September 2017 Newsletter
OUR HOUSE Happenings
Providence St. John's Health Center 2017 Postgraduate Assembly
Loren Delgado, OUR Clinical Coordinator of Spanish Satellite Programs, presented at the Providence St. John's Health Center 2017 Postgraduate Assembly at the RAND Center. Loren's talk included grief  resources for medical professionals and guidance on new ways to offer condolences to patients. 
We Welcome a New Advisory Board Member!
Dr. Ira Byock is a leading palliative care physician, author, and public advocate for improving care through end of life.  He is also the newest member of OUR Advisory Board.
What People Are Saying About US!
"Just got out of my intake session at OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center.  This is going to be a wonderful helpful group for me. I walked in  and right away the staff is super incredible. It's a soft, caring, and safe environment. I was totally impressed. I'll be put in with a group of my age range... I start attending soon."
Thank you for helping us break 1,000 followers on Twitter! 
Actress and Alumna Adina Porter nominated
OUR HOUSE as her #PilotPurpose charity to receive a $5000 donation. While we did not win dollars, we DID win followers!
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Alumni Trivia Night  Was  a Blast!
Trivia Night
The first OUR HOUSE Alumni Trivia Night at Ye Old King's Head on August 29 was a blast! Friends came together to support each other and enjoyed learning about fun facts on a warm summer's night. The winning team was "Human Deviants" and it was almost too close to call between "The Barristers" beating "All that Jazz" by just ½ a point!    A big thank you to Kathryn Sheard and Ellen Castin for organizing the fun outing.

If you are an OH Alum, and want to be involved in planning activities and getting involved in our 2018  25 th anniversary, email
Mark Your Calendar
-November 17

-January 20, 27 & Feb 3, 2018

Run for Hope
-April 29, 2018
Spreading Awareness: September is Suicide Prevention Month 
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and over 44,000 people suicide every year. It's the second leading cause of death among people aged 15-34. *
  • Two-thirds of people who suicide are suffering from depression at the time of their death.**
If you or your family has experienced suicide and its   life-changing adjustments and need support, OUR HOUSE is here for you  to offer resources.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) is a nationwide 24/7 hotline.

At OUR HOUSE we refrain from prefacing the word 'suicide' with 'commit' and instead use 'suicide' as a verb.   The word 'commit' is used to describe a criminal act and carries a negative connotation; our goal is to remove the stigma and create understanding that suicide is most often completed by a person suffering from depression or another mental illness.   
Night for Hope
Night for Hope 2017
Friday, November 17
The  Palace Theater
The Associate Board's signature comedy event is back and better than ever! 

Donor Spotlight: Glen Kraemer
Creating a Legacy at OUR HOUSE
"Sometimes, it is we who are found. A book can find us, an idea, an opportunity, a love. Instead of being the seeker, we are the discovered. I was found by OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center."
Glen was introduced to OUR HOUSE after the death of his sister, and continues to leave lasting footprints on the agency. From serving as the first Board Chair in 1993 to launching OUR HOUSE's first Memorial Fund in 2016, he is creating a legacy for his family and paving the way for others to do the same.
It was his father's death in 2015 that led Glen to make a meaningful contribution with a dual purpose:  Honor the memory of his parents; and s ponsor underserved children and teens to receive support after a significant death. 

In 2016, The Bernice & Edward Memorial Fund was established and has contributed over $35K to the agency's School-Based Program.  Read more .
You too can create a legacy at OUR HOUSE by starting a Memorial Fund. Learn more at  
Programs Update
Within the first month of the 2017-2018 school year, OUR HOUSE is already actively coordinating groups at 30 different schools.

"It has only been two days since students returned and both students and teachers have asked me if we were going to have Our House grief groups at Muir this year.   I am really glad that people are noticing the social/emotional needs of the school!"
- Hae Jin Ham, Psychiatric Social Worker, John Muir Middle School, LAUSD.

150 children learned they 
were not alone in their      grief this summer. 
Camp Erin-LA helped  unite children and teens with a common bond, experiencing the death of someone close, and develop coping skills to use at home. 

A snapshot of OUR 2017 campers
  • 63% grieve the death of their father
  • 21% grieve the death of their  mother
  • 8% grieve the death of their  sibling.
  • 8%  of grieve a death by  suicide .
  • 15%  grieve a death by  heart disease .
Volunteer Opportunities
Adult Group Leader Training
3 Saturdays:  January 20, 27, & Feb. 3, 2018
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Children and Teen Group Leader Training
3 Saturdays & 1 Wednesday: January 20, 27 & Feb. 3, 2018 (9:00-5:30) & Feb. 7 (9:00-2:00)
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