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Asian Pears now available!

At last, our fresh, sweet, juicy Asian Pears are ready for online ordering!

The 2018 harvest brings flavors of honey, kiwi, melon, starfruit, pinot grigio, and jam. Elegantly crisp and crunchy....and so juicy - you'll need a deck of paper napkins nearby to accompany your enjoyment of our wonderful fruit.
Just when we thought our JunoSan variety would be first picked by our orchard crew; Mother Nature played us a fast one. Our EliSan variety Asian Pear surprised us by being first to ripen and ready for harvesting.  Following soon after, our JunoSan variety became ready for picking, complete with that orange glow for which it is known. Next, we are picking and bringing in from the field: AnaSan.

Now the tough question is - which one to enjoy first?

picking Asian Pears this Fall

Gift boxes of our Pennsylvania grown, exclusive Asian Pear varieties are available for purchase from our online store:

We ship direct from our farm to you!
Pears for the whole family.
Big Box Little Pears

Despite the volume of rain this season - which normally yields giant sized pears...for our 2018 harvest, our Asian Pears are sizing surprisingly smaller this year.   Our pear fans will appreciate this unique experience of ordering hand-sized fruit.  
'Looking for healthy snacking for your family?   Enjoy a large box of our little pears!  This year you can order quantities of 16 or 18 pears per gift box.  

More pears to share.  

Order a box of Artisan's Choice , today!  Each pear is tree-ripened, hand-picked and individually selected for your box.