September 2018 Newsletter
Program Summary
The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) has six signature programs providing high quality and meaningful public service, leadership development, and civic engagement opportunities for SF State students across the university. Whether students are interested in long-term internships or one-day volunteering opportunities, ICCE offers Community Service-Learning (CSL) opportunities that helps with coordination of service-learning courses and university approved community partners. The first newsletter for AY 18-19 offers update of ICCE’s signature programs, CSL opportunities, faculty research and scholarship spotlight, and new highlights across campus.
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  • Academic Internships: Risk Management Support
  • Signature Programs
  • Introducing our new Civic Engagement Fellows!
Message from the Faculty Director
As a new fall semester is upon us, I’m thrilled to have a new graduate student assistant working with me during this upcoming year. Jissel Poblete is pursuing her graduate studies in equity and social justice in education and comes to us with service learning management experience, for instance, as a former Site Manager at Jumpstart and Program Manager with Super Stars Literacy. That, along with other work and field experience, Jissel has the confidence, poise, and knowledge to support our ongoing efforts as set forth in our Strategic Plan. We are delighted to have Jissel on our team!

Civic engagement and service learning are not singular concepts; neither is a strict recipe, nor an expected result of some independent feat. Rather, these are vital ingredients of a holistic, yet complex system of thinking and doing; this all leads to ongoing, sustainable change. The service SF State provides to both our campus community, as well as agencies we work with beyond our renowned institute of higher learning, is intentional and inspiring. And yet, for good reason, many of us feel fired up, angry, or worried about the direction of our country. Our current democracy is under siege as we continue to experience conflict and the re-emergence of every –ism known to humankind. We must, therefore, expand the geography of our imagination. Yet, in that process, a nation divided must be united. What transpires when the oppressors are united with the oppressed? Bringing the two together is a striking visual, given the inherent distance placed between them by the persistence of prejudice and hatred. (Read more)
Faculty Spotlights
ICCE Remembers Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon: A Tribute

ICCE mourns the tragic loss of historian, scholar, and mentor, Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon. Dr. Mabalon was the author of Little Manila Is in the Heart: The Making of the Filipina/o American Community in Stockton, California, published in 2013 and a co-founder of Stockton’s Little Manila Foundation. ICCE wishes her friends, family, and community many condolences. 

For more information on Dr. Mabalon’s work, please visit her SFSU Faculty page.
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The Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing in Kenya, Africa, celebrates their first pinning ceremony
By Jissel Poblete

On August 3, 2018, the Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing celebrated their first pinning ceremony in western Kenya near the shores of Lake Victoria. The School of Nursing derives its name from Dr. Mary Ann van Dam, RN, Ph.D., PNP, Director of the School of Nursing at San Francisco State University. For the past 10 years, Dr. van Dam has made an immense personal contribution to the welfare and health of the Kenyan people. Since 2011, she has committed to establishing a model training institution that is sensitive to both the healthcare needs of the community and training needs of healthcare professionals. Additionally, her dedication and service, overall, has driven innovation and improvements in healthcare worldwide through the education of compassionate nurses, esteemed educators and researchers, entrepreneurial leaders, and influential policy experts. (Read more)
Community Service-Learning (CSL)
CSL Student Spotlights
Spotlight on Summer CSL Class, DES 505: Professor Gomes, School of Design
by Jissel Poblete

Dr, Ricardo Gomes is a professor and coordinator of the Design Center for Global Needs & Shapira Design Archive with the SF State School of Design. This summer, Dr. Gomes taught his CSL senior-level capstone course, DES 505: Senior Design Project. DES 505 is a culminating problem-solving experience where students initiate an industrial research and development project, and they conduct all phases of the design development, from initial research, testing and prototyping, along with feasibility analysis and presentation. (Read more)

Call for Community Projects

Professor Gomes' class DES 800 Seminar in Design Topics, " Design for Living & Social Innovation," is currently looking for community partners to work with their class. If your organization is interested in participating with this class, please fill out the application here .
CSL Announcements
Placement Sites & Course Designation
*For inquiries regarding the information below, please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar, ICCE Coordinator at .

