Volume 20, Issue 1 | September 2018
Kristen Normann,  President
Olya Katsman , Vice President
Michelle Chi, Second Vice President
Susie Kim , Treasurer & Parliamentarian
Fonny Chandra , Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Zhou , Recording Secretary
Jung-Hee Park , Membership Secretary & Referrals Chair
Grace Cheng,  Director
Gloria Ho,  Director
Maria Ehlert,  Director
Millie Chiem , Director
Marina Grudskaya,  Director & Student Recitals
Sophia Vu,  Director & Website Administrator

Sandy Fong & Maria Ehlert, Hospitality
Sr. Andre Marie Fujier & Ruth Zhou,  Historian
Carmencita Aspiras,  Sunshine
Lu Huang , Composer Today
Olya Katsman , MSSL Community Outreach
Dr. Jiang Wu,  VOCE (Voice, Strings and Woodwinds)

Gloria Ho,  CM Chair and North Region Chair, (Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice)
Grace Cheng,  CM South Region Chair
Ji An,  North Region Honors Recitals
Karen Wolff , South Region Honor Recital
Katherine Lee & Ruby Cheung,  Theory Site Coordinators
2018-2019 Board Members
Important Dates
October 1 (Mon) - CM registration open

October 6 (Sat) 7pm - Peter Mack's Lecture.
  • Location: Anna Poklewski Academy of Music, 39660 Mission Blvd. Fremont, CA 94359
  • Topic: Lower the Rear End of the Elephant Slowly onto the Keys
  • To register: CLICK HERE

October 7 (Sun) 2pm-4pm - Master class with Peter Mack
  • Location: Anna Poklewski Academy of Music, 39660 Mission Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539
  • Fee: $45/student, limit 4 -5 students, level 7 and up. First come, first serve!
  • Contact Person: Olya Katsman (

October 31 (Wed) 11:59 pm - End of CM Regsitration

November 1 to 11 - Time for parents to pay the CM registration

November 7 (Wed) 9:45 am - Social/Potluck, Pedagogy and Play
  • Location: Olya Katsman's House, 38733 Jonquil Dr., Newark, CA 94560
  • Goal: Talk about pedagogy, welcoming new members, chat, and make music

November 11 (Sun) - Student Recital
  • Location: Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, 43326 Mission Circle, Fremont, CA 94539
  • To register: CLICK HERE
CM News
October 1
Registration is now open. It will close on October 31 at 11:59 pm. Get your students in roster now, so that the state office can begin procedure to start an account for the parents. This way when it's time to register, they are in the system.

October 31
End of Registration

Date to be determined
There is a make up questionnaire that will be taken care of by the CM Council. I will send the link and you do the exam on-line and get graded by them. Then they will inform me if you passed, so that I can unblock you. I will have a second meeting, a make up, where you can view the video provided by the CM Council. It is chockful of information, especially for the new members. I am also there to discuss branch procedure and answer questions. I will do this when I get back from Sicily! Right now, teachers who intend to come want the second week of October. I will contact you personally.

November 1
Parents begin to pay CM registration through Paypal. The teachers must send me the student list from on-line PLUS the volunteer agreement.

November 11
Deadline to pay by the parents. Please remind your parents. Any incomplete registrations will be wiped from the system.

November 12
Due date to send me your student list and volunteer agreement. Otherwise, I will not schedule your students for an appointment for CM in February/March

Gloria Ho
CM Chair
Peter Mack Lecture and Master Class
Dear teachers,

Please encourage your students to join MSSL.
It is a great opportunity for them to perform more and get Community Service hour.
To register: CLICK HERE
Membership fee is $15
Teaching Opportunity
Substitute Piano Teacher Needed
For Tuesday and Saturday afternoon for the month of October and the first week of November!
Anna Poklewski Academy of Music
39660 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539
Accepting New Student
Karen Wolff
Phone: 510-651-8140

Alice Huang
Phone: 510-709-8293
Location: Castro Valley, CA 94546

Anna Poklewski Academy of Music
Phone: 510-791-2726