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Welcome to October / Fall Everyone!

Ever wonder how much GHG (Greenhouse gases)
we REALLY contribute? Ever wonder from WHERE, exactly, most of those GHG come from? Do you drive to work? Take a bus/Uber/taxi? Well: The transportation sector is the highest contributor to the GHG emissions, right after electricity. WOW
By now, many of you might have heard of the Volkswagen Settlement. VW automaker was so committed to continue manufacturing diesel fueled cars, that it "installed software in 11 million diesel cars that cheated on emissions tests" just to be able to sell their cars. Why did they need to lie? They were just making cars. Could they have NOT cheated? Well to put simply: It was AGAINST the law and dangerous to the atmosphere/public.
The amount of illegal emission levels VW was willing to emit were unauthorized by the Clean Air Act. Why do we have these laws? It maintains to create a standard of living that would not put us in the way of any serious health risks. 
VW and the United States went to court, and on Tuesday September 19, 2017, the court   ordered the approval of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust 
f or State Beneficiaries, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.
The Trust Effective date has been set to October 2, 2017. From this date, states have 60 days
to submit their Certification for Beneficiary Status.
What does all this entail? Is there money involved? Who gets it? For further information and easy tools used to calculate NOx emissions by state, county and sector, also a resource library, and state specific programs, please visit the NASEO & NACAA VW Settlement

Member Spotlight: Post Irma Success Stories
City of Hollywood:

The City of Hollywood has shown an exemplary, efficient model on responsible use of alternative fuels! During the hurricane season leads to panic and higher demand for food and fuel. With gasoline being delivered via ocean tankers, gasoline delivery stops when hurricanes near the region. As gasoline dries out for the public, municipalities, E85 is still available! This fuel is delivered via rail & Protec assures their clients are supplied by having their own back-up generator and offloading equipment.
By the 5th of September gasoline shortages began, just before Irma hit. By the 8th, fuel was topped off. On the 11th, another load was delivered to prevent any shortage and another load arrived the 13th. The City of Hollywood ensured that they did NOT run out of fuel for the community!
From the South Florida Business Journal's press release reveals more on the City of Hollywood's commitment to sustainability and green initiatives:
City Furniture: Broward

The Broward County EOC was in need of CNG fueling stations, public and private, in the aftermath of the storm. City Furniture in Broward was quick in response to lend a hand in aid. Thank you so much city Furniture for reaching out to help! 
Events Coming up

October 11, 2017- Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo (Raleigh, NC)
Ocober 14-18, 2017- Southern Regional National Association of Fleet Administrator's (NAFA)  Conference (Orange Beach, Al)
October 18, 2017- Florida Energy Summit (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)
October 24, 2017- CALSTART's 25th Anniversary Reception and Symposium 2030: Connecting Transportation, Jobs, and the Environment (Pasadena, CA)

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