coming to anchor at Grand Manan towards sunset
photo courtesy of Shari Leslie
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September 2018


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Well, here it is fall and the engine room is still empty. Many apologies to all of you who had your holiday plans interrupted. It's been a beautiful month with only a few rainy days and I'm really sorry we weren't out taking advantage of the breezes.

Having the engine space clear has given me the chance and time to go over all the systems down there: wiring, salt water lines, batteries, fresh water supply and drain hoses, hydraulic, fuel, and oil filters. Two coats of paint after a lot of cleaning and ready to go.. next spring!

We are qualifying everyone who was unable to come this fall as a repeat guest, so the 5% discount offered to returnees applies to everyone who received their fare refunded this year.

Crews News...

As of today Allison the diesel engine that lived so happily below is undergoing the agonizingly slow process of being rebuilt. She'll be returning to the engine room later this fall.
The Emperor's new Engine

               Meanwhile the crew and I have been busy laying the vessel up for the off season, even if fall came quite early for us.  

The other morning the Queen Mary II was at anchor just outside Rockland Harbor. She made the lighthouse look pretty tiny. 

               In the foreground notice what a good job Matthew did shrinking the plastic on our winter cover. And, yes, the rigging is tarred, the mastheads varnished, and the masts slushed.

Local beautification
Christa and crew strip the spring paint and varnish

those locust timbers looking better than new with fresh varnish


Lost & Found

                              Someone is missing a moose earring, found in Cabin O

Cruise News..

The Hartford Courant just published an article by one of our August guests. The writer's two boys kept us busy the whole trip and led the crew on swim call.

The engine got a get well card. Thank you Larry!

dockside at Welshpool
photo courtesy of MB Rolfe

We plan to visit Campobello again next summer on our adventure to Canada.
The  2019 schedule is on the website. The two long cruises are a ten-night trip  to New Brunswick in July and nine nights to Gloucester boarding August 28th.   The extra days around the Mayor's Race will give us time to see more ports and wildlife (marine mammals).

Postcards from away....

Mary from out west sent us this postcard from her next adventure afloat. Her trip with us was one of the cancelled cruises. She stayed aboard for those daysdockside, borrowed my car while she was here, and left me a gift of some gin to take home .

Tom and Elfi are most loyal postcarders. Take a vicarious cruise around the British Isles with the pictures they sent.

I have two Titanic Stories; I'll tell them when you're back aboard next season.



where the barque ELISSA was built in 1877

      Being ashore for the month of September reminds me how much I miss sailing with you all and the coast from the water view. 

     But there are lots of things to do here on land this time of year: museum events, country fairs, hiking the preserves along the coast as the leaves turn; all ways to complement your cruise with us.

  John and the crew

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