September 2017
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Focus on Effective Teaching - Fall Regional Cohort
On September 26 th  the Fall Regional Focus on Effective Teaching cohort began their work and learning. The cohort includes 22 teachers from Maine Endwell, Susquehanna Valley, Whitney Point and Broome-Tioga BOCES Instructional Programs. Focus on Effective Teaching offers an extended opportunity for teachers to think deeply about their teaching practice and its impact on student learning. Teachers make hundreds of decisions every day. By focusing on decisions that have the greatest impact on student learning, teachers can work smarter and see results for themselves and their students. The course shares the latest research from educational heavyweights including John Hattie and Bob Marzano. Also, the latest educational neuroscience research is used to connect effective practice to memory and learning. Major areas of emphasis include:

·          Student engagement
·          Teaching to standards based outcomes
·          Effective questioning
·          Formative Assessment
·          Structuring effective practice opportunities
·          Effective feedback
·          Influencing student motivation
·          Designing relevant and meaningful instruction

Participants also receive an on-site coaching visit which allows personalization of the learning and an opportunity to receive non-evaluative feedback.

If you missed F.O.E.T. this time around, the Spring cohort begins February 13, 2018.  You can access registration information here!   This workshop is for teachers at all stages of their career!
"Don't Let Challenging Behaviors Challenge You!"
Stacy Smith, PreK - Grade 2 Behavior Specialist with the RSE-TASC, brought this timely topic to multiple teacher groups over the summer. The three-pronged focus of this session gave teachers strategies to proactively manage behaviors, understand why the behaviors are occurring, and respond to behaviors appropriately. 
All of the session objectives led teachers and administrators to understand the importance of a systematic approach to behavior management. Much of this discussion focused on implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), an evidence-based methodology.  Throughout the day, educators had multiple opportunities to reflect on their past practice and build a classroom system to address negative student behavior.   In this process, participants examined their emotional responses to the behaviors that “push their buttons” and crafted a superior reaction. Anytime we can plan a proactive response, we stay in control of the situation!
Stacy has many upcoming regional offerings that discuss different aspects of this training. Select the PD titles below to learn more and register today! 
Questions and requests can be directed to Stacy at

Breakout EDU Kit
The Breakout EDU Kit combines collaboration, active learning, and creativity with problem-solving, perseverance, and content knowledge. Students are challenged to think through problems anchored in classroom content to decipher a series of clues, unlock boxes, and ultimately, “break out”. Paul Volkert and Cody Osterhout have recently modeled the use of Breakout EDU as a math teaching tool in their regional and in-district work; you can find pre-made challenges at , and digital copies of the math materials Paul and Cody have created here: .

The Breakout EDU Kit contains a 3-digit lock, a 4-digit lock, a word lock, a directional lock, 1 key lock, 1 hasp, 1 UV light, 1 invisible ink pen, 1 small lockable box, 1 USB thumb drive, 2 hint cards, and password access to the games on , and can be borrowed through the Media Library catalog ( )

Please contact Kristina Garcia at if you need assistance with ordering the Breakout EDU Kit or any other Media Library resource.
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