BOBCAT BUZZ   - September 2018 
(formerly your CatChat)


Dear Cienega Families, 

The end of the 1st quarter is just a couple weeks away! This year is already moving so fast.
Now is a great time to take a look at your student's grades and come up with a plan for the last part of this quarter. We have interventions in place for students for those that are struggling academically. Listed are some academic interventions available at Cienega.

Fall Break Intersession : Intersession will take place over Fall Break. Classes are on-line, in-person tutoring from a highly qualified teacher.  Students will be required to be in attendance at Cienega on Monday, September 25th from 8:40 a.m. - 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, September 26th will be an optional day for students to come to Cienega for additional support and tutoring. The rest of fall break intersession classes will be conducted on-line. Students' grades for Intersession are averaged with the grade they earned first quarter in the class. Instead of starting second quarter with a D or an F, students have the opportunity to start with a higher grade (with a maximum possible grade of 80%) thus giving them a better chance of passing the class for the semester. If you are interested in this program, please contact your child's teacher or counselor.  Please note that honors and AP courses are not eligible for Intersession.

Free Math and English Tutoring : Tutoring is available each week. Please contact us for a schedule if your child needs extra help in those subjects.
SAT and ACT Prep Courses : In order to improve student's SAT and ACT scores, we are offering ACT / SAT prep courses for our juniors and seniors. This is a great opportunity to help improve scores. Contact us for information. ACT / SAT prep courses are on Saturdays.
Lastly, we have many students participate in regular classes at Cienega and take on-line classes through VDLP simultaneously. The deadline to drop a regular Cienega class and enroll into an on-line class without any penalty is to do this by the conclusion of our 1st quarter (September 21, 2018).
Thank you for your continued support in helping our students become college and career ready. 

Nemer Hassey



The 2018 Cross Country season is off to a great start with one very hot and grueling dual meet and one slightly cooler invitational, the Desert Solstice. The team of 49 led by captains Ivan Rakich (Senior) and Leah Blevins (Junior) have been working diligently and putting in a lot miles at different paces to prepare for upcoming challenges. As we continue into the season they will get to see themselves progress as they cut their times getting progressively faster and faster and eventually "PR'ing" by establishing their best times yet.
The next big invitational meet is set in California at the Woodbridge Invitational.  The team was invited to attend, and it's known as the largest and one of the fastest races in the country. You can't improve if you keep doing the same thing every why not gain some experience! Your team has their eyes set on individual PRs, team records, and not only getting into the State meet, but winning Sectionals and competing at the highest level possible. Both teams aim to be top 10 finishers at state this year.

The first quarter of the senior year is coming to a close. Look for a letter from your counselor in the mail over break. If your student is lacking credits, they will be listed on the back of the letter. Please make sure to contact your student's counselor if you have questions or concerns.
  • Start applying to colleges and universities now! The University of Arizona, NAU and ASU have a rolling admissions process (first in, first processed) that will be used. Students wanting to apply for the Barrett Honors College at ASU should be aware of new changes in the process. The early action deadline to apply is November 1st.
  • College night is Tuesday, October 23rd at the Tucson Convention Center from 6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Parking is free. Hundreds of colleges from across the country will be available for questions.
  • College Representatives are now on campus regularly. Check the Counselor Hub calendar on Schoology for updates, or download the SchoolWay APP and join the group Class of 2019 to get push notifications.
  • Fall Testing Deadlines for SAT and ACT:
    • All seniors attending a 4 year College or University must take the SAT OR ACT. It is strongly recommended to take it this fall if a student has not already done so. Practice tests are available in the counseling office.
    • Click here for dates and deadlines.
  • Scholarship opportunities are listed and updated on the Cienega Website on the Counselor Page View the site often for regular updates.
  • Financial Aid night is September 20th at 6:00 in the Student Union. The FAFSA is now open on October 1st and uses the 2017 taxes for income. Parents are highly encouraged to attend this event. Representatives from U of A and Grand Canyon will be there to answer questions.

The Cats CARE Team     
Hello Bobcat Nation!

Cienega's dress code is pretty simple. Check out the video on YouTube that our amazing Student Council put together for us called CHS Dress Code Fashion Show 17-18. We have two programs that focus on the dress code that we'd like to share with you!

