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Passport to Adventure
Gems of the Bush & Beach
Create a bush experience to remember for your clients with a tailor made safari at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands Wildtuin South Africa. Then relax on an unspoiled beach villa overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelego and Marine National Park of Mozambique with miles of beaches. This is a great option for honeymoons, romantic adventures or family getaways. Check out more here .

The Elephant Workshop
Visits to South Africa's first dedicated Elephant Orphanage can be arranged at Camp Jabulani a family owned and managed private luxury safari lodge located near South Africa's Kruger Park. This three night adventure including your luxury suite, meals, beverages and the professional guidance of Dr Marais with daily safari activities and return airport transfers provides the opportunity to learn more about the elephants complex social structures, behavior patterns, genetics and importance to wildlife and mammal species in the area.
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Its a Hippo of a Deal!
Perhaps you have clients looking for a
special deal, can travel at the spur of the moment or booking way in advance...

Here are this month's special!:
E njoy the vibrant city of Cape Town and the diversity of Marakele National park. Then, take a journey to witness legendary Victoria Falls - which stretches over 1.5 km as it plunges over 100m into the Zambezi gorge below. Check out more deals here.
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News You Can Use

Global Entry

Global Entry lets travelers skip long immigration lines when returning to the country, but joining requires an application, background check, fingerprint scan and in-person interview. The program costs $100 for five years and includes TSA Pre, which lets travelers go through quicker security screening in U.S. airports.

For your clients looking to speed their international security screening:
According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a surge in immigration and the government shutdown at the beginning of the year has reduced staffing levels at Global Entry enrollment centers, forcing “many” scheduled interviews to be canceled. According to the agency’s website, it could take up to 100 days for Global Entry applications to be processed, though the spokesperson said 65% to 70% of applications and renewals are being processed in 15 or fewer days. The agency said anyone who needs to reschedule an appointment should expect availability to be limited through Sept. 30.

Kilimanjaro Airport Visa Process Changes

With immediate effect, the process of acquiring a visa on arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport has been changed. All guests arriving are now required to:
- Queue for a Government Control Number
- Queue to pay for the visa at the bank
- Queue for immigration to confirm and issue the visa
In order to avoid any delays on arrival, we strongly advise that you notify guests to purchase a visa online prior to arrival. Online visa applications can be completed 2 - 3 weeks before travel via  https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/   and will result in a more efficient arrival process for your guests.

Did you know...?
Mozambique is home to the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa -
Commonly known as Lake Malawi, this giant lake is known as Lago Niassa in Mozambique and spans a significant chunk of the country. It’s home to more species of fish than any other lake in the world, including the famous cichlids you often see in pet stores. The section of the lake in Mozambique was declared a reserve in 2011.

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