Two Services: 9:15am & 11:00am   
September 2
Rev. Thom Belote
Whether through enshrining religious freedom under the law, organizing to win women's suffrage, or showing up in Selma for the struggle for civil rights, Unitarian Universalists have changed the world in significant ways. This morning we celebrate a different kind of transforming power of Unitarian Universalism, the power of this faith to bring us closer to the people we want to be and form relationships based on mutual values.
September 9
The Meaning of Life
reverend charlie kast
 This sermon is a result of Rev. Thom's sermon, "Ask the Minister". charlie submitted a question: "What is the meaning of life?" Rev. Thom responded, saying that charlie could explain the next time he preached. 
September 16
Have You Ever Felt Like Jonah?
Rev. Thom Belote
A few days before the Jewish observance of Yom Kippur, we will gather to consider the biblical story of the reluctant prophet. (Jonah is the scripture reading for Yom Kippur.) This morning we will ask what this story has to teach about atonement.
September 23
Negative Peace and Positive Peace
Rev. Thom Belote
Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" remains one of the most important pieces of writing in our nation's history. In it, King offers contrasts a negative peace in which there is an absence of overt tension with a positive peace in which there is the presence of justice. How might King's thought guide us today?
September 30
"If You're Lucky, Your Heart Will Break"
Rev. Thom Belote
The fruits of the "spiritual life" are often described in positive terms. But other spiritual writers have observed that it brings other changes, some of which are not joyful. The title of this sermon comes from the writings of Rev. James Ishmael Ford, who holds dual ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister and Zen Buddhist Priest.

Growth in The Community Church
Ariadna Nacianceno, Pianist
Kat Good, RE Assistant
Kat Good grew up Unitarian Universalist in Boulder, Colorado. She studied Literature and Education in Washington DC before heading off for Peace Corps service in Uganda. Before joining the staff at Community Church she worked in college access with first-generation college students.  She loves living simply and gets to do that each day with her family, creatures and garden in an intentional community out in the country.
Rachel Rose and her family joined our church community in 2012, and she has been Membership Director at The Community Church since 2015. We are now experimenting with a hybrid position as Membership Director / Office Assistant. Rachel has been a teacher, restaurateur, farmer, vocalist, tour guide & more.
She loves travel, the outdoors and science. Rachel raises fruits, vegetables & eyebrows on her wee Graham Cracker Farm. 
by Glenn Mehrbach, Music Director
With the beginning of a new church year, it's a great time to help create the music of the Community Church. And there are myriad ways to participate, through singing, playing, or being on the Music Team. I'm not scary, and I promise to meet you where you are. Ask any choir member.
So whether you like to sing along with the radio, or have sung barbershop since high school; whether you just learned your first ukulele chord, or can knock out a Bach partita like nobody's business, consider helping out. Making music WILL change your life.
Let me end with a quote from Kurt Vonnegut: "Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow...You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something."
- Glenn Mehrbach, Music Director
If you like to sing, and you've been looking for a low-commitment way to become involved in the Community Church Music Program, here's an opportunity for you. We are looking for Song Leaders to help lead the hymns during Sunday morning services. Resources will be made available to help familiarize you with the hymns before hand. Music Director Glenn Mehrbach has created a Sign-Up Page for those interested. Please contact Glenn at for more information. 
The art in the sanctuary in September and October will be pieces from the Zimbabwe Artist Project, art made by the (mostly) women of the Weya region of Zimbabwe. Women of Weya are subsistence farmers, mothers, and householders 
as well as artists. Most women live on their
own, providing for families. Some are widowed, others are
single heads of households, since throughout Zimbabwe
men leave the rural areas to seek work in cities. Women's income from agriculture is unpredictable and limited. Sales of their art help women afford food, clothing, school fees, medicines,  transport, seeds and fertilizer. Since the market for
Weya art in Zimbabwe is extremely limited, sales in the U.S. are critical. ZAP purchases, more art than any other buyer, delivering cash at the time of purchase. ZAP celebrates the artistry and accomplishments of these talented women, and supports their efforts to become economically self-sufficient.
For more information:

