InTouch - September 2019
MPAC welcomes new Board Chair Alan Spacek
Alan Spacek has been elected as MPAC’s new Board Chair. Alan joined the Board in May 2019 and brings a wealth of experience to the organization. He served as the Mayor of the Town of Kapuskasing from 2006 – 2018. During his tenure as Mayor, he was a member of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities and served on numerous Boards including Kapuskasing and District Chamber of Commerce, Northeastern Ontario Municipal Association and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
“MPAC has an incredibly important mandate in Ontario, and I am honoured to serve as Board Chair,” said Mr. Spacek. “I look forward to working with our Board of Directors, executives, staff and stakeholders as MPAC continues to evolve as a leader in the property assessment industry.”

Royal Canadian Legion Exemption – Special Amended Notices in the mail
More than 400 Ontario branches of the Royal Canadian Legion will have their properties exempt from property taxes.

The Ontario government amended the Assessment Act to include a new section 3(1)15.1 exempting land from property taxation that is used and occupied as a memorial home, clubhouse or athletic grounds by an Ontario branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

This week MPAC will begin mailing Special Amended Notices (SAN) to properties that have been taxed and are now eligible for the exemption with an effective date of January 1, 2019. The eligible properties that are already on exempt lands will remain exempt.
Legions currently benefitting from a partial tax exemption under section 6.1 of the Assessment Act will also benefit from the new full exemption. Existing partial exemptions granted to other veteran organizations under section 6.1 will continue to apply, and can continue to be granted and/or extended, as an optional program for municipalities to use with the appropriate municipal by-law.

In the coming weeks, MPAC will be providing municipalities with information on applicable properties in their municipality as well as any assessment impacts. For more information, contact your local MSR representative.
Web-Based Focus Group: Provide Input into MPAC’s Municipal Engagement Strategy
The 2020 Assessment Update is the point in time when MPAC values all 5.3 million properties in Ontario. This activity happens every four years. It’s a big task and its outcome plays a large role in how you fund the services in your community.

We understand that municipalities want to be part of the conversation and not just the recipient of updated values. This is your opportunity to help us understand how best to support your community through the process by providing feedback on our Municipal Engagement Strategy. 
Join Chris Rickett, Director, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations, for a web-based focus group on Wednesday, October 2nd at 1 p.m.
NEW videos posted to YouTube
Unable to attend our session at this year’s AMO conference or our Municipal webinar on September 4? Full recordings are now available. 

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  • MPAC’s evolution over the past 20 years, Nicole McNeill, President and CAO Watch now
  • Insights on the 2020 Assessment Update, Carmelo Lipsi, COO and VP Watch now
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  • MPAC shares engagement plans for large and special purpose properties Webinar
Download your post-enumeration results now!
If you haven’t already, visit the Sightline Portal within Municipal Connect to download the “ENUPOST_CM” file and review the contents, including the 2018 Post-Enumeration Report that provides an overview of the 2018 campaign, provincial results and metrics specific to your municipality.