by Bob Bernstein

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans.

By the time you read this, the Back Roads Century will be just around the corner. This one of the best values for a century if not the best. Now you would be correct to look at this statement and think, “Well, what else would the President of the Club state?” I have been saying this for many years; most of them while not the President. I have ridden 88 English centuries of more than 100 miles, and many more metric centuries. Not all of these have been organized centuries but many of them have been so I think you will agree that I have some experience to back up the statement.

Saturday Fun Planned for the Back Roads Century Weekend!

We will offer Saturday rides - a shorter ride
around 10 miles and a longer one around 32 miles. Both rides will feature a stop at Nutters Ice Cream and there’s a new rest stop at Taylor’s Landing on the W&OD Trail. Come enjoy quiet country roads and historic sites. Plan to come out and loosen up your legs before Sunday. Have dinner Saturday night at one of Shepherdstown’s many wonderful restaurants!

$25 OFF
the BRC
We’re providing a $25 rebate on the registration fee (payable after the event) to volunteers. 
Fill out the Volunteer Form or contact Paul Huey-Burns.
As any club member appreciates, we need a full complement of volunteers to host a successful event.  We especially need reliable people to oversee the rest stops. We realize this is a big “ask,” as those serving in this capacity would not be able to ride on Sunday. It would be best if PPTC members who might be willing to forego riding on Sunday (or who can’t ride on Sunday for another reason, such as an injury) filled these roles, but non-riding family members or others who might be sharing the weekend in Shepherdstown also would be good candidates.

(Note— we have plenty of road marshals, so that particular assignment is not on the “push” list.).
Survive El Niño
by John Zebatto
Well I give the summer and early fall a mixed review for good weather riding which is probably not so unusual. Regardless, the winter always present challenges for cyclists. And looking ahead this year it may be a little more challenging since it is an El Niño winter which means it will be a wet one. According to the Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang,” who along with my multiple weather apps I rely on a weak to moderate El Niño is forecast and such. Events since 1990 have been mostly wet while for temperatures they have split 50-50 between cold and warm winters causing the temperature part of the forecast to be more uncertain.

Biking and The Beach
by Bill Resnicow
As the summer winds down, many of you will have, or will be vacationing at your favorite beach location.  And I'll bet many of you bring a bike with you to enjoy the ocean riding.  Many of you already know about places like Hilton Head and the Outer Banks. These resorts provide miles of flat ocean roads to ride on. But my favorite place is one you may not know about for biking, its Myrtle Beach S.C.

The First Annual Longwood Gardens Weekend
by Anne C. M. Hyman
The First Annual Longwood Gardens weekend took place the weekend of August 10th. 28 intrepid cyclists, from Richmond to Rockville, young to old, botanical connoisseur to green thumb rode through the Brandywine Valley and other parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Our riding was crafted and led by members of the White Clay Bicycle Club, highlighting their favorite roads and points of interest in Wilmington, around Longwood itself, and down at the Christina River and Delaware Canal. While the company and events were fantastic, Mother Nature decided to test us all weekend- with heat, humidity, and hurricane-caliber storms on Saturday afternoon. We definitely used our smiles as our umbrellas at the Gardens on Saturday! We’re already planning another weekend at the Gardens for next season, so stay tuned!  

Special thanks to JW, Bill, Deanna, and Raesheed for their incredible hospitality- we can’t wait to host your club here next season! 

Women's Corner - September 2018
Wild Goose Chase Sept 8th - 9th
by Robin Sparer , Women's Ride Coordinator
This Month it's time to put all your hard work to use and participate in a few landmark events. You've put the miles in, you've trained all summer. Now it’s time to push yourself and see your hard work pay off.
The Wild Goose Chase is Sept 8th and 9th. The 8th the PPTC Women’s Group and the Rockville Bike Hub will be holding workshops to get you ride ready and on the 9th (ride day) we will meet you before the ride to go over any last-minute questions you may have. There’s also the Club Back Roads Century on September 16 and the Antietam pre-rides on September 15.  Jessica is offering her popular Tuesday ride from District Hardware to Lake Artemesia via the Anacostia River Trail on Saturday Sept 29th.
There's still plenty of riding to do and we are heading to the cooler weather so give yourself a little push. You earned it!

( Above: Robin Sparer and Georgena Terry, Founder of Terry Bikes and the Wild Goose Chase. This is the 10 year anniversary of the ride, and PPTC is proud to be a co-sponsor again this year. Friends of the Blackwater will be installing at Fix It station in her honor at the Blackwater Visitor Center this year.)

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