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September 2017

" You're transforming old patterns of your mind, and letting go of thoughts you don't need to have around any longer. " - Unknown

Ascension or ascending is the act of rising to a higher level.

This is one of the more haunting works from my "Flow" series. This illustration uses color to depict the changes that occur when the soul transforms through intentional enlightenment. The inner being is lifted up to experience greater possibility. Set against a black canvas, this work becomes bolder and more thought provoking.

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" My aim in painting is to create pulsating, luminous, and open surfaces that emanate a mystic light, in accordance with my deepest insight into the experience of life and nature." - Hans Hofmann

" The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color." - Hans Hofmann

Life and nature are a conundrum. We are continually seeking and pursuing evidence for authenticity of the truth.

This painting Mystic Forest is the absorption of knowledge in searching for veracity. The streams of blended colors cast a mystic shine behind the dark tree-like javelins. The colors symbolize verification of a lighted path toward our own personal truth and freedom.

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Mystic Forest
Mystic Forest

Ralph White's painting Territory is an illustration of 
layers leading to an undiscovered realm in our souls.
This painting would be a unique inclusion to a dining room or study area.
The original is 24" x 30" and is available for purchase. Contact Ralph White at


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