In this News Letter: August in Review,  The Zack's Place Golf Tournament,  Special Needs Alliance Moveathon, The Zack's Place Turkey Trot, and the September Calendar
The gang shows off the rock concert art with Lolly and Bonnie and behind and underneath them are our new kitchen and floors.

August in Review
August was a fabulous month and kept us busy and hopping every step of the way! One of the best parts of the month was moving back into our newly renovated facility. The renovations look absolutely fabulous thanks to Ron Jaynes and his crew and the many volunteers that helped out along the way. Although we had several good weeks at the Woodstock Elementary school we were all thrilled to be back together, in our own space, under one roof, together!!
During the month of August we enjoyed many programs and field trips. We visited Billings Farm a couple of times for some great farm programs learning about quilting and cheese making. We spent every Wednesday at Silver Lake, Kayaking, Canoeing and paddle boarding with Vermont Adaptive, or just swimming and enjoying the beach and the sunshine. On Monday and Wednesdays, Artistrees, Kaitlin and Finnie joined us for art class where we made all sorts of wonderful creations. We also had art class with Bonnie and Lolly , making "rock concerts" which are absolutely adorable!! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we continued with our yoga program hosting one of our many yogi instructors Jamie, Lalita, Tita, Jess and Amanda. We enjoyed science with Corinna and nutrition with Vince. We stayed limber and fit with our work outs with Bari and exercised our vocals, making music with Kerry. We played golf at the Woodstock Country Club as well as some "putt putt" golf in Quechee. We went to "High Horses" stable in Sharon Vt. for our first visit there. We even managed to fit in a day of bowling, a hike on Mt. Tom, A trip or two to the library, and a movie or two at Pentangle.
Along with our many wonderful programs, we were also fortunate to go on some awesome field trips. We visited Calvin Coolidge museum and Plymouth Cheese in Plymouth VT. We went berry picking at Sunshine Valley Organic Berry Farm in Rochester VT, followed by a wonderful lunch at Karissa's house. We spent a great day at the Chittenden Fish Hatchery which was very interesting and informative and a great deal of fun. Last but certainly NOT least, we went to the Echo Science Center in Burlington VT., followed by a boat ride around Lake Champlain on the Ethan Allen. A wonderful time had by all. All in all it was a jam packed fun filled month for the Zack's Place gang.

Thank you to all of our monthly readers Diane Dugan, Anne Swanson, Bettyanne McGuire, Phil Swanson and Ron Jaynes.

Ed and Carl enjoying the day at Silver Lake

Rob, Tanner, Leah and Marge enjoying the Cruise on Lake Champlain

Danny and Frank enjoying the cruise on Lake Champlain
Sarah and Heather catching butterflies at the Echo Lake Science Center
Bettyanne McGuire reads every Wednesday to participants. We love our community readers.
Volunteer June Racicot and Nina Scharff paint bugs
Look at Molly Kayak
And look at Allyssa! she loved her time canoeing
Otis having a great day!
Josh loves to sit in the water!
Lindsey loves to kayak
Zack's Place visits the Chittenden Hatchery
Karissa, Annie and Jess out playing goofy golf
Leanne and Sam at bowling.
Josh and Kitty share a laugh during art!
Andrew rides at High Horses
Phil and Tanner go out for a paddle
Erin and Patricia paddle with Vermont Adaptive
The Tent Gang at Silver Lake
Zack's Place visits fort number four
Zack's Place visits Karissa's house, The Pumpkin Patch!
Annie O'Neill volunteers to clean up Zack's Place!

The Zack's Place 5th Annual Tournament of Champions! We need you to play on a team!

Special Needs Alliance Moveathon September 10th! Walk, Run or roll 


September 2017
11A-Norman Williams Library with Sarah
1PM-Art With Caitlin
3PM-Games with Carl
Closed for Labor Day
11A-Photography with Holly
1PM-Nutrition with Vince
3PM- Yoga with Jamie
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
6 10A-Kayaking and Canoeing at Woodward Dam with Vermont Adaptive-Return 1:00P to arrive 2p
3PM-Singing with Papa
4:15P-reading with Bettyanne
10:00A-Movie at Pentangle
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
1030A-Visit Sculpture Fest return 11:50A from Sculpturefest arrive Zp at
1PM-Art With Caitlin
3PM-Cooking with Sarah
10:30A-Library with Kitty
1PM-Art with Finnie
3PM-Golf at Woodstock Country Club-NO Bus
12 10:30A- Walk to Billings Farm Program11A- Return 12PM
1P-Science with Corinna
3PM-yoga with Jess
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
13 10A-Leave for Rail Trail Cycling with Vermont Adaptive Return 1Pm
3PM-Singing with Jack Snyder
4:15P-reading with Bettyanne
11A-Photography with Sarah
1:00PM-art with Caitlin
3PM- Yoga with Amanda
9A-Leave for Tunbridge Fair, return to ZP at 1PM arrive ZP at 2PM Must RSVP
3:15PM-Movie at Zp
10:30A-Fun with Kitty
12:45P-Pottery at Artistree
3PM-Golf at Woodstock Country Club-NO Bus
19 10:30A-Apple picking at Maplewood Farm Return 12:30P from farm bring a lunch.
1PM-Nutrition with Vince
3PM-Yoga with Tita
4:15P-Reading with Diane Dugan
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
20 10A-Leave for Rail Trail Cycling with Vermont Adaptive
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
10A-Cooking with Sarah- Making apple Cake samples
1PM-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
1030A- Gardening with Holly planting mums
1PM-Art With Caitlin
3PM-Games with Carl
8:45A-Dragons Love Tacos" Theatreworks USA - SMS
10:00 AM-11AM return to arrive at ZP at 11:45A. Must RSVP
12 :45P-Pottery at Artistree
3PM-Golf at Woodstock Country Club-NO Bus
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
11A-Science with Corinna
1PM-Billings Farm Squash program
3PM-Yoga with Jamie
4:15P- Reading with Phil Swanson
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
10:45A-Leave for Harvest Dance and lunch at the Grange Hall in Windsor return 1:30P from Windsor arrive ZP at 2p
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter.
10:30A-Cooking with Sarah
1PM-Fitness with Bari
315PM-Greeting Card Partnership with WES sign up for a partner Caitlin Eastman will be assisting.
415P-Put apples in crockpot for Apple butter .
9:30A Leave for High Horses ride from 10:30A-12:15P board bus at 12:30P to return to ZP
1PM-Art with Bonnie and Lolly
3PM-yoga with Amanda