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Picking A Pear
Harvest has begun.

Picking of our tree-ripened, sweet and wonderful fruit has begun for the Fall Season - at last! 

After many rainy summer days, the hot dry days of late August were the finishing touch our trees needed. The Subarashii crew is out hand-picking each ready-to-eat Asian Pear and preparing to ship right to your door!
Speaking of Pears... 
My son loves to take one of your pears to school in his lunch box.   - Deb, Nazareth, PA

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Our delicious, gourmet Asian Pears are available now for purchase via our online store.

The first fruit for the season is a relatively newer style for us - very juicy, sweet and crunchy. This little golden-brown pear is available via our "fruit du jour" offering on our website. 

In the days ahead, our team will be starting to harvest our exclusive varieties of Asian Pears and making them available for purchase via our Artisan's choice or Variety Collection online options.

back 2 school pears
Back 2 School

Not only is it a wonderful idea to order a gift box of our Asian Pears for yourself or friends and family - September is a great time to share a box of our pears with your college student away at campus (healthy-eating care package). 

It's also a wonderful time to send a box of our fresh Asian Pears to your kids' classrooms. Teachers not only love receiving our fruit to share with their classes as healthy snacking, but also as a teaching tool about agricultural science. Plus, kids cannot get enough of our fruit - once they taste a few slices - they clamor for more.  Share a box today!
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