Established in 1955, Cancer Services, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c3 providing a comprehensive range of services addressing financial, physical and emotional needs of individuals facing any type of cancer and their families. We know all cancer survivors can benefit from learning from individuals who share their experience, receiving answers to their questions, addressing their fears, and regaining a sense of control. Our services aim to enhance quality of life during and after treatment.

They address the challenges many face when it comes to affording cancer care and regaining financial stability after treatment. Cancer Services plays an important role in facilitating the procurement of much-needed cancer care supplies and services that are not paid for by insurance—predominately medication. Such support alleviates the financial toxicity of cancer care, which affects 29% of cancer survivors the majority of whom (86%) have health insurance. The financial burden of cancer is a health equity issue, affecting all patients.

Throughout the community they share information on risk-reduction, early detection, and treatment of cancer to help detect cancer earlier, when more options are available to pursue a better prognosis. Cancer Services works to reduce cancer disparities in the Triad area by reaching out to underserved groups. Examples of their community outreach includes African American churches and barbershops and programming at recreation centers. They also have a Hispanic outreach educator to offer services in Spanish. With a focus on healthy lifestyle programs, they identify community members who are without insurance or medical care and provide referrals to community organizations who can assist them.

Cancer Services assisted individuals in 60 North Carolina Counties last year, securing millions in support for our community and our neighbors. They optimistically approach the challenge to meet all the needs of cancer survivors and their families and recognize the ongoing potential for positively impacting our communities. Patient services are available any time after diagnosis and all services are provided at no charge. To learn more visit