President's Message

Dear Friends of BACC,

There are some very positive developments in the growth of Bay Area Community Council. Since January of 2018 we have become an independent organization at the urging and with the support of our founding organizations: Brown County United Way, the Greater Green Bay Chamber and the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. The transition has been a very positive one for us and for our role in bringing together our both our constituencies and the greater community . We believe we are all the stronger
as an independent organization as we work together with you and all community leaders in
government, education, business and non-profits.

Unique among many organizations is the very role of our board. We are not an advisory
board with a large organizational office and multiple staff who run the organization. We are a
governing board and our directors (up to 24) carry the ball in governance and activities. We
realize that we will need additional administrative assistance as we move forward “to engage
community leaders in understanding and shaping the future of the greater Green Bay area”
(from our vision statement).

We have already gained a new set of tools to help both our constituencies and the community as a whole to shape the future using Foresight Analysis to help them anticipate and lead change so that together we can build a vibrant future for our community. To date, we are training/have trained leaders in 25 organizations in Foresight Analysis so that they and their organizations can help build the future of our community. We continue to promise to:

● Be a thought leader on emerging community issues
● Engage the community in this process
● Monitor and report progress
● Gather appropriate resources to accomplish our vision

We realize we can’t — and shouldn’t — do it alone. We need to develop strategic partnerships within our four groups of community leaders. We need both the expertise and the financial backing of these partners to accomplish something unique in the greater Green Bay community. We have done extensive research to determine whether there are other communities who try and bring government, education, business and non-profits together to work as a team for the betterment of the greater community. To date, we believe that we are unique in our vision and in our action.

Thank you for being part of this action! In the coming months, we may be approaching some of you to join us in specific ways as we forge a future together. To help this happen, we are developing an updated communication strategy to help us connect better with each other. If all goes well, we hope to unveil all this in 2020, the 30th anniversary of Bay Area Community

As I like to stay, “stay tuned”....

Paul Demuth