September 2017 Newsletter
Have your heard the news?!?!?!?
In June my family and I decided it was time for a change, and the studio was put up for sale.

For some, dance in Powell River had changed. What used to be a setting of "Do your OWN thing!" "Focus on YOUR path!" "Dance is a positive form of self expression and creativity!", the message had started to morph into "Which studio do YOU dance at?" "MY dance studio is better than YOUR dance studio." etc. etc. These changes were sucking the love out of dance, at least for the SDA team. I needed to step back from the negativity, and the part I was playing in the scheme of things.

My goal was to find someone to step into my shoes. Someone who's long history with SDA wouldn't leave them feeling devastated if a long time dancer decided to move, or a naysayer said something nasty about our studio on social media. The hope was to find a lovely, positive person to take the reigns and lead our dancers on the amazing path of dance, that they have embarked on.

Turns out Powell River is a pretty sought after place (we knew that didn't we)! I had a studio owner from Alberta interested, and TWO from Vancouver island - including Shawna and Buddy from CR Dance Xtreme! This is also how Kindree Melrose and I got to talking. Kindree was the perfect person to take over. She already lives here, she has family in Powell River, and a support system that would help her on a successful path of studio ownership. It wasn't in the cards for her family to step in quite yet, but it's all worked out wonderfully. I get to stay with my dancers for our 10th Anniversary Season and a proper goodbye, Kindree will step in and teach our Ballet, and some Jazz Classes, and if the stars align she'll take on the role of ownership by late Spring!

I'm really excited for this final year in Powell River. I'm excited to get back to the positive feelings that used to come from running my studio, and teaching. A weight has been lifted. This is my last year here, my TENTH, and I'm going to enjoy it to the FULLEST! I've had so many people remind me these last few months, of what I've done for their children, and how I've helped our community. I'm going to put 100% of my focus on those things and let all the other garbage slide. Of course it would have been great to do this all along - but I was too hurt to stay positive a lot of the time. I won't elaborate on the hurt, or the garbage, as it's in the past, and I have my eyes set on the bright horizon that is the 2017-2018 Dance Season!

To our super organized parents who have long since registered, thank you! To our lovely and loyal families who are in the process of registering, thank you! And to anyone who is ready to embark on our best year yet - we welcome you into our Dance Family with open arms.
Classes begin Monday September 11 - please check the schedule options below to check your child's class time.
We've made some changes to our schedule. Please follow the link on our homepage to our Fall Schedule, or view the chart to double check your child's classes.

Our Website - Updated 2017/18 schedule (list form - 1/2 way down homepage click on FALL 2017 CLASSES

Updated 2017/18 Schedule (in chart form)
10th Anniversary Open House & Dancer Photo Shoot!
*In Person Registration, Meet Kindree, Purchase Apparel*
  • If you would prefer to register or pay for classes in person we will be open from 4:30-6:30pm on Thursday August 31st for our 10th Anniversary Open House!

  • Jennifer Dodd will be holding our annual Dancer Photo Shoot at 6pm At SDA we hold equal value in ALL of our dancers - no matter if they dance 10 times per week or 1 time per week! In turn, we would like to offer a COMPLIMENTARY Photo Shoot for our dancers. There will be a group shot taken at 6pm with individual, friend, and sibling photos taken before and after. Any dancers who would like, will be featured on our Dancer Photo Wall! Dancers can come dressed in regular street clothes, but are welcome to bring dance attire too, if they prefer.

  • Our Apparel Shop is on hold at the moment, and no additional apparel will be brought in this season. Stock up on your dancer's next size before you have to travel out of town for apparel!

  • New schedule have you confused? Stop in to see us! We are more than happy to help you find the right place for your dancer, print off a hard copy, or help in any other way we can.
Our Free Dance Days in June was a HUGE hit! We had some classes with close to 20 kids attend! With success like that, how could we not do it again?!?!?!? Take advantage of our Free Dance Days from September 18-21 to try new classes, or bring friends who might be on the fence about the awesomeness of Sheridan Dance Academy. All classes, in all age groups listed on our schedule will be open for Free Dance Days - give us a call or email if you have any questions, otherwise we'll see you there! No registration necessary.
Apparel Swap September 6th
Speaking of Successes!
Last year's Apparel Swap was FANTASTIC!
So fantastic we are doing it again!
Drop your items off on one of the dates listed below, and have all of your dance related items sold for you with ZERO Commission, and no Facebook Swap 'n Shop Drama! Take advantage of this Community Event, Wednesday September 6th from 5-7pm, whether or not you are an SDA Family - Everyone is welcome to buy and sell their dance apparel at this event!

Items will not be accepted the day/night of the Swap Sale (too chaotic). Please stop in during one of the following times to drop off your items:
Thursday August 31 4:30-6:30pm
Tuesday September 5 5-7pm
Everything left must have labels attached with the owner's full name, and price they would like for their items. Please make sure names are on BOTH shoes.

Thank you all so much for reading, and staying up to date on SDA's info to start off the season! We're looking forward to an awesome year ahead, and can't wait to share it with you and your family.

Mariah, and the SDA Team.