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Hurricane work...
Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these recent disasters; and they will continue to be in our thoughts for a long time to come.  But if you have insured's who are planning on going to the impacted areas- we still need to make sure they are insured properly!

And we can help with that!  

As long as they have experience in the type of work they are going to be performing; and as long as they have obtained the necessary permits and licenses- we can consider these exposures!  

Call us today (800-241-9759) to discuss what we will need in order to quote these risks for you!

We have several binding (and brokerage) markets who are writing unique and "odd ball" Cargo & Inland Marine risks!
Examples of coverages & classes include:   
-Motor Truck Cargo- including mobile home toters, boat haulers, oilfield equipment, etc. 
-Contingent Cargo- provides first-party coverage on a freight broker who contracts to deliver goods, but hire separate motor carriers to haul the loads, and do not actually own any trucks themselves
-Scheduled Contractors Equipment- of all shapes and sizes, including specialty and/or high value equipment
-Misc. Property Floater- including DJ's or other amusement performers' property/equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, golf course equipment, solar panels (both after installation and/or prior to), etc.
-Installation Floater- can cover for a single project; or as an annual term to include many jobs 
-Warehouseman's Legal Liability- provides coverage for public warehouse operators in the business of storing the property of others for a fee
-Bailees Customers Goods- including lawn mower repair service, computer repair service or a furniture restoration type service, etc.
...and much more!
Let us help you with these hard-to-place Cargo and Inland Marine accounts today!
For more information call 800-241-9759, or send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com for a quote today!
We want your "challenging" product- and 
service-driven risks!!
Here are just a few examples of some risks within this category that we can help with:
  • Fitness Equipment Products Manufacturing
    • Commercial Crossfit Racking System
    • Cardio Equipment (treadmills, stair steppers, rowing machines)
  • Machinery or Machinery Parts Products
    • Packing Equipment Conveyor Systems
    • Mechanical Livestock Chute Manufacturing
  • Food/Beverage Industry Equipment
    • Service of conveyor system filling and sealing apparatus
    • Installation of process piping used to transport non-flammable fluids
  • Auto Service Shop Equipment
    • Repair of auto lifts (10,000 lb. capacity)
    • Installation of paint booths and related equipment
Send your submissions to newbusiness@ciusgf.com today for a quote on your "challenging" accounts!
How "HIGH" can 
we go?
Do  you need a market for High Value Dwellings?

CIU has 4 markets available to offer you a competitive quote on homes anywhere in value from $150,000 all the way up to multiple millions!

Whether it is a Primary, Secondary, Vacant, Tenant Occupied, or Corporately Owned Dwelling; we can help!

There is no limit to how "high" we will go to help you write your HIGH VALUE dwellings!!
Send these risks to
Beyond the Office...

This month CIU once  again sponsored a rest stop at the annual Ozarks MS 150 Bike Ride.

And although our owner (Dave Hinrichs) was unfortunately unable to ride this year (due to a recent biking injury), he is still fundraising for this very worthy cause!

If you want to donate and/or track Dave's progress you can do so here: Dave's Homepage.

Thanks to everyone who participated; not only in our rest stop, but in the ride and fundraising in general!!
"Notable Dates" for September...
Happy Anniversary to:
Marsha Peck (who has been w/ CIU for 15 years)

and Happy Birthday to: 
Brenda Clark (on 9/4)
Karen Ruhlman (on 9/15)
Sherry Williams (on 9/23)
Commercial Lines  
Medical Equipment Manufacturers Representative- $1mil/$2mil GL & $1mil Excess (over GL, AL & EL).  $1.5mil gross receipts. $11,450
Restaurant (with an apartment above)- $1mil/$2mil GL; $500k/$1mil Liquor Liability; $686k Prop TIV.  $416k gross receipts (w/ 30% alcohol sales). $9,070
Residential General Contractor- $1mil/$1mil GL. $1.5mil annual cost to insured subcontractors. $12,910
Taxicab- $100k/$300k/$100k Auto Liab. $5,000 Physical Damage.  3 power units.  300 mile radius. $7,805
Cabinet Shop (with a dust collection system)- $1.3mil Prop TIV.  $2,500 aop/1% (subject to $5k minimum) wind/hail dedts. $9,925
Licensed Life, Accident & Health Insurance Agency- $3mil E&O w/ $5k per claim/$15k Agg dedts.  2012 retro date. $8,700
Beauty/Skin Product Distributor- $1mil/$2mil GL (excluding products/completed ops); $960k Prop TIV; $60k IM (EDP). $1.9mil gross receipts. $7,300
Bank-Owned (Foreclosed) Property- $1mil/$2mil GL; Property values TBD (based on a reporting form).  Premium based on minimums to start (and to be adjusted based on reported values throughout the term). $5,000
Machine Shop- $1mil/$2mil GL (w/ $1k dedt); $626k Prop TIV.  Based on $81k annual payrolls. $10,375
Hotel- $7.7mil TIV Excess Earthquake (over $5mil Primary). $5,390
Pharmacy- $2mil/$4mil Professional w/ $5k dedt. 2016 retro date. $9,145
Personal Lines  
DP3- Owner Occupied Condo. $186k TIV.  Prior theft losses. $1,700
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling.  $425k TIV.  Prior fire and hail losses. $2,320
HO3- Owner Occupied Dwelling.  $425k TIV.  3 prior (recent) losses. $2,340