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**2 Year Anniversary**
September 1, 2018 marked the 2 Year Anniversary of launching my business!
A lot has happened in the last year...from building my training and nutrition client base to securing Corporate Wellness and Golf Fitness Partnerships to acquiring my Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist Certifications to starting the JZTrainedme Fitness Group Outdoor Workouts to completing two GORUCK challenges which inspired me to launch the JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club and share my love of rucking with others! It's been a busy, crazy year and I've loved every minute of it!
Whether you've trained with me in the past or are still with me, referred a friend, shared, liked or commented on a post, submitted a review or followed me on social media...THANK YOU as I am extremely grateful. Because of you I get to live my dreams and live my passion every single day and for that I am blessed and it is never taken it for granted! Here's to many more years and many more new business ventures and partnerships (there's a few in the works so stay tuned!) Thank you again...because of you...I GOT THIS!
JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club - 9/11 Heroes Ruck

Featured Ruck of the Month for September:
Travis Manion Foundation's 9/11 Heroes Run

In partnership with GORUCK, The Travis Manion Foundation’s 9/11 Heroes Run activates and unites communities to honor the sacrifices of those heroes from September 11th and the wars since, to include veterans, active duty, first responder and families of the fallen. The 9/11 Heroes Run 5K +1M* fun run/ruck/walk welcomes runners, ruckers and walkers of all levels and of all ages, volunteers, friends, and family. It is not about fitness level or experience but about activating, uniting, and honoring our heroes.

Started in 2007 by family of fallen 1st Lt. Travis Manion as a grassroots run in his hometown Doylestown, PA with 300 runners, the 9/11 Heroes Run now has more than 50 race locations, presence in 38 different states across the country, and unites more than 50,000 people yearly to celebrate our heroes and spread awareness. Race proceeds are used to directly support the Travis Manion Foundation's mission to empower our nation's veterans and families of our fallen heroes to develop character in future generations in order to strengthen communities. In select locations, a portion of race proceeds are granted back to a local nonprofit partner whose mission is also to empower our heroes. We believe the best way to honor the fallen is by challenging the living.

The JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club Team is signed up as Virtual Ruckers which means we were able to choose the day and location of our ruck. We are honored to partner with Cantigny Park to host our September Featured Ruck. Cantigny, named after the French village where Robert R. McCormick served with the First Division in World War I, was an easy choice based on it's lavish gardens, meticulously landscaped grounds, tank park, First Division Museum and most importantly, inherent military history. The ruck is FREE* but anyone is welcome to join our team or donate to our team. Please click on the following link to join or donate:

The distance of the ruck will vary depending on the participant but the goal is to ruck 9.11 miles in honor of 9/11. Participants also have the option to ruck 3.2 miles (the equivalent of a 5k) or a distance of their preference.

The plan is to meet in the parking lot at 7:45am and start rucking at 8:00am sharp!

I will have extra backpacks and weight plates to lend out if needed. Please bring water, snacks, sunscreen, bugspray, etc.

Feel free to bring a friend(s)!

*Please note Cantigny Park charges a parking fee of $10 per car
The JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club
The JZTrainedme Fitness Ruck Club has been a BIG success and is going strong since it's inception at the end of July.

August was a busy month, our club participated in 7 rucks and we added a few new members too!

Our featured ruck of the month for August was the Bartlett Veteran's Park Ruck! Thank you to everyone that joined us to honor the service of all the men and women of our armed forces--Past, Present and Future!

On our way to the memorial, we had the pleasure of running into future State Senator Seth P. Lewis, who was kind enough to take some pictures with us and mentioned he may join us for some future rucks and possibly set up a Campaign Ruck!
We appreciate the beeps and yells of support for our ruck club and we're excited to be getting noticed! Rucking is all about being active, community and awareness! Together...We Got This!!!

If you're interested in learning more about our ruck club or signing up for one of our rucks, just visit the JZTrainedme Fitness website,

CPI Corporate Health & Wellness
Fitness Workout Session
The Computer Projects of Illinois staff participated in a horizontal loading workout earlier this month. With this type of workout, you perform all sets of an exercise or muscle group before moving on to the next exercise or body part while adjusting your recovery time. The idea being that longer recovery may be better for strength development as maximum weight can be used while shorter recovery may benefit hypertrophy training as more motor units are recruited and fatigued as the sets continue on.
It was a tough one and they all felt great after doing it! It's an effective way to break up the day and relieve some of that workplace stress! They Got This!!!
The Computer Projects of Illinois staff participated in another horizontal loading workout earlier this month which was the counterpart to the last workout. Last time we focused on back, biceps and legs...this time it was chest, shoulders and triceps.
With this type of workout, you perform all sets of an exercise or muscle group before moving on to the next exercise or body part while adjusting your recovery time. The idea being that longer recovery may be better for strength development as maximum weight can be used while shorter recovery may benefit hypertrophy training as more motor units are recruited and fatigued as the sets continue on.
They did great and they are getting stronger with each workout! Breaking up your schedule and working out during the day is a very effective way to reduce workplace stress!!! They Got This!!!
JZTrainedme Fitness
Group Outdoor Workouts
The JZTrainedme Fitness Group Workouts continue to be a big success!!!

