September 2018
As summer turns to fall, we are reminded that September is a time for change. In this month's newsletter we'd like to share some of the changes happening here at NACMS.

For instance, we are offering links to music composed by Brother Stan Z ubec , a change from our usual written resources. C ompanions of Adele is the new book on sale as we continue to honor the beatification of Blessed Adèle. Also, A Short History of Marianist Spirituality is now available as a downloadable .pdf on our web page for your use and convenience.

Some change is sad. Dan Jordan, NACMS Editor, has written a note of gratitude for the life and legacy of Father Joe Stefanelli, SM, who died on August 17, 2018.

Gratefully, some things remain consistent. September is also a month filled with Marianist Feast Days. Scroll to the end of this newsletter for some prayers we offer to remember these special days.
New on Our Website

In MP3 music format, with accompanying lyrics, Brother Stan Zubek, SM, sings his original composition "Until Christ Be Formed in Us," which examines Jesus' relationship with Mary and its influence on Blessed Chaminade. "I am in labor until Christ be formed in you" (Gal 4:19) was one of Blessed Chaminade's favorite quotes.

Zubek has also composed an echo version of the Marianist Doxology. which can be used for communal or personal prayer.
Click here: Marianist Doxology
Companions of Adele
by Joseph Stefanelli, SM

Drawn primarily from the Letters of Adèle and Father Chaminade, 145 biographical sketches are presented–133 are sketches of women who entered the Institute of the Daughters of Mary (Immaculate); eight describe women who lived in the convent, but did not join the Sisters; and four are vignettes of “sister-companions,” members of the Third Order. All these women were known to and interacted with Adèle during the twelve years between the founding of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary in 1816 and her death in 1828.
Regular price: $24.00
Sale Price: $10.00
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A Short History of Marianist Spirituality
A Short History of Marianist Spirituality written by Lawrence Cada, SM, is exactly that—short. Yet within its 139 pages, Cada captures the essence of the origins and development of Marianist spirituality. Ever attentive to language, Cada examines the evolution of many phrases and concepts dear to Marianists and carves a solid analysis for why Marianist spirituality is fundamentally “lay,” “adaptive,” and “Modern.”

This work, part of the Modern Theology & Marianist Spirituality project, under the direction of the Society of Mary's General Administration, is an essential primer for anyone wishing to enter more fully into the history of our charism.

NACMS is excited to announce that this book, although no longer available in hard copy, can be downloaded for your use at ecommons or our website.
Father Joseph Stefanelli, SM
The Gift of Father Joe Stefanelli
Dan Jordan, NACMS Editor

“Author, translator, mentor, friend” are the four words listed on the plaque that bears his name outside of the conference room dedicated to him at NACMS (North American Center for Marianist Studies).

These four words are a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Father Joseph Stefanelli, SM, who died in Cupertino, California, on August 17, 2018. Yet, these same words hardly scratch the surface of his importance to Marianist scholarship or to the level of deep and lasting affection we at NACMS have for him.

We give thanks to God for Father Joe’s 96 years of life and for his 77 years of religious profession.

Not one for attention or fuss, Father Joe let words, contemplation, and history speak through him, and the results were truly remarkable. He is the author of the popular trilogy on the lives of our Marianist forebears—Adèle, Aristocrat for the Poor; Chaminade, Pragmatist with a Vision; and Marie Thérèse de Lamourous, Firm of Hand, Loving of Heart—full-length biographies on Adèle and Marie Thérèse; and Our Marianist Heritage, a work on key aspects of the Marianist charism. In addition, he translated numerous texts, primarily out of French into English, including the four volumes of Jalons and the seven volumes of The Chaminade Legacy.

As you can see, much of NACMS’ success is attributable to the contributions of Father Joe.

While he gave us so many words, our words cannot fully express our gratitude for all of the intellectual and spiritual gifts he gave to us and to our Marianist Family. All we can say is, “Father Joe, thank you!”
September Marianist Feast Day Praeyrs

September 12 Today we celebrate the Holy Name of Mary. This day is the patronal feast of all members of the Family of Mary. It is in the name of Mary that all members of the Society of Mary and the Marianist Family offer their ministry to the people of God. It is Mary, the woman of faith, who is our model for all we do as members of the Church community.

Let us pray: Lord, Our God, When you son was dying on the cross, He gave us as our mother The one he had chosen to be his own mother, The Blessed Virgin Mary. Grant that we who call upon the holy name of Mary, Our mother, with confidence in her protection May receive the strength and comfort in all our needs. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.

September 14 Today we remember Venerable Marie Thérèse Charlotte de Lamourous who died on this day is 1836. Marie Thérèse worked closely with Blessed Chaminade in forming the Marianist Family.

Let us pray: God, source of all holiness, We thank you for the gift of Marie Thérèse . Her love of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the message of the Gospel inspire us today. We ask that we, like her, will be of service to all our brothers and sisters now and in the future. We pray for the enthusiasm with which she spread the Gospel and love for Christ and His mother. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.

S eptember 18 Today we want to remember in our prayers, three Marianist Brothers who were killed in Spain in 1936 for proclaiming their Catholic faith. Brothers Carlos, Jesus, and Fidel were teachers who manifested their alliance with Mary and dedication to her mission to bring Jesus to the world through their ministry in education. We seek to imitate their bold and courageous faith in our lives. Brothers Carlos, Jesus, and Fidel were declared Blessed by the Catholic Church in 1995.

Let us pray: Lord, Our God, To Blessed Carlos, Fidel, and Jesus, Who were inflamed with love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, You gave the grace to suffer for Christ. Grant that, through their intercession, We may remain firm in our faith. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Be glorified in all places through the immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.
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