recognizes them for their hard work. 

The following employees are celebrating an anniversary with EDI this fall (notice how long some have been with the company which will attest to the corporate culture that was mentioned above):
  • Craig Burnley (6 years)
  • Jan Stuchlik (25 years)
  • Don Kinser (31 years)
  • Brandan Gillespie (1 year)
  • Mark McComb (5 years)
  • Jerry McDonell (27 years)

Eclipse Party
August 21, 2017 was one for the books! If you weren't able to make it into the Line of Totality, or even step outside for a few minutes to witness the eclipse, I hope you'll take a few moments to enjoy our pictures and time-lapse videos. Thank you to the Kinser's for opening your home to the EDI team, family, friends, and clients. We enjoyed a beautiful catered bbq lunch prepared by Catered Southern Events, and a day of fellowship and relaxation while watching the sun and the moon show off under a beautiful blue sky. The next total eclipse, expected to cross over any part of the United States, is expected for 2024 and we highly recommend traveling to the Line of Totality if you're able. 

We're Hiring

Senior Consultant/Project Manager
EDI is seeking two Senior Consultant/Project Manager's - one will be based in our Atlanta office and the other will be based in the NE region (NY, NJ, CT, PA). This role requires 7-10 years of technology consulting and engineering experience with progressively increasing levels of responsibility in an AEC environment with at least 3 years of hands on, direct client facing project management experience in these primary market sectors:
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate
  • Data Center
The Senior Consultant/Project Manager leads and manages customer engagements and is responsible for the successful execution of all aspects of EDI's project delivery process including: customer satisfaction, profitability, scope definition, contract negotiation, scheduling, billing and accounts receivable management. This includes managing one or more direct reports, other EDI team members and external team members.

A key aspect of this role includes participation in sales and marketing efforts including: ongoing client engagement and management, proposal preparation, shortlist interviews, and attendance at trade shows/conferences. Other important aspects of this role include participation in firm wide planning effort, goal setting and mentoring of younger consultants.

Click  here to see the full job description and submit your resume.

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