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Issue: #45
September 2017  

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Cross-town Rivals Meet for the Third Annual Faith Bowl
Santa Clarita Christian School vs. Trinity Classical Academy

On Saturday, September 30, at 7 pm, cross-town rivals Santa Clarita Christian School and Trinity Classical Academy will meet for the third annual Faith Bowl at Cougar
2016 Faith Bowl
Stadium, College of the Canyons. "This is not only the biggest game of the season, but according to the local news it is the biggest football event of the valley," described SCCS Administrator Kirk Huckabone. "What a great time to not only cheer on our team but also be a testimony to the Santa Clarita Valley of two Christian schools glorifying Christ in the midst of a competition."

Santa Clarita Christian School has defeated Trinity Classical Academy and won the coveted Faith Bowl trophy two years in a row. "We are excited about the Faith Bowl," commented Athletics Director Josh Kristoff. Click to read more.

Spiritual Life Retreat 2017
Article by: Kristen Wells, Marketing Assistant
At SCCS, the distinctive of Teaching Minds and Training Hearts for God is developed in many different ways. We are always looking at new ways to
 increase our student's growth in who God is and how we can bond as a  community of believers. This year, through our annual Spiritual Life Retreat that took place on September 13th and 14th,  our secondary students were able to embark on times of both spiritual growth and spirited game play.

Day one was dedicated to the students spiritual  growth: "Jared Burkholder spoke about the necessity of putting our joyful confidence and rest in the goodness of God's character, power, and plan for our lives, no matter the situation. Click to read more.
Charles, the Therapy Dog  Helps Second Grade Students Gain Confidence and Increases Reading Fluency
By: Kristen Wells, Marketing Assistant
Learning and developing the ability to speak in front of people is an art that most will shy away from. Yet, given the advances in society, it is a necessary part of life children need to be comfortable with. So, how do we instill this in children? How do we make them comfortable with opening up and putting themselves out there?

Santa Clarita Christian School's culinary arts teacher, Dawn Plew, believes it starts with the act of reading aloud and has a unique way of helping students learn this wonderful ability: his name is Charles and he is a licensed reading therapy dog. Through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Mrs. Plew was trained and certified to be Charles' licensed handler.

Charles has gone through tremendous training to not only be comfortable around numerous children, but has come to love his time bringing comfort and joy to all of the kids at SCCS. Charles' main goal when helping a child with reading therapy is to give the student confidence to read aloud. Many children struggle with reading aloud, as it is the first taste kids have at what it is like speaking in front of people. Click to read more.
The Shop on the Corner
Students Learn Real-World Experience Running a Business
This year, through the talents of the senior Economics class and their fearless leader, Mrs. Coughlin, SCCS is being blessed with a new snack shop.
The Shop on the Corner is open before school (7:30-7:45 am) and during junior high and high school lunch. 
Long gone are the days of just candy bars and fruit roll ups, The Shop on the Corner has brought SCCS into a different season of variety. With a menu from coffee and hot chocolate to small school supplies, all served with an enthusiastic smile before school and during secondary lunch times, this shop is sure to be a hit.

"The students are excited to learn about microeconomics and how to run a small business," Mrs. Coughlin recanted excitedly, even with all of the planning the students knew what needed to take place before the grand opening.  Click to read more.
The Coming of Age of Dual Enrollment
By: Kristen Wells, Marketing Assistant

With escalating college tuition, today's families are looking for ways to cut
2017 Graduate Payton Schwesinger completed 55 credits towards her 180 required UCLA credits all through 
SCCS's AP and dual enrollment classes, at a $24,970  savings! Payton is pursuing a Bachelor of Science  Degree in Neuroscience.
costs. Due to this increasing demand, more and more colleges are offeringthe ability for high school students to take college level courses to satisfy many general education requirements before entering college. Advanced Placement (AP) classes offer students the ability to take college level courses, that not only prepare students for the rigorous demands of college academics, but also give them the possibility to gain college credits. For the credits to be considered, students need to pass an end of the year cumulative exam with a score of a 3, 4, or 5. Yet, some colleges are now shying away from transferring AP classes, unless the student passes with a 4 or 5, truly proving their mastery over the subject. Click to read more.