  • Heather Cramer for leading the Summer Art Project in July.  Children created art representing the 4 elements --Air, Water, Fire and Earth.  The art will be displayed in the Sanctuary in November.
  • Selden Holt, Lisa Lackmann, and Krista Westervelt for their leadership of Hogwarts on the Hill , a remarkable weekend event that included 50 children and youth and over 60 adult volunteers, creating a magical experience for all.
  • Nora Smith for leading Chalice Camp .  A week of friendship and fun at church for children.
  • Donna Washington for storytelling and Scott Provan for singing with the children.
Did you know our church offers a nationally-recognized UU Sexuality Education program to children and youth?  It's called Our Whole Lives (OWL). We offer all the modules for children and youth -- K-1, 5th Grade, 8th grade, and 10-12th grade.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences to teach OWL. We've got all the volunteers we need for this year's program, but if you are interested in becoming a trained OWL teacher and would like to join the team for 2019-2020, we'd love to talk with you. Contact Marion Hirsch at or Jenny Warnasch at More information about OWL at the Community Church.    More about the OWL program in general.  

We are excited to announce this year's Insch Leadership Associates, Rowan Marshall, Parker Sexton, Miranda Straubel, Moriya Fernandez, Samantha Beecham and Alan Reece. The Sarah Insch Leadership Program gives high school youth an opportunity to serve on the Ministry teams and committees of the church and help lead our congregation. It gives them a chance to be a part of the work of the church and share their gifts. You will see them in the pulpit as Worship Associates and in your committee meetings.  Definitely reach out and welcome them into leadership. More information about the Insch Leadership Program. 
This year we are trying Soul Matters is a theme based spiritual deepening multiage ministry program that is used in over 200 Unitarian Universalist congregations.  It means that all ages --children, youth and parents -- are exploring in a common theme each month.

Soul Matters is antidote to the very unspiritual times we are living in.  It takes seriously our need for the 3 "S"s -- silence, sunshine and service.  Our lives are full of din, spent inside, focused on achievement. We are hungry for quiet, for nature and for doing for others.  There is a 4th "S" -- silliness. Soul Matters is fun and there is plenty of laughter, along with the other "S"s.

Children and youth meet in a Soul Matters Sharing Circle each week for worship and activities which explore and engage the theme of the month.  Parents receive a packet each month of readings and questions on the theme as well so that parents can reflect and explore the theme as their children do.

There is lots of information on the church website with details, dates and how to register.  You can also get on the mailing list for the weekly emails, which tell you what is happening on the upcoming Sunday and what fun events are coming. To get on the mailing list, contact Marion Hirsch at
Middle School Lock-In: September 21, 6PM
High School Shelter Neck Retreat: October 19-21
Grinch Dinner: December 6, 6PM
Nifty Gifty: December 16, 10AM-1PM
Special bUUddy Breakfast: February 10, 10AM
Shelter Neck Family Retreat, April 26-28
The Endowment Committee made a grant to support church members who want to participate in Racial Equity Institute Phase I Training.  The grant reduces the cost of participation in the Phase 1 workshop from $295 to $40 per person. In order to qualify for the grant, church members must attend the workshop with at least 2 other members from a  church committee, ministry or taskforce they participate in. To find out which Phase 1 workshops are available in our area, go to the   Organizing Against Racism website and be sure to click on the specific dates you are interested in to make sure that there are still spaces, then contact Marion Hirsch at

EXCITING NEWS: GETTING READY TO WELCOME A SANCTUARY GUEST Volunteers are completing the work needed to prepare the Manse for our guest, home furnishings are being collected, and several training sessions for host volunteers have already been conducted. We hope to be able to open our doors to an immigrant guest by early September. To do so we need additional volunteers to help out in a variety of ways. We encourage you to visit our table after church services on September 9th and 16th to learn more about this ministry and volunteer opportunities. You can also sign up as a volunteer by visiting the Sanctuary and Immigrant Support page on the church website (under the Justice and Service tab). Alternatively, just follow this link. Please consider joining the Sanctuary Team as we open our hearts and doors to welcome a special guest into our church community.

