September 2019



"I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me.
It's because of them I'm doing it myself."
- Albert Einstein

Outsourced Recruiting Can Save Your Business
Boost Your Bottom Line By Hiring the Best Candidates

Every time you hire a new employee, only to have them spin aimlessly in a desk chair and borrow a pen (or 20) before quitting two weeks later - your company hemorrhages money.

Outsourced recruiting can be the solution. 

Enlisting the services of a professional can boost your company's efficiency while simultaneously saving you funds. Most importantly, recruiters have the 
institutional knowledge necessary to find an ideal candidate who can grow and lead your team.

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This Month in Television History

September 7, 1927

Inventor Philo Farnsworth unveils his "image dissector" - the basis for the first all-electric television - by transmitting the image of one  simple, straight line to a receiver in another room in  his San Francisco laboratory. 

Maslow Media is in search of a Broadcast Operations Producer in Washington, D.C. for our client, a global media group.
The Operations Producer supervises all aspects of their show cycle, demonstrating strict attention to detail, accountability and contingency plans.
The ideal candidate will be an international news lover while maintaining a working knowledge of current High Definition broadcast standards and evolving broadcast technology. This person leverages comprehensive knowledge of High Definition broadcast transmission standards and applications. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a prestigious consumer packaged goods industry, located in Wilton, CT in search of an experienced Videographer to join our team. The ideal candidate delivers fresh, high-quality knowledge in the beauty industry and provides insight into our creative, PR, and Sales/Marketing teams. Key responsibilities include production of content, graphics, photographs, videos, short films and more.  This is a full-time benefit eligible role. 

The ideal candidate will work at the Maslow Media corporate office in Rockville, MD. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, you will be responsible for increasing the company's sales revenue by creating strategic sales processes and marketing plans targeted towards existing and new markets through social media campaigns, initiatives, and in-person events. Specific responsibilities include management of all inbound and outbound demand generation channels, such as email, direct mail, social media campaigns, SEO and industry events.  This position reports directly to the CEO.

As the General Counsel in the Rockville, MD office, you will be responsible for leading our corporate strategic and tactical legal initiatives. This role will provide senior leadership with effective advice and implementation strategies concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges in complex business transactions as well as negotiating critical contracts and managing the legal function. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Juris Doctor degree from accredited law school.
  • 5+ years practice with an established law firm or corporation.
  • Proficient legal experience in fund investments, venture capital financing and M&A.
Are Shorter Work Weeks the Key to Longevity?
Giving Employees an Extra Day to Recharge is Showing Promise 

Though far from widespread, there is a growing contingent of business owners who are making the switch to a four-day work week in an effort to give employees more time to recoup and boost productivity. 

The added incentive appears to be working. Studies show that companies advertising the truncated schedule collect 13% more applications, on average. 

With work-to-life benefits becoming a driving force in companies nationwide, the potential for a shorter, more effective, work week may be the next big trend on the horizon.

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New Payroll Compliance Checks Are On the Way
The IRS Just Gave Congress the Skinny

The Internal Revenue Service recently informed Congress of its plans to hire 600 new revenue officers by the end of September 2019. Additional payroll  tax compliance measures will also sweep the country later this year. 

Approximately 72% of the IRS' revenue is composed of payroll taxes withheld by employers. That makes compliance non-negotiable for the government agency. 

Remember: if your company payroll taxes are not paid, are paid late, or are incorrectly processed - your company could face steep penalties and fines.  

Maslow Media Group can help you can avoid  Failure to Deposit charges, while ensuring that you remain compliant with all IRS requirements.

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