September 2017 - Issue 74
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2017 Bike to Work Day Survey Results

Each year Albuquerque participates in Bike to Work Day (BTWD), an event meant to raise awareness about commuting by bicycle and which serves as a day to encourage people to trade four wheels for two. In recent years, the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG), in collaboration with BTWD organizers, developed and distributed a survey to BTWD participants to collect data about bicycling needs, gather general perceptions about bicycling in Albuquerque, and
identify specific strategies to make Albuquerque more bicycle-friendly. As more data is collected, the survey can gauge changes in perceptions about bicycling in Albuquerque and serve as a reference for future survey data.
In 2017, there was an overall perception that Albuquerque was improving its bicycle friendliness. Comments underscored the impact of dedicated bikeways and trails. Also, survey questions helped to identify concerns and barriers for people bicycling and understand specific areas for further outreach at future events.

Snapshot of Key Findings

Special Train Schedules for Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, September 1, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express will adjust its train schedule for the 93rd Annual Burning of Zozobra at Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe. This year, passengers purchasing their Zozobra tickets online in advance will also have the option to add on the purchase of a Rail Runner ticket, providing an extra level of convenience for those traveling from south of Santa Fe.
The Mountain West Brew Fest, New Mexico's craft beer and artisanal cider festival, takes place over Labor Day weekend, September 2-3, at Loretto Park in Bernalillo. The festival features local producers of beer and cider as well as products from around the Mountain states and Pacific coast. Passengers taking the Rail Runner can exit the train at the Sandoval / US 550 Station and walk or take a free shuttle to the event.

There will be no New Mexico Rail Runner Express or Rio Metro bus service on Labor Day, Monday, September 4.
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$1 Weekends Continue in September

Have you always wanted to try the train and just kept putting it off? Now is the perfect time to do it! The New Mexico Rail Runner Express is offering $1 Weekends on the fourth weekend of the month, from now through October. This month's $1 Weekend will fall on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24. All fares are only one dollar each day, all day! Take the train and explore Central New Mexico with options for great dining and shopping all within walking distance or a short transit ride from our stations.
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Balloon Fiesta and Rail Pass Now Available

This year, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express would like to help you "Inflate Your Imagination" at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Take the train and avoid the traffic and parking issues by purchasing the special Balloon Fiesta & Rail Pass, available for both weekends of the Fiesta. Each pass includes an All-Zone, All Day pass on the Rail Runner, a shuttle from the Los Ranchos / Journal Center Station to the event and back, and admission to a morning or afternoon Balloon Fiesta session of your choice.
The Future is Here: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Part II - Challenges and Regulatory Framework

Over the next several months, Travel Times will be featuring a series of short articles with links for further reading on connected and autonomous vehicles. What once may have sounded like science fiction or at least somewhat futuristic is now a reality and only years away from wide-scale deployment. This series will shed light on this emerging technology and look at what it means for the traveling public, consumers, and our region. We hope you find this series informative, and we invite you to share any thoughts or comments on this topic on our Facebook page where we will be hosting an online conversation related to our Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Series.
What are the Regulatory and Policy Challenges with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles?
Advances in technology have always had a way of disrupting our daily routines, yet they often result in the kinds of positive advances only envisioned in science fiction. This is the case with the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). A recent finding by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that safety features enabled by connected vehicles could eliminate or lessen the severity of up to 80 percent of non-impaired crashes, including crashes at intersections or while changing lanes. We noted in the last report in our series that connected-vehicle technologies are already in production and that with each year, new features are being added such as driver-assist, alerts of upcoming hazards, and crash-avoidance, such that the driving experience of today resembles nothing like that of the past. Further, this evolution has led to the incremental introduction of small-scale autonomous systems-particularly as taxi or short-range car-services-but the focus is now on the more widespread adoption for all travelers. All indications are that connected and autonomous vehicles will continue to evolve, and according to stated plans, most auto manufacturers are anticipating high-volume production no later than 2021.
In order to meet the safety and operational demands of the travelling public, CAVs must be regulated to ensure that their complex technology and advanced engineering operate smoothly on our roads. Fortunately, the effort by the USDOT to guide CAV standards recognizes a vision of interoperability in the multimodal transportation network, guided by a robust policy and regulatory framework. And recently, the House and Senate have begun to play catch-up with industry as they work on bills that would provide a federal framework for self-driving car regulation.
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