Do you need help, but don't know where to start? Help is waiting for you at El Centro Hispano's Workers Center. Since 2014, they've been helping contractors hire part-time or contract workers for landscaping, moving, repairs and various other projects. The staff can help you looking for assistance with any type of work.                                            In other words, ECH is for everyone. Our goal is to help any community member who is looking for employment, regardless of citizenship status, race, age, past experience or ethnicity.
Our goal is to improve the relationship between the workers, employers and the community in general, while at the same time the workers can advance their formal and technical education. If you or someone you know is looking for part-time or contract workers,
please call the Center at 919-945-0136.
IFC It is with sad heart that Shannon and Maureen are stepping down as Co-Liaisons with the Interfaith Council for Social Service (IFC).
We have enjoyed our role as liaisons these last eight years. We
believe it is time to pass the baton to others. Our recommendation is for two others to take up this role to continue and support IFC in its mission to provide services for those in need.  Let us be mindful of our
own Adelaide Walters who was one of seven women who helped to
found this wonderful institution. We are hopeful to have person(s) in
place by December 31st and are available to answer any questions in
person or by email. Shannon's email address is:
We will continue our role as "the bountiful bag ladies."
First Sunday Recyclables at the ECO table - Sept 2: Children's books , b atteries (AAA - D, button, rechargeable), corks (natural and synthetic), and tiny bits of metal (paper clips, nails, screws, etc.).

    Come write a letter to Gov. Cooper against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would transport fracked gas through NC from PA and WV. ECO will provide sample letters, paper, pens, and envelopes on Sept. 2 during both coffee hours.

    The ECO Committee works on various environmental issues, depending on members' interests. We welcome newcomers at any time. We meet on the first Sunday of each month in the Kirby Room in the Jones Building. Come see what we are about!
    The nationwide Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice movement to build a fossil-free world includes three events in the Triangle on September 8, 10, and 12. Check out the details of all three events at
At this time of year, we normally have a Share the Plate for two schools in the remote mountains of Nicaragua. For the last three years we have participated in the Rural School Partnership, a part of the Sister
Communities of San Ramon. We have paired with two schools and have raised around $800 per year for each school, which the parents in the schools have decided how to use. These funds have gone for school supplies, used musical instruments for a small band, to pave a play yard, and to help bring
running water to one of the villages and the school.
Unfortunately, because of the political situation in Nicaragua, the programs have suspended their operations. The executive director, along with her young child, has had to leave the country for safety. We hope to resume our support for this valuable program next year.
Charles House is a well-established daytime eldercare center for seniors who have physical or mental limitations. Located in the northern part of Chapel Hill, it is a totally independent non-profit. Elders can come for varying numbers of days of the week and for varying hours, depending on the needs of their family. This allows family members to go to work or have much needed respite time. There is a high ratio of trained staff to participants, supplemented by volunteers and graduate students in the health care fields. Each day's schedule includes small group, ability-appropriate activities as well as times for individual choice and rest. Our contributions will go to their financial assistance fund, so that a wider range of people can attend this quality program. On September 16th the Executive Director will be at church to answer your questions.

NC COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ON TORTURE On September 30, Share The Plate held for North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture ( comes at a most crucial time, for launch of the Commissioners' report is September 27. Taking all evidence obtained from 20 witnesses at two days of public hearings held in Raleigh last fall, 11 volunteer Commissioners, have prepared a report on North Carolina's role in the CIA's extraordinary rendition program operated out of Johnston County Airport.  
At a time when grants are depleted, the congregation can contribute to make sure enough copies of the report are published, distributed widely, and made available to all public officials. Since 2005 dedicated people have sought transparency in NC's role in torture, restitution to victims and/or their families, justice  for  those North Carolinians enabling torture, and establishment that torture is unacceptable, against the law, ineffective, and immoral.

