Newsletter from D&K - September 2017
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New machines to be launched at IPEX
D&K have been manufacturing equipment for over 35 years and have chosen IPEX 2017 to launch two new laminators.

The Neptune PB is our latest double-sided laminator and is based on the single-sided B3 Neptune, launched at Drupa 2016, and the award winning Europa PB. The new model features twin laminating stations, each with a heated chrome roller and conventional rubber nip roller, proven in the Europa PB. This configuration, initially conceived for photobook producers, allows both sides to be laminated to the same high quality unlike the more traditional double sided model that heat the rubber nip roller to achieve a double sided result.

The Europa FK returns to D&K USA’s roots and offers the first flying knife separator we have built in Europe to separate films that conventional “burst” type separators will not. Films such as polyester for packaging applications, nylon for paperback book covers and thicker OPP films for specialist applications can now be separated as easily as standard lightweight OPP films. The Flying Knife version is based on our best-selling, award winning, B2 Europa that was launched at the last IPEX and will join the Europa range of single and double-sided models that also includes the Europa EL for lamination and embossing. D&K USA developed the very first generally affordable laminator with a Flying Knife back in 1981 since when the huge volume of installations worldwide has given rise to a system that is well proven. Like all Europa models, the new Europa FK has the option of adding a Stacker at the delivery.

Come along to Stand C4 to see both machines in action and talk to us about how to look at ways of cutting costs, increasing profitability and gaining additional business.

Neptune PB
Europa FK

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D&K has successfully overcome many of the adhesion problems relating to digital output with the introduction of the SuperStick®.
SuperStick® is a proven adhesive system that penetrates the print layer and keys to the fibres in the substrate beneath giving unsurpassed levels of adhesion.
SuperStick® is available on OPP, Nylon, PET and PVC films – email us or call us on 01527 520073 if you would like to sample any of the range.
AVD, D&K Dealer in Germany, will be giving the Neptune PB it's European debut at the Viscom exhibition in Dusseldorf.

Visit them in Hall 13, Stand C07.
ADB Gloss Encapsulation Films 

  • High Polyester content
  • Gives high clarity.
  • Range of constructions
  • Low melt resin
  • Allows a choice to more closely match specific requirements.
  • The Low Melt resin gives higher clarity and better adhesion than High Melt.
  • Higher speeds can be achieved than with High Melt resins.
  • Less power required, therefore more economic to run than High Melt.

Click here for more information on our full range of encapsulation film
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Karen Turner
Commercial Manager 
D & K Europe Ltd