A message from the President & Founder, Lauren Genkinger
I've taken to the written word for this message. The older I get I hope I am getting wiser. The one thing I am sure about, because I have dedicated my life to Golden Retrievers, is I believe people choose the breed of dog that they most want to be like.  Every day I strive to be like my goldens:
friendly, energized, happy, silly, compassionate, caring, nice to everybody (non-judgemental) and loyal to the people I love.
If we all can wake up every morning and try to be the goldens - we would make a better world and be happier and have ZERO STRESS!
Look at your golden and think about that proposition. If you could pull it off just for a few days - wouldn't you be a happier person? I know I would, and then think about all the people you interact with all day long - if they acted like a golden retriever - wouldn't your day be just the absolute best ever?   
The moral of this message is of course . . . "Live by the Golden Rule" 

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 I am very proud to be both a golden and a great pyrenese mixed together. I am the best of both breeds with lots of personality, good looks and a true dedication to taking care of my people.

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Disaster Preparedness  
 Emergencies come in many forms, and they  
may require anything from a brief absence  
from your home to permanent evacuation.  
Each type of disaster requires different
measures to keep your pets safe, so the
best thing you can do for yourself and your
pets is to be prepared.  
Here are simple steps you can follow now
to make sure you're ready before the
next disaster strikes.

 How BluePearl vets solved 2 of 3 mysteries
The first mystery was why a dog named Boost started getting sick to his stomach. Had Boost eaten something he wasn't supposed to? You might be able to answer that question yourself by examining the X-ray image above.
But then came the next mystery -- why wouldn't this plastic toy budge out of Boost's belly? We may not be Agatha Christie, but we hope you'll turn the page to read this story about how BluePearl veterinarians in Georgia helped solve these mysteries and send Boost home safely to his loving family.


Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes in August. 
Charlie Doodle, Honee, Spangle, Harvest, Flag, Atlanta, Navy, Edison, Carter, Phoenix, Army, Stars & Dora found their forever homes last month.

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