Spiritual Explorations for Adults (SEA) offerings are at full throttle starting in September:
  • Spiritual Retreat: Joy and Peace: Gifts of Awareness, led by Karen Jessee, 9/15;
  • Dragon Dao Yin: Transform Grief and Sadness into Contentment and Oneness, led by Dave Gulick, Tuesdays 9/18 through 10/16 (no class 10/2);
  • Wellspring 1: A Unitarian Universalist Program for Deepening One's Spiritual Journey, led by Kari Andrade and Marion Hirsch, year-long 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays starting 10/3;
  • Rebuilding Resilience: An Experiential Crash Course in Well-Being, led by Bryan Sexton, 10/4
  • Building Your Own Theology, led by Steve Warshaw and Karen Rossi, Thursdays, 10/11 through 11/8;
  • Pub Theology, led by Rev. Thom Belote,Thursdays, 10/4 through 10/25;
  • God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World, Book Discussion led by Joe Swain, Thursdays, 11/1-11/15;
  • Tai Chi, led by Joe Swain, Wednesdays, 9/19-12/20.
Sign up online or at our table after services.
The UU Campus Fellowship at UNC-CH is sponsored by The Community Church. The Fellowship meets on Wednesdays 5-6 PM in the Student Union on campus. If you would like to be on the mailing list for Campus Fellowship, contact Marion Hirsch at .
COVENANT GROUP The 20s and 30s Covenant Group meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 7-8:30 for fellowship and spiritual deepening.  It's a drop-in group. Signup link. 

20S AND 30S POTLUCK Sept. 1, 6:30 at church.   Signup link. 


Covenant Groups are a great way to get to know people at church and deepen spiritually. Covenant Groups provide each group member an opportunity to develop connections within the church, as well as to explore some of the major issues of life. A typical meeting combines centering readings, personal check-ins and individual sharing focused on a particular theme.  What unites the members is a desire for connection with others and a deeper spiritual connection in their lives. Our groups have 7 to 10 members with a trained facilitator. Covenant groups meet monthly. In addition to the regular monthly groups there are also several themed groups for parents and young adults. HERE is more information about covenant groups and sign up for open groups HERE. 

Sanctuary for Dialogue is committed to doing all we can to reduce political polarization in the Triangle and beyond. Our moderators, trained by the national organization Better Angels, moderate two kinds of workshops. Skills Workshops help participants enhance their skills for talking about difficult subjects with family and friends who come from the other side of the political divide. Red/Blue Workshops offer the chance to talk with people with very different political views and thereby increase understanding and empathy. We have moderated Red/Blue Workshops in Durham (6/30) and Kernersville (7/29). We have workshops scheduled
at UNC (9/8), Clemson (9/22 & 10/27), Raleigh (9/29), and Davidson (fall, date not yet determined). We invite you to attend our meetings (12:00PM on second Sundays in the
Straley) or visit our website and learn more about what we do.
Come join the Community Clickers as we use needles
and yarn to create comfort and warmth for our community. Our projects are made with 7" x 9" knitted and crocheted blocks of washable acrylic, #4 worsted weight yarn, but you are welcome to join us and work on your own project. We have made a UU Throw (41"x46") with 20 different blocks, peace doves, and a flaming chalice and a Rainbow Chalice Shawl (19"x64") for the 2018 Fall Auction. Join us on Wednesday September 5th from 2-4 pm in the Commons and on Monday September 17th from 7-9
pm in the Straley Room. We generally spend some time working on a shawl for UU Hospice and the click and chat, but some attendees click and chat the entire time! Can't knit or crochet? Come learn! Donate finished blocks at our table on September 16th . Contact for more
On Saturday, September 15, at 10:30 in the Kirby Room, the Community Church Nonfiction Readers will discuss Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening, by Manal Al-Sharif. This memoir of an accidental activist tells the story of a young Muslim woman who stood up to a kingdom of men-and won. Carolyn Holt will be leading our discussion. The Nonfiction Readers meet on the third Saturday of each month. New members and drop-ins are welcome. For more information, contact Ed Steffes at .
Pasta, Pasta!  September 15, Community Room/Kitchen from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Noodles, short and long, lasagna, ravioli, flavored or classic, wheat or gluten free.  While the pasta is resting, learn how to make simple, delicious sauces to enjoy on our noodles together.  Here is the list of what to bring:a tea towel, a container to carry the noodles home,3 to 4 cups of flour,1 to 2 eggs, and, if you like, a filling for the ravioli.Bring a mixing board or bowl, a noodle roller if you have one, or a rolling pin and you'll probably want an apron. There may be a small charge for the cost of ingredients.  Questions?  Contact Ruth Gibson: 919-259- 2894 or
Many of us have noticed the colorful stoles that members of our singing groups wear, but how many know where they came from? Our Quuilters (note 2 u's) began as a group of church women who enjoyed quilting and wanted to do it with others. Over time, they have evolved to working on handicrafts to be donated, as well as their own personal projects. The group includes Sharon Calandra, Susie Hafer, Rina Lavinder, Susan McDaniel, Joy Mermin, Ona Pickens, Laurie Prentice-Dunn, Becky Waibel, and Sandy Young. They have made the stoles for the Choir, the Community Singers, the Youth and Children's Choirs, and the Worship Associates. They have also made one or more quilted gifts to give to each of our new Habitat families. Many years they have offered a special- design quilt for the Auction, and just before Christmas they have had a gift sale, with proceeds going to the church.
On Saturday, September 22, get outside and connect with other church members on a stroll along the Riverwalk in Hillsborough, and then join us for lunch afterwards. We will meet in downtown Hillsborough at 10:15 am and walk along the Eno River to Gold Park, where we'll see the town's Bee Hotel and a lovely pollinator garden. The Riverwalk is paved, family friendly (strollers or tricycles welcome), and features two bridges spanning the river. Displays along the way describe the natural history and post-civil war human history of life along the Eno River. For questions or to RSVP for the walk and lunch and details about where to meet, please email Julie Worth at 