The first is facilitated by our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports team called Cats Care. We have given staff members tickets that say Best Dressed Bobcats! Teachers are asked to give them to students who stand out as classy bobcats and exemplify our dress code. Those tickets can be taken to our front office staff and they will be entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card from a local clothing retailer (retailers like H&M, Old Navy, American Eagle which where recommended by the students on the Cats Care team).

We also have a program to support students who are out of dress code. Mrs. Middleton has started the Classy Cats program (not to be confused with the Classy Cats advanced choir class). Her team consists of house secretaries and other staff to deal with a student who does not meet the dress code. Any staff member can alert the team that someone is out of dress code very discreetly. Student will be given the chance to borrow an outfit that would bring them into code. Our wardrobe isn't filled with florescent shirts or tagged in any way to indicate that someone has talked to the Classy Cats team. Our goal is to deal with the problem without shaming or embarrassing anyone. If you are interested in donating lightly used modest clothes to help with this program, please contact Mrs. Bahrychuk at 879-2874...and thank you very much!

We are committed to supporting Bobcat Nation with a healthy culture free from distractions where students can thrive and grow. The dress code can be a sticky subject, but we are doing our best to deal with it in a positive and respectful way.



Dear Parents/Guardians,
The revised school meal handbook can be viewed on the school district website at under the School Meal Program tab or visit your child's school website. School lunch information may also be included in the student/family handbook.
Students in grades PreK-8 cannot be refused a school meal. I f a student in grades PreK-8 has reached a negative student meal account balance equivalent to three charged meals, they will then receive an alternate healthy meal. An alternate healthy meal will contain a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a vegetable, and milk. The alternate healthy meal will be charged to the student's meal account which will increase the negative balance.
High school students will not be permitted to charge a meal if the student meal account has a negative balance. A high school student will only receive a meal if their student meal account has a positive balance, or if they pay with cash.
Your family may qualify for free or reduced cost school meals. You can complete an application online at ; or pick up an application in person at the school or District's Food Service. Families are responsible for student meal account charges made before the free or reduced price meal application is approved - the approval is not retroactive. Please remember that a new free or reduced school meal application must to be completed every school year.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District's Food Service Office at (520) 879-3913 or (520) 879-2015 or email .

Thank you,
Vail Schools Food Service

Cienega has fifteen new teachers this school year! We will be
presenting our new teachers to you via this forum for the next few months.  We thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know them a little better. 

Kelly Johnson- Special Education Math Teacher

Where were you born: Tucson
Where did you go to college:
Yavapai JC and University of Arizona
What is your favorite movie: Rad
What is your favorite TV show: New Girl
What is your favorite s ports team:  San Diego Padres
What was/is your favorite vacation: Rome
What is your favorite thing about  Cienega: The culture the Administration, Student and Staff created.

Stephanie Magnus on- Instructional Support Teacher 

Where were you born: Saugus,CA 
Where did you go to college:
U of A Bachelors and NAU Masters
What is your favorite movie: Pitc
h Prefect
What is your favorite TV show:
 Impractical Jokers
What is your favorite sports team:
College U of A, Chicago girl-
Bears and the Cubs.
What was/is your favorite vacation:
Zip-lining in Puerto Vallarta
What is your favorite quote: " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."-Dr.Seuss
What is your favorite thing about Cienega: Bobcat Nation! The school spirit incredible.

Wendy Mitchell- Special Education English Teacher
Where were you born: Medford, Oregon
Where did you go to college: B.S. Oregon State University, MA University of Hawaii, Med/SPED University of Phoenix/Hawaii
What is your favorite movie: Not a movie person, but enjoy a variety of movies that are NOT scary or gory.
What is your favorite TV show: Amazing Race
What is your favorite sports team: Whomever is the underdog (outside of CHS teams, of course!)
What was/is your favorite vacation: 2007 girlfriend trip to Hawaii
What is your favorite quote: " There is no greater motivator than a deadline," Unknown, maybe mom?
What is your favorite thing about Cienega: All the support and feeling part of the team.

College Preparation at Every Stage

Although Cienega High School students are just a few short weeks away from our well-deserved fall break, many students nationwide are just returning to school for the year. Just as it is important to take some time for rest and relaxation, it is also important make sure you remain on track to achieve your college goals.

Here are some guidelines to consider this fall:
Freshmen - Create a four-year high school plan. Start looking into some colleges you may be interested in attending and start planning to take the right classes now for admission to those colleges. Start to examine your likes, dislikes, and interests and how they apply to college and career goals. Participate in extracurricular activities. Colleges are interested in well-rounded students. Keep in mind that real involvement in one or two activities is more important than peripheral involvement in many activities. Be sure to meet with your counselor.  He or she can help you to identify and achieve your goals.

