September 2018 - Number 2018-4476-9
Protecting Businesses from Cyber and Privacy Mayhem
Protect Your Business and Your Client’s Business From Network Security and Privacy Mayhem! A Comprehensive Overview of Network Security and Privacy Liability Past and Present along with a Peek into the Future. The CIB is offering a CE seminar on this topic on October 4, 2018. Read more
Protect Your Agency from Bad Hires and High Turnover

The CIB is partnering with the Omnia Group, a behavioral assessment consulting firm, to offer their services to members of the CIB. They are offering a complimentary assesment or Sales Style Report to each member agency. It’s an excellent tool for developing your team. Visit their website for additional information and products. Read more
Ohio's Bureau of Workers Compensation - Other States Coverage
When a company's employees temporarily leave the state of Ohio in the course of their work, are they are covered? This course will discuss what is covered, excluded and how coverage can be obtained. This other states coverage can now be written through Ohio BWC. We will be offering this class on September 12, 2018 here at the CIB. It is an extremely informative class that all agents should attend. Read more
Nonstandard Policies Deceptively Similar to Standard Policies
Looking closely at the form, you notice a footer that reads "Includes copyrighted material of Insurance Services Office, Inc., with its permission." This notice or a similar one is present on many insurance policy forms today. It is a red flag indicating that, while this form may look just like the standard policy form and may contain much of its language, it has been modified. Read more
Risk Tips
Protecting Your College Student From on-Campus Losses

With burglaries constituting approximately 50 percent of all on-campus crimes, it's important for college students and their parents take steps to prevent theft, adhere to safety measures—and review their insurance coverage. Read more
Case of the Month
Underinsured driver: Yes or no?

On September 29, 2011, Matthew Wallace was driving south on Route 26 in Woodstock; Freja Folce and her minor daughter Zoe were passengers in the vehicle. Corey Hill, who was driving in the opposite direction in a vehicle owned by his employer, Twin Pines Construction, Inc., lost control while attempting to pass another vehicle, crossed the center line, and collided with Wallace’s vehicle. The accident was caused by Hill’s negligence. Read more
Increased Industry Opportunities, Impactful Market Change, and Continued Consumer Protections Define the Past Eight Years. Read more
Tips On Selling Cyber Insurance
Most agents are aware that all commercial clients should have a cyber liability policy. The risk is there. But, after all the work you do to quote and propose cyber liability insurance that you know the company needs, many CEOs and risk managers still do not want it. What can you do to convince them? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you go from pitching to writing more cyber insurance.   Read more
Save Your Clients Money - OIA's Group WC Program
If you represent commercial clients or are interested in expanding into that market but don't know how to get your foot in the door, then OIA's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program can provide you with one of the insurance industry's most powerful sales tools . Read More
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