PHOTOS AND VIDEO SOUGHT Much time has been spent over the summer updating the Music Program pages on the church web site, and we'd love to add more visual content, so visitors and congregation members can see all the wonderful music and theatre we've done. So you have any favorite videos or photos from any church musical events, musicals or pageants that you would feel comfortable sharing on the church website, please contact music director Glenn Mehrbach at

Please share photos of your group, committee or team in ACTION!
Much time has been spent over the summer updating the Music Program pages on the church web site, and we'd love to add more visual content, so visitors and congregation members can see all the wonderful music and theatre we've done. So you have any favorite videos or photos from any church musical events, musicals or pageants that you would feel comfortable sharing on the church website, please contact music director Glenn Mehrbach at 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 27, and plan to attend The C ommunity Church's largest FUNdraiser of the year. The doors will open at 4:30 pm for registration, auction browsing (no bidding until 5 pm!), and dropping off tasty hors d'oeuvres for munching on while bidding. Tickets ($10 for adults) will go on sale September 23rd. There is no charge for children with awesome activities available for those 3 and over.
Donations, Donations, Donations!! Enter them NOW at We will have hand-outs with suggestions, instruction sheets, and paper forms at the auction table every Sunday beginning September 9th. Volunteers: We had 70+ volunteers last year and will need as many helpers this year too. During tabling, we will have sign-up sheets with job descriptions and sheets for signing up to bring finger foods (both sweet and savory). Contact Don and Susan Blanchard with questions or to volunteer. 
The Building Task Force has been working with architects and engineers to design the new building and renovated spaces.  By October, a set of options that take into account the funds raised and the church's overall financial situation will be defined as specifically and constructively as possible.
The Board of Trustees must determine what course will serve the best interest of the church.  As input to that determination, the congregation will be asked to tune in and express their opinions via structured feedback channels during October, including a meeting on Sunday, October 14 . After October, the Board will consider all updated inputs and estimates, and formulate its proposal to share with the congregation in December.   In early 2019, there will be a Congregational Meeting to approve the proposal specifics so we can negotiate the detailed scope of work with the contractor.   Check website for more info.
Submit articles to 
Please remember the 150-word limit for submissions.
The C3HUU Board wants to hear from you! Click here to share with us your thoughts, comments, concerns, and questions. Click here to learn more about the Board, including viewing the Board and Congregational Meeting minutes.  
If you would like to learn more about joining the Community Church of Chapel Hill, please contact our Membership Director, Rachel Rose, by calling the office (919) 942-2050, emailing, or find her at one of our Sunday services. Whether you are brand new or a longtime attendee, and whatever your beliefs or background, we welcome you to our community of friendship and ideals.