Sophomores - Re-examine your four-year plan. Re-evaluate the colleges on your wish list and make sure you are taking appropriate courses for admission. Use an agenda or electronic calendar to make sure you are keeping up with your tests, papers and homework assignments. Continue your involvement in clubs, teams and other extracurricular activities. Consider taking on leadership positions. Meet with your counselor to discuss steps you should be taking to reach your college and career goals. Register to take the PSAT. 

Juniors - Junior year is an extremely busy year and the year to fine-tune your organizational skills. Maintain an academic calendar to stay on top of the tasks required for applying to colleges. Review your results from last year's PSAT score to prepare for this year's test. The PSAT is great preparation for the SAT and juniors who score well on the test may qualify for scholarship opportunities and possibly National Merit recognition. Continue to work towards your specific college and career goals.

Seniors -  Narrow your college lists. Be sure to include colleges for which you definitely qualify as well as one or more "reach" colleges.  Reach colleges are more selective, but be sure to only apply if only if you have a realistic chance of being admitted. Create and adhere to a master calendar to insure you don't miss important dates for test fees, registration deadlines, college application due dates and financial aid deadlines. If you receive free or reduced lunch see your counselor if you are in need of fee waivers. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). October 1 st is the first day you can file the FAFSA.

The PSAT helps students gain a sense of the kind of work they need to do to prepare for the SAT or ACT. Very high scoring juniors test-takers earn recognition by the National Merit Scholarship program, which in turn can lead to more money or other positive interest from colleges. Also, doing well on the PSAT can provide a big confidence boost. It can help to alleviate test anxiety or a fear of taking the SAT.  Additionally, the PSAT is a tool many colleges and universities use to identify students they think may make a good addition to their student body and who may be deserving of scholarships. In fact, many universities will give up to full-ride scholarships to students named as Finalists or Semi-finalists. These scores are a way for colleges to be more selective in their recruitment process. You can also start to receive information from colleges if you check "yes" to Student Search Service.

To learn more about the PSAT/NMSQT log on to:

The PSAT/NMSQT will be offered to sophomores and juniors at Cienega High School on Wednesday, October 10that 8:00 AM.  Registration is now open. The test fee is $20.00, which can be paid at the CHS Bookstore. Registration is limited; so don't wait until the last minute to register!
Save the Date for the 45th Annual Tucson College Night

6:30-8:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018
Tucson Convention Center, 260 S Church Ave
Admission and Parking are FREE! 

Dainah L. Graham, M.S., M.Ed.                                                        College & Career Counselor

Intersession's purpose is to give students another opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the specific standards that most students struggled with during the quarter.  Note that this is for any non-honors or non-AP course that is listed on the attached flyer.  It does have a fee and has a hybrid setup (in person and online).  Please look at the flyer if you're interested in increasing your class grade (up to a maximum of 80%).  *Sign up in the Bookstore with cash/check/card in order to secure your student's spot.  Paperwork must be turned in by Thursday, Sept. 20th @ 3:30PM to be considered for this opportunity."

Colleges and universities tend to have two college entrance exams that they'll accept: ACT and SAT.  The PSAT is literally a practice SAT exam.  It costs $20 and will be administered during school on October 10th.  Mrs. Magnuson and I will excuse you from any classes you miss while testing (8:00-12:40).  The results will come in sometime in January, where then you'll receive your test book and the results (question by question with the answer) so that you can see your strengths and areas to work on.  The results can also sync with Kahn Academy for individualized tutoring.  Sign up in the Bookstore by October 8th!

All students need to bring their charged Chromebook with them for Benchmarks.  Benchmarks take place during the normal class time.  
English: Reading Sept. 11-12
Writing Sept. 13-14
Math: Sept. 13-14
Biology: Sept. 18-19
Make ups: Sept. 17, 20, 21

SEP Intersession
This is completely free and mandatory if your students is failing the first draft of the paper or does not have a mentor yet.  This is the first three days of break (Sept 24-27) from 9am-1pm in the Ed. Center.  If on the first day your student accomplishes what they need to and the teacher releases, then they do not need to attend the following days.  The purpose of this intersession is to ensure that no one falls behind on this graduation requirement.  Your student's teacher (whether English or government) will sign them up for this and notify you of their need to attend; there is no form.


