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September 2018

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From the State Office
Yes, we do realize that it's already October and this is the September State Voter, but I think most of you understand. This fall is already going way too fast and we just haven't had enough time to do all that we want.

Thanks to all of the great work our members provided on Primary Day - answering phones, providing information, and many even being poll workers. Also, thanks to all who registered voters on National Voter Registration Day on September 25th. It's been great to see all the results and the photos (see at bottom of email). 

If we look around, I think we can honestly say that the League of Women Voters has stepped up and helped to encourage more active and educated participation by the public in our elections. This was our primary goal almost 100 years ago, and still is one of our primary goals. And thanks to all of you, we continue to accomplish this goal each and every year. 

I hope you also saw our recent announcement of the lesson plans on civics that have been distributed to social studies teachers across New York State. Thanks to a partnership with the NYS Social Studies Supervisory Associations, and three wonderful high school teachers, the League was able to offer 7 lesson plans focused on New York State and local governments with the double goal of educating our youth on how to become involved in their communities and government, and encouraging our youth to vote and become involved.
Lesson topics include:
  • The structure of New York State Government
  • Individual rights and responsibilities in New York State
  • Voting in New York State
  • The Public Policy Process (Laws) in New York
  • Influencing New York State Government
  • Participating in Political Action in Your Local Community
  • Participating in Community Service in Your Local Community
Check out the press release on this project and the lesson plans at www.lwvnycivics.org. 

Laura Ladd Bierman, Executive Director
League of Women Voters of NYS
 Laura@lwvny.orgTel: 518-465-4162
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Voter Guide Part II
Travel with the League
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State Fair - Thank You!
This year we didn't do as well as 2016 at the State Fair in Syracuse but we are happy that we were able to distribute so much voter information to people and to alert them to the primary date change.
Here were the totals:
Registration Form Completed
Registration Form Taken but not Completed
Absentee Completed
Absentee Form Taken but not Completed
We also had 366 people sign our Early Voting survey, nearly all from Upstate counties, which will be a great talking point when going into the legislative session.
We had over 50 volunteers dedicate time to help with the table including several brand new members (13 days for 12 hours each day). Thank you to all who helped us register voters, educate the public, and increase the League's visibility. We couldn't do it without you.
Voter Services
Judie Gorenstein, Judiel728@aol.com

Leagues in the News
Madeline Zevon, Co-Chair of the LWVNYS Health Committee, wrote an OpEd in the Lohud media of Westchester County on the issue of single payer health care. See her OpEd here. 

Diane Burrows of LWV of NYC was highlighted in a NY Times article about her work as a poll worker. Read it here. 

Two of our 2018 SIA Conference students from LWV of Broome & Tioga Counties were featured in an article in Pressconnects. Read it here. 

The TimesBeaconRecord newspapers: The Village Times Herald, The Port Times Record, The Village Beacon Record, The Times of Middle County, The Times of Smithtown and The Times of Huntington-Northport now publish a monthly League of Women Voters of Suffolk County column in their Arts & Lifestyles section. Lisa Scott, Nancy Marr, Judie Gorenstein and others have contributed to the column. All of the columns are posted on the LWV of Suffolk County website - click here

And although not listed in the article, LWV of Albany County worked with this coalition to register voters in jails and prisons on NVRD. Read about it here. 

And, we can't resist a photo of a future voter and League member (LWV of Rochester), Judy Weinstein's grand-niece! Our own great news!

Local League News
Photos shared with us from National Voter Registration Day! Thanks for sharing, NYC, Saratoga, Rochester, New Castle and Cooperstown!


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