CSL Faculty
ICCE is ready to support you with your CSL course. Whether you have a designated or non-designated service-learning course, our staff aim to provide you with the resources to support your efforts in providing these high impact opportunities to your students. Please advise us on the following:

  • If you are teaching, an “officially designated CSL course” this fall 2018 and you do not see your course section(s) on this list, per content on this link:, please contact Glendie, by Mon., Sept. 10th, to ensure you can upload your students’ hours into the University system at the end of the semester. 

  • If you are teaching a non-designated CSL course and would like to officially designate your course, please see information here: And, feel free to set up an appointment with the ICCE Faculty Director, Dr. Nina Roberts,

  • All CSL learning sites must be University approved partners before student placement. An up-to-date list of approved sites can be found on SF State ULink. Glendie can meet with you to discuss the process to ensure your partners are ready for placement. 

CSL Students
  • All students taking a CSL course must create a new profile on SF State ULink. Once you are registered, you can browse through the list of approved learning sites and service opportunities. ICCE can help you determine service sites that may be suitable for your course and interest. Please contact Glendie to set-up an appointment.  

  • All students must complete a Learning Plan upon placement. This document outlines your rights & responsibilities and enables both your faculty, and learning site supervisor, to understand shared expectations. Visit Student Resources on the ICCE website for more information.

Internship &
Service-Learning Fair

ICCE is having our bi-annual Internship & Service-Learning Fair next week, Wednesday, Sept. 5 from 10am-2pm at the Quad. All are invited to meet our community partners and explore the opportunities they offer. Students interested in areas such as education, social work, recreation, health, youth development and many other fields, are recommended to attend. Our partners are ready to talk about the work they do in the community and how SF State can contribute!

For CSL presentations or to add a community partner to our service-learning database, please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar at
New Community Partners
ICCE is committed to expanding our partnerships in the Bay Area and surrounding communities. Our efforts to address community-defined needs are rooted in our mission and deeply ingrained in what we do. ICCE has also expanded our list of partners to include for-profit entities, which are learning sites for our academic internships. This summer alone, 23 new community partners have joined our list:
Please go to to find out more information about the organizations and opportunities they offer.
New! SF State ULink
ICCE is proud to introduce SF State’s newly revamped community engagement portal for volunteer, service-learning and internship opportunities! The website allows students to discover opportunities within non-profits, government agencies and for-profit industries, which can also connect with their academic internship, service learning course or project and more! Faculty can track students’ hours, post their research projects and opportunities as well as connect with community partners.

Please visit ICCE’s website to find out more information:
Academic Internships: Risk Management Support
To ensure students’ safety, academic internship course policies have changed requiring that all academic internship placements comply with SF State ( Senate Policy S17-278) and CSU ( Executive Order 1064) risk management policies to create positive and safe off-campus learning experiences. The SF State administration has directed ICCE to support the implementation of Academic Senate Policy S17-278, effective fall 2018. 

For more information regarding risk management administrative support and academic internship processes, please visit our website, and/or contact Eunice H. Kim, Academic Internship Program Coordinator at
Signature Programs
Introducing our new Civic Engagement Fellows!
The Civic Engagement Fellows program is a one-year, cohort-based, service-learning program aimed at preparing students to be active participants in their communities, both on and off campus. The Fellows are required to participate in weekly readings with group discussions; and, they complete 150 hours of service (10 hrs./week) in the community each semester.

Every semester, in addition to the continued service and reflection on social theory, a community-based research project is required where the Fellows design, implement, and evaluate a project organized in collaboration with their chosen service site. The program, therefore, aims to address a real-life need and develop leadership skills, knowledge, experience, and commitments to social change in collaboration with community partners and other SF State students.

For more student reflections visit our website or follow our story at #iconnectSFSU .
Name : Alejandra Santos
Major :  Sociology
Minors : Criminal Justice & Race and Resistance
Name : Rachel Hanley
Major : Cinema
Minor : Sociology
Name: Janet Lopez Galindo
Major: Political Science
Minor: Technical & Professional Writing
Name : Jose Lopez Libertad
Fellows Program Coordinator
If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact Jose R. Lopez at or visit our programs online.
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