Winter Athletes please remember that all packets for next season are due by Friday, October 25, 2018. If they are not turned in you can't participate at tryouts/practice. The Link below has all forms needed to complete the packet.



On Friday, 7 September, NJROTC Cadets assisted with the Senita Valley Elementary School Mud Adventure.  The NJROTC Cadets ran mud activity stations, an obstacle course, and a food booth for event participants.  

On Saturday, 8 September the NJROTC Marksmanship Team competed at the Flowing Wells High School JROTC Old Pueblo Air Rifle Tournament.  Our cadets did outstanding in the season's first air rifle match.

Bobcat Nation has the most INCREDIBLE Volunteers!!! 

Thank you to our parents and families for donating desserts, snacks and drinks for our staff luncheon! You spoil us every year, Thank You! 

Thank you to our volunteers who helped set-up, serve and clean-up for our staff luncheon during parent teacher conferences. You Girls are AMAZING!!! 
I can't thank you enough for your time, fun and fellowship, you're awesome! 

Thank you to our SEP Proposal Review volunteers.You guys cranked out 200+ proposals in an hour and fifteen minutes, wow! Thank you again for giving your time so generously, we greatly appreciate it and you! 

Thank you CatFRAT parent popcorn volunteers! YOU ROCK!!! 

Cienega   loves our Bobcat Nation   Volunteers!!! 


Hello Bobcat Parents and Families!
THANK YOU to everyone who donated desserts, snacks, and drink for our Parent-Teacher Conference staff luncheon. It was a great success, and the teachers enjoyed the "sustaining" goodies throughout their extended workday.
Get yours before they are gone...
  • 2019 Entertainment Books $25 - Your book purchase includes a FREE MOBILE APP. Now you can have your Entertainment "Book" with you 24/7 and use it wherever you are!
  • NEW Bobcat Fans $2 - Cool off with these foldable fans and show your Bobcat Nation pride!
  • Cienega Stainless Steel Travel Mugs $12 - Each mug comes with a free popcorn coupon redeemable at any varsity football home game.
DON'T FORGET to save your Coke product My Coke Rewards items! This is a super easy way to help raise funds for our school. There are collection containers set up in numerous places on campus and even in Vail and Rita Ranch businesses! You can also drop off bags at Cienega's front office or at Amy Burton's office. FRY'S REWARDS! If you haven't already done so, please sign up for or renew your Fry's Rewards card number for "CATFRAT".


Congratulations to the following Bobcats for being our Phat Cat Drawing winners.

Garrett Stalter won Mens Diesel Watch

Xavier Granadas- Rosales won Abercrombie and Fitch $50 Gift Card and Cologne set. 




Congratulations to Alexandra Basurto for winning a $25 Gift Card to DSW. 

Keep Dressing Classy Bobcats

Thank you parents for your support. We truly appreciate your involvement! 

Cienega High School


9/11-9/14, 9/18-9/19
Benchmark Testing


9/18 Cat Frat Meeting

9/19 Bobcat Student of Success 

9/20 Senior Financial Aid Night

9/21 Dodgeball Assembly

Fall Break 

10/13 Homecoming Dance

10/15 Federal Impact Aid Forms Dis 



Cienega High School
Vision Statement
Cienega High School creates an educational environment utilizing partnerships among community, parents, and staff to assist students in maximizing their academic potential and promoting life-long learning.
Front Office - 879-2800     Attendance -  879-2803   
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Registrar - 879-2812

Health Office - 879-2810

Front Office/200 House   
Nemer Hassey
Secretary - Chris Rich 

300 House
Assistant Principal
Dean Nourse

Secretary - Gianni Wanaka 

Education Center
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Sylvia Lewandowski-  M-Q 
Sheri Mitzel -  R-S 879-2868
John Tritz - T-Z 879-1843  
Dainah Graham - 879-2819
Bobcat Scholar Academy

400/600 House/Athletics    
Assistant Principal 
Kelly Hadden
Athletic Director - Whitney Holland - 879-1813            

Secretary -  Sandi Morrison

500House/Special Education  
Assistant Principal 
Kim Middleton
Secretary - Cassandra Bahrychuk 879-2874

Special Education Secretary Patty McKnight 879-1804
Communications Coordinator
Juanita Mari- 879-2815   
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