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September 2017
Copays for Dual Covered Patients

Non-Medicaid providers may collect a required copay or deductible from a patient who has dual coverage to bill the private plan for a covered service. Before collecting the copay or deductible, the patient must sign a voluntary informed consent agreeing to the cost sharing. These patients may not be balance billed for any amount the private plan does not pay, unless the service provided is a noncovered benefit under the Medicaid dental plan. Read the full Medicaid policy

Make a Difference:  Volunteer for COMOM

The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is Oct. 13-14 in Pueblo, Colo. Your help and expertise are very much needed. CDA Executive Director Greg Hill looks back at his experience with missions of mercy and highlights the impact they've had on patients and his life. Register today!
Give Us Your Thoughts, Get Even More in Return! 

If being heard isn't enough, the chance to win fabulous prizes might do the trick. Take the quick CDA Enterprises survey to get entered into a drawing for a GoPro HERO5 Session camera or Colorado State Park pass! Take the survey!
Do You Qualify for Loan Repayment? 

You might be eligible to receive repayment of qualified student loans if you practice in a Health Professional Shortage Area. The deadline to submit your application is Sept. 30. Find out if you qualify.
Faces of the CDA

Members:  Dr. Liliane Brantes and Dr. Peter Vanicek
Reason: Donated Dental Services to Children 

Dr. Liliane Brantes and her husband, Dr. Peter Vanicek, sold their practice in 2012 and took their expertise on the road, or maybe more accurately, across the ocean, to countries worldwide to help children in need of dental treatment.

"Working with children is most rewarding because through them we are able to create communities of people who grow up with good oral health," says Dr. Brantes. "These children will then pass on the same good habits to their own children."

CDT 2018 Kit: 
Code Smarter, Work Less!

Make your life easier with the CDT 2018 Kit. This essential resource helps your team code more accurately for fewer claims rejections and faster reimbursement.

Extra Savings from Solmetex 

Along with the member benefit of a free Hg5 collection container and Hg5 recycle kit, Solmetex is offering a $200 rebate on its NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator through Dec. 31.

Medicaid Regulatory Efficiency Review 

As highlighted in the August 2017 CDA eNews, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing gave stakeholders the opportunity to comment on rules governing the child and adult Medicaid dental benefits. The CDA submitted comments Aug. 30 on behalf of Medicaid providers. Read the topics addressed.
Updated Sleep Apnea Rule Revisions  Released

The workgroup regarding sleep apnea rules and policies has released the latest round of revisions. The next meeting is Sept. 19. Stakeholders are welcome to attend in person or via a webinar, however, public comments will not be accepted during this meeting. Learn more.
Welcome, New CDA Members! 

Dr. Arielle Avant
Dr. Maher Bourbia
Dr. Lacey Bowen
Dr. Trevor Coeling
Dr. John Harrison
Dr. Joy Hicks
Dr. Nadeen Jamal
Dr. Robert Jefferies
Dr. Alan Jones
Dr. Lindsey Kawahakiu
Dr. Lynn Miller
Dr. Jennifer Murphy
Dr. Christopher Norman
Dr. Nikhil Reddy
Dr. Jacqueline Richmond
Dr. Brittany Roeder
Dr. Joseph Roeder
Dr. R. Hank Salyer
Dr. Mariam Sayed
Dr. Tyler Schuurmans
Dr. Kevin Schwandt
Dr. Nikita Singh
Dr. Priya Uppal

Featured Events
Free Webinar:  CDA-endorsed student loan refinancing company SoFi will be hosting an informational webinar at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 3 to answer CDA members' questions about SoFi's product and explain how members can save on student debt.   

NDC Social Event at COMOM:  WAll new dentist who are volunteering at the Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) are invited to Coyote Grill in Pueblo on Friday, Oct. 13, at 6:30 p.m. for food and drinks after a day of creating smiles.

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