The weather has been better but pretty hot yet these warriors still get out there and do their thing! We tackled strength/cardio obstacle courses and pyramid core training.

If your interested in coming out and joining us please see the info below:

The cost is $15 per session and the workouts will take place in Bartlett from 8am-9am and run on the following dates:

**Weather Permitting**
In the event of inclement weather,
outdoor workouts will be cancelled

  • Saturday, September 8th - Group Outdoor Workout/Ruck Club Combo
  • Saturday, September 22nd **NO WORKOUT** (9/11 Heroes Ruck)
  • Saturday, September 29th

If you are interested in signing up for any of the dates listed above, click on the link to email me and you'll be invited to a private Facebook group which will include all of the additional details. And, of course, feel free to bring a friend!

SkyRise Chicago
Benefiting the
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

On Sunday, November 4th, I, along with my client Lisa and the Addison Firefighter's Association, will be participating in SkyRise Chicago, tackling the planet’s highest indoor tower climb of the Willis Tower to raise funds for the nation's best rehabilitation hospital – the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)!

The AbilityLab provides world-class rehabilitation care to thousands of patients for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke and cancer recovery, and more. The funds raised through SkyRise Chicago will directly support advances in patient care and cutting-edge research. 

SkyRise Chicago is truly a special event. It’s the only tower climb in the world to offer two modes of participation - by foot up the Willis Tower stairs and by hand-cycling the equivalent distance. These options give anyone, no matter their level of ability, the opportunity to participate. 

Help us as we challenge ourselves physically and mentally to complete the climb and support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, a non-profit hospital (Lisa and I will be rucking the climb as an additional challenge for ourselves). Your donation will help the research hospital continue to provide patients with world-class care for the brightest possible future. 

Thank you to those who have already donated...I am almost at my goal!!!

Tower up and Ruck up!

Client Spotlight
Congratulations Barb!! Look at that BIG smile!!! I love it!!! She had AWESOME results from her Stage 1 assessment today! In just under one month her TUG test was 2.5 seconds quicker, she LOST 4.2 pounds, her BMI went DOWN by 0.7%, her body fat went DOWN by 0.3% and she LOST 3.75 inches! WOW!!! At the age of 70, Barb isn't slowing down and trains with me 2x per week. She is getting stronger, more flexible and her balance is improving too! My favorite comment from Barb, "I feel so much better after coming here!" YESSS!! I am so glad and SO proud of her! She's got this!!! GREAT JOB Barb!
CONGRATULATIONS Lisa!!! She had FANTASTIC results from her Stage 4 assessment today! Her VO2 Max improved by 3.2 (17.6 overall), she did 10 more push-ups (32 overall) and held her plank for an additional 30 seconds (+2:00 overall), she LOST another 6.2 pounds (11.8 overall), her BMI went DOWN by 1.1% (2.0% overall), her body fat went DOWN by 1.6% (3.7% overall) and she LOST 5.75 inches (7 inches overall)! WOW!!! Lisa continues to train with me 2x per week and she participates in the JZTrainedme Fitness Group Outdoor Workouts when her schedule allows. She is doing awesome!!! Even with a couple of vacations this summer she was able to maintain and realize more results by rucking, remaining active and practicing sensible eating!! She is strong and determined and making healthy her way of life!!! SO proud of her and her continued progress! She's got this! AWESOME JOB Lisa!!!
Meal Prep Tip of the Month: Step #2: The Prepping
Meal prep and meal planning is a great tool to help your healthy eating stay on track. Although any type of meal prep requires planning, there is no one correct method, it can differ based on food preferences, cooking ability, schedules, time and personal goals.

Prepping is the second step to successful healthy eating and lifestyle change.

Pick A Day to Meal Prep
  • Decide which day of the week allows you enough time
  • Remember the first time may take you longer but you will develop your own system over time
  • Split it into two days--one shopping day and one prep day

Start Small
  • Aim to create enough dinners for 2-3 days of the week
  • Try to prep at least one meal for every part of the day (i.e, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Make Your Own System
  • Consider specific meals or foods for different days of the wee
  • Create categories or themes to make it more fun for the family (Meatless Mondays, Low-Fat Fridays, etc.)

Stay tuned for next month's tip: Step #3: The Preparing

Visit the JZTrainedme Fitness website for Healthy Recipes that are easy to plan, prep and prepare!

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