September 2018
Volunteers Needed for upcoming Events
We have two events coming up in November that we are looking for volunteers to assist us.."
November 3, 2018 Grand Turk
We are planning a day filled with kid games, kid crafts, music, food, drinks, dominoes and more!! The event's goal is to increase the community awareness and involvement in the museum. We would like to form a committee to help plan, organize and assist on the day of the event. We are also seeking goods & services in kind that will be awarded as prizes in a raffle drawing. If you are interested in helping make this day a success please contact us.
November 24, 2018
Grand Turk Garden Restoration
The museum will be working with Fathom and a group of volunteers off of the Princess Cruise Ship. Fathom is a non-profit origination that works with Carnival Cruise Corporation to organize volunteers to do work on the islands that the ship visits. On their stop in Grand Turk the volunteers will be assisting us with the garden which was damaged during the hurricanes of September 2017. The garden is in need of replanting, repairs and painting.
We are so excited and pleased to be working with this organization!!
We are asking that local volunteers join us. Note that is a Saturday and while we realize those of you involved with the ships may not be able to assist many others that work for government and local businesses will have the day off and we hope to hear from you.
Emancipation Day Event
The event “Honoring the Ancestors: Celebrating the Spirit and Tenacity of the People of the Turks and Caicos Islands” was held at Cheshire Hall Plantation on Wednesday 1 st August 2018 to commemorate Emancipation Day. The Turks and Caicos National Museum, and Turks and Caicos National Trust in collaboration with the Department of Culture organized the event. Mr. David Bowen coordinated it.
The performances highlighted through song, poetry, music and dance, various elements the rich cultural heritage, attributed to our African ancestry. The evening’s proceedings concluded after the event attendees walked reflectively through the footpath of the historic cotton plantation up to the ruins of the Great House. There Pastor Goldston Williams offered up prayers of thanksgiving in remembrance of the ancestors and gave the benediction.

Thank you to our sponsors, Fortis TCI, St Monica’s Anglican Church and Hon. Delroy Williams; the teams of the Turks and Caicos National Museum, Turks and Caicos National Trust, Department of Culture and Mr. David Bowen. Thanks to the wonderful cast of the production for event for giving of themselves and sharing their talents so that we could reflect and celebrate this important event. Special thanks to all of the attendees who took the time to come out and join this ‘Emancipation Celebration’. 
David Bowen, Hon Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, Candianne Williams,
Dellerice Higgs
Dr. Dellerice Higgs leading walk through Cheshire Hall
Tuca Dancers, David Bowen and an Attendee joins in
Evening with the Expert

Grand Turk hosted an Evening with the Expert featuring Dr. William Keegan, from the Florida Museum of Natural History, on August 20th. Dr. Keegan presented "Who were the Lucayans? Rethinking the early history of the Bahama Archipelago" His presentation was fascinating and we learned that as archaeologist continue research new information changes the thoughts and ideas about the true history of the islands.

Our Village at Grace Bay location will be hosting an Evening with the Expert on Thursday, September 13 at 7:00 PM . Dr. Shaun Sullivan will be presenting "The Arrow of Time Through Turks & Caicos Cultural Heritage". Dr. Sullivan has been working on archaeology projects for over 40 years in the Turks & Caicos. This is a FREE event!
If you are interested in attending or would like additional information
for this event contact Candianne Williams.
Museum & DECR Eco Camp for Kids
Grand Turk
August 13-17 the Museum on Grand Turk in collaboration with DECR hosted it's annual Eco Camp for children. Kids ranging in ages from 9-14 enjoyed a week long camp that included a trip to Gibbs Cay, kayaking, learning to swim, learning about the history of the islands, marine life and what they can do to protect the environment. The campers participated in crafts that included creating bags with environmental messages and recycling items they found in a beach clean up into jewelry and other gift ideas.

Many indicated that the Gibbs Trip was their favorite part of the camp but others enjoyed the swimming and the lunch provided daily!! They all departed on the last day excited to come back next year!!

Proceeds from the sales of Donna Seim’s book, Where’s Simon, Sandy? help to sponsor the children’s club summer camp.

A special thanks to Amy Avenant from DECR who led the camp and worked with the kids everyday. Also thanks to Grand Turk Divers, Oasis Divers, Jean Lightbourne, Rob Lightbourne, Donna Seim, Ben Steubenberg and Katherine Hart. We had a great bunch of kids that had a great time thanks to your involvement and support!!
Visitors and Gifts in Kind
We had several visitors in August to Grand Turk from former U.S. Navy base personnel that were stationed in Grand Turk. We received photo's, newsletters, magazines, places, badges and a grant map all from the 1970's. A special thank you to Barry Johnson, Agnus McDonald and William A. Manuel for donating the items. The base is a part of our history and we hope to enhance our base exhibit in the future and these items will be helpful.
Dr. Glen Misick is working on a documentary on the culture and heritage of the African Diaspora people and others of the Turks and Caicos Islands. As part of his project he visited the National Museum in Grand Turk, interviewed the director and received a tour from our tour guide Fred Glinton. 
Dr. Joanna Ostapkowicz , from Oxford University is studying imported stone material by the Lucayans into The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.   The study focuses on non-local rocks, primarily those containing jade found at archaeological sites through the archipelago. The study aims to understand where the Lucayans obtained these materials, how they worked and communicated along their trading networks before the arrival of Europeans. Further information on the SIBA project (Stone Interchanges in the Bahamian Archipelago), funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Council (ARHC), is available at .
The Turks & Caicos National Museum hosted a workshop on the development of learning materials on the Lucayans with Drs. William Keegan and Joanna Ostapkowicz , along with Mrs. Kim Outten-Stubbs , Deputy Director of the National Museum of The Bahamas and our Director, Dr. Michael Pateman . During the workshop Dr. Keegan presented a teaching aid based on the archaeological evidence found throughout The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.  The goal of the workshop was to produce new materials and aids to present to Educators in the Turks & Caicos and The Bahamas for the teaching of the Lucayans.   One of the goals of the Museum is to integrate our programming with the educational system of the islands and to provide more learning materials on the history and heritage of the Turks & Caicos.
Grace Bay Visitors
As I gave the Fonseca family the tour of the the Caicos Heritage House and Garden, we had fun identifying the similarities and differences between our cultural heritage. Many things brought back fond memories of their native country Brazil though they now live in the USA. One such moment was when Ariane saw her favorite fruit the sugar apple or aca as it is called in Brazil. What we all agree on is that it is absolutely delicious. It was our pleasure to make your day Ariane. 

By Candianne Williams
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