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We have been working on our new Math Pentathlon Website for some time.  We are pleased to announce that this website was officially launched on August 20.  We hope that you enjoy the new look and the many improvements to our site.  We'd love for you to submit a testimonial about the Math Pentathlon Program to be featured in our Testimonial Section.

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Growth of the Mathematics Pentathlon Program
with the US2020 Project continued throughout the 2015-16 School Year and it was again considered one of Tech Point Foundation's most popular mentoring programs.  For the 2016-17 School Year and beyond, Tech Point Foundation is trying to better support the Mathematics Pentathlon Program  and it's growth.  They are pursuing this goal by helping to finance the Pentathlon Institute's efforts in creating videos that assist in the teaching of the games for their US2020 mentors and other Mathematics Pentathlon Program Coaches.

This past 2015-16 School Year a former Pentathlete, Alex Blanchet, a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in Rochester, Michigan, volunteered to implement the Math Pentathlon Program at Will Rogers Elementary School in the Pontiac, Michigan Public School District.  Alex loves math and his own 6 year experience with the MP Program when he was in elementary school.  Based on this he wanted to help others who were less fortunate and to inspire 1st grade students to also love math.  Alex was able to bring some of these students to a Division 1 Tournament in the Michigan-Ohio Center this past Spring.  He also plans on working with students using the Math Pentathlon Program during the 2016-17 School Year.  see Alex's full story here....

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Each Fall the Institute offers a Back to School Special that allows individuals to purchase Family Game Sets at a reduced cost.  Both the Regular Family Game Set and the Premier Family Game Set are on sale for 10% off at:   MP Back To School Special

Help keep your school informed

All Schools/Clubs Participating in Math Pentathlon are requested to complete the School Contact Designee (SCD) form.   The SCD is the Primary Representative who receives ALL communication from the Pentathlon Institute to share with others in the School.

If you are the School Contact Designee, make sure to email or fax the SCD FORM signed by your School Principal for the 2016-2017 school year.   

2017 NMPAT Dates - Fee $42
(National Math Pentathlon Academic Tournaments)

A BIG Thank You Goes Out to the 2016-2017
Hosting School Districts!

     Division I (K-1): April 29
     Division II (2-3): May 6
     Division III (4-5): April 8
     Division IV (6-7): April 8

     Division I (K-1):  April 22
     Division II (2-3):  March 25

     Division III (4-5): May 13
     Division IV (6-7): May 13

     Division I (K-1): April 1
     Division II (2-3):
April 8
     Division III (4-5): Arpil 29
     Division IV (6-7): May 6 
     Division I (K-1): March 25 
     Division II (2-3): March  25
     Division III